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Rescued by a farmer, he was bottle-fed for the first months of his life. As much as the team loves Jinx, the rooikat is becoming big and needs plenty of exercise and stimuli. In the meantime, Jinx is stalking us as his prey, plays with the farm dogs, hunt birds and takes naps on our beds, but he does not like us working on our computers!

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Marine is a French conservation scientist with a passion for wildlife, science and Africa. She graduated with an M.

Predators feed off passion, tirades of coach Peter Laviolette

Her thesis was conducted between France and Zimbabwe where she studied the ecophysiology of plains zebras and Przewalski horses. Since then, Marine has worked on predator projects on 4 continents. She returned to University in to pursue her Ph. Marine has a lifelong interest in conservation and wildlife ecology and is particularly interested in human-wildlife relationships. She has always dreamed of a position that combines her passion for fieldwork in mountainous areas with a lot of hiking!

The Karoo Predator Project offered her the perfect opportunity.

A passion for predators

As a Ph. She also manages the website — because communicating research findings with the general public and the different stakeholders is extremely important — and finds collaborators. Marine also publishes as a freelance writer on wildlife and conservation issues.

Passion Predators

Kai is only year-old but he has, for the last 6 years, been embarking on some crazy adventures around the world. His most recent, The MY KAPE Expeditions, saw him set off by foot, sail, and basic land public transport to some of the highest peaks in Africa and South America while continuously promoting environmental and epilepsy awareness. En route, Kai and his partner worked with over students in Zambia and Malawi on workshops which promoted sustainable appropriate technologies. From assisting during captures to visiting GPS clusters in search for kills to analyzing predators scats for diet and setting traps with smelly baits see picture , Kai has been a great help to the Project.

To read more about Kai and his adventures, go to his website: www.

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Niel was born and raised on a farm in the Karoo. Nature has always been part of his life and he started showing a strong interest for everything wild at an early age.

Protecting native species at risk

After studies in , Niel started farming in the Karoo in the district of Loxton. From the challenge, 10 community winners were chosen. Predator Free New Zealand Trust spokesperson Jessi Morgan says one of the unexpected benefits of the challenge was the way it brought people together.

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High school students and members of the local Rotary Club came to the rescue, clearing the traps for them. In other areas, school children, Scout groups and local Menz shed members have all got behind the challenge. Celebrating inspiring Kiwis and sharing handy tips for everyone.

The Kiwis declaring war on predators

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