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Where to stay: In castles, always. We like the intimate, art-filled Castello di Ama in Gaiole in Chianti and the lavish, hilltop Castello Banfi il Borgo in Montalcino, which has an infinity pool overlooking the vineyards.

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Want to mix road tripping with a little romance? Short on time? Silvio, a Bellagio mainstay since , is known for its terrific seafood, caught fresh from the lake daily. Though you can do the entire drive in under four hours, we recommend taking at least two days to allow for hikes, detours and an overnight stop in the beautiful alpine villages of Canazei or Castelrotto.

In Bolzano, the Vigilius Resort and Spa has a similarly sleek, modern-alpine design and roomy suites with mountain-facing terraces. With its dramatic and diverse coastline—powdery white sands to the north and pebbly, windswept shores to the south—the island of Sicily makes for the perfect road trip for beach lovers. Stay the night in the nearby seaside village of San Vito Lo Capo, then head south towards Trapani the next morning, before cutting an eastbound trail along the coast until you reach Noto. Though you can knock the trip out in three days or less, take at least a week to enjoy the journey.

Where to stop: Cala Tonnarella in the Zingaro Nature Reserve for its bone-white sand and Bermuda-blue water; the walled medieval town of Erice, for its sweeping birds-eye panoramas over the island; Scala dei Turchi , for its chalk-white cliffs and fiery bronze sands; and Noto , for its breezy seaside charm and Sicilian Baroque architecture.

The next few days, soak in some culture and history in Assisi and Perugia, and end your trip in Orvieto. Where to stop: The Valnerina, an astonishingly verdant wooded valley dotted with craggy peaks; the immense, fresco-filled Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi; the 16th-century Rocca Paolina and Palazzo dei Priori in Perugia. On your way to Orvieto, make sure to stop in Todi for some gelato at Bar Pianegiani. Will be used in accordance with our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Share via facebook dialog. The Rome Temple Groundbreaking has taken place! The Church has broken ground for the new temple near Rome!

The ceremonies took place on Saturday Oct. Click here to see a news story about the actual groundbreaking that took place today. Below is a link to a short video presentation from the church celebrating this event. Comprende l'annuncio fatto nel da Thomas S. Altre foto del sito del' tempio. We thank Ryan Kelly for providing this information to us. Brother Wolfgramm is a teacher at the Wasatch Branch youth correctional and foster care facilities, and a former stake president, bishop, ward missionary, gospel essentials teacher, and missionary in the Italy South Mission.

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Chief financial officer, The Ivory Companies. Sister Wolfgramm is a teacher at the Wasatch Branch youth correctional and foster care facilities and is a former stake Young Women president, ward Relief Society president, ward enrichment leader, ward missionary and gospel essentials teacher. Brother Kelly is a former stake president and counselor, bishop and missionary in the Italy North Mission. Former executive vice president and general counsel, JetBlue Airways. Sister Kelly is a former stake and ward Young Women president, ward Relief Society president, counselor in a ward Young Women presidency, ward choir pianist and Church History Museum docent.

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Ci auguriamo di essere assieme a voi per assaporare la storica gioia della costituzione del settimo Palo d'Italia ed il primo della nostra amata Sicilia. A Message from the Italy Catania Mission Here is some information about our mission for all interested. President Toronto sent this to the missionaries this morning. Buon giorno a tutti voi, carissimi miei colleghi nel servizio del Signore, It was wonderful to be with all of you together with Elder Causse and Elder Gessati for zone conference.

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We felt an outpouring of the Spirit, and cherished the feelings of unity, love, and testimony that are always the fruits of that Spirit. Following are some instructions and information to help guide the work during this transfer and answer a few of your questions. The Church is growing in Italy! No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing!

Zion is being established in this part of the Lord's vineyard! It is through missions and missionary work that the Lord establishes and sustains stakes of Zion. As the number of stakes increases, the need for missions decreases. More faithful, mature, self-sufficient members require fewer and fewer full-time missionaries to assist in building the Lord's kingdom. We see this pattern here in Italy with the formation of one mission in , a division into two missions in Milano and Roma , and later creation of a third in Catania and a fourth in Padova.

As stakes have continued to be formed, the number of missions decreased back to three, and now, with six stakes in Italy, the building of a temple in Rome, and the formation of a seventh stake we hope! It is an exciting time to be a missionary in Italy! To be a part of bringing to pass the fulfillment of prophecy is a tremendous honor and blessing!

IL Tempio, Kuta

Your day-to-day work of bringing souls to Christ using PMG will not be greatly affected by this change, other than you will suddenly have twice as many wonderful missionaries to serve with missionaries, instead of 60 and many more exciting cities, including Roma and Napoli and Castellamare di Stabia and Sassari, that you might have the privilege of serving in at some point later in your mission.

I think you will also see a realignment of zones to make them larger and more effective in the work. The new president will of course decide what changes need to be made. However, I expect that, for a few months after the unification of the two missions, most of the former Catania missionaries will continue to serve in the cities and among the people that they came to know and love in Puglia, Calabria, Sicily, and Malta. It is a little sad to see the closure of the Catania mission after 35 years of service involving thousands of missionaries, but it is also gratifying to witness the hand of the Lord working to guide His servants and bring about His purposes in this marvelous land.

The most important principle to keep in mind is that we all serve the Savior, Jesus Christ, and it doesn't really matter where we serve or what our mission boundaries and name are: we give our best effort always because we love the Lord and we love the people He has entrusted to us the people of Italy. I love each one of you, and pray for you every day. You are a great strength and inspiration to me. May you feel joy as you serve the Lord, proclaiming our Father's story of love far and wide. Presidente Toronto. So the news is getting out, so we thought we would let you all know what's going on over here!

We told our missionaries yesterday. President Acerson went to a meeting in Milan on Sunday where it was announced that the Catania Mission is being dissolved.

Create a healthy diet for you and your family.

The Rome Mission will also keep Sardegna. The change will take effect on July 1st of this year when all the mission presidents change over. Watch the Church News on February 13th for all the official announcements, including the new mission presidents! We love and miss you all and hope all is well. On another note, we are on track for 30 baptisms this transfer as a mission. We could use all your prayers. Vi vogliamo bene!

Factors influencing wild boar damage to agricultural crops in Sardinia (Italy)

President and Sister Acerson. Italy Rome Mission Reunion, Pres. Exchange Park Provo, Utah N. Please bring your own food if you wish to eat. We will have water and lemonade there. We are happy to have you bring footballs, or Frisbees etc. We look forward very much to seeing all of you and, for you to have the opportunity to visit with each other. Around p. Please dress appropriately for that location. In order to not have to deal with compliance of new Utah County Health Regulations on food distribution, we will not have refreshments here so, hit "31 Flavors" on your way.

If weather does not permit us to go to the park, we will be at the Wilkinson Center from until p,m,. If you know of any visiting Italians, or perhaps ones living in the area, please invite them. We would love to see them as well. She was a valiant member of the church and a strong proponent of the missionary spirit among her people.

She will be greatly missed. A graveside service will be held there on Saturday October 27 at 11am near the southeast corner of the cemetery. You are welcome to call Mike at for information. Friends are invited to attend. A get-together afterwards at a local church is planned. Details will be posted when available. Una richiesta digiunare per un' tempio in Italia il 18 Marzo, From: Lofgreen Photography [mailto:lofgreenphoto citlink. Non so altro. Ciao a tutti. Report of the Italian Missions Reunion, March 31, Framk Lombardo 1. Pacini 1. Mark Benson speaks about his father, Pres.

Ezra Taft Benson 3. Conducting the Meeting: Pres. Henderson recently returned and was gong to take over as Association President, but he was elected Mayor in his home town and is busy for the present. He has received a temporary "deferment" from this assignment, and Pres. Daniel Jensen, recently returned the Italy Rome Mission has consented to serve as Chairman of the Italian Missionary Association for the next two years. Financial Report- Contributions are accepted but are no longer sought at this meeting. Refreshments were donated last year, so no expenditures from existing funds have been made since last year.

We are in good financial shape. This year we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of missionary work in Italy. After the General meeting we will break out for groups to allow you to visit with your Presidents and missionary colleagues. A number of speakers will be presenting talks on subjects of historical interest here in the chapel during this time, in celebration of the 40th anniversary. We invite all who have interest to return to the chapel or remain here for these presentations. Praying for a temple in Italy is a good idea.

Praying for the church in general with Italy in mind is also a good idea! The church is recognized as a legal entity in Italy, but not as an actual 'religion'. Please remember this in your prayers. The meeting was presided by Elder Harold G. Peloni, Area Authority Seventy. Addressing the audience, Elder Peloni said that they had been authorized by the First Presidency of the Church to announce "the birth" and organization of The Rome Stake which will take place on May 21st and 22nd, , and will be presided by Elder Russel M.

Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve. The Rome Stake should have approximately the same boundaries of the current Rome District. We thank them for it! Report of the Italian Missions Reunion, April 1, Audio MP3 files of the reunion for streaming or download: 1. Lee Curtis 1. Report of the Italian Missions Reunion, April 4, Minutes written in text form may come at a later date but may not depending on time.

Enjoy listening to these inspired recently- returned mission presidents, and their news about the Branches and Districts, and the Wards and Stakes of the Church in Italy. Audio MP3 files of the reunion for streaming or download: 3. Flosi 3. The annual reuion was held on Friday, March 31, Andersen conducted the meeting and welcomed everyone.

He introduced his wife, Claudia Andersen, with whom he served in Padova as President. Also in attendance and introduced to the congregation were Pres. Euvrard Milano , Pres. Radman Milano , Pres. The opening hymn was No. The invocation was given by Sister Cardon. We were encouraged to visit the Italian Missionary Association Website and register there so others can find you. You will also receive Email notification of events taking place in connection with the IMA if you are registered.

We were also encouraged to subscribe to the Italian version of The Ensign "Liahona" to be in touch with what is taking place in Italy. He was elected to this office by the Board of Mission Presidents. President Andersen reported on correspondence from the various presidents of the missions: President Sowell Milano : missionaries are now serving. No changes in number of branches or wards in the mission, and no new cities opened or closed in the past year. There were baptisms in , and already 18 baptisms this year so far. President Curtis Padova : missionaries serving currently.

During the last year new branches organized in Pesaro, Montfalcone, and in Imola, where they had their first baptism just last month. There were baptisms in the Padova mission in President Pacini Roma : There are missionaries serving, of which 30 are sisters. No new branches organized in Spoleto and Civitavecchia were closed to bring more missionaries into the Roma area and concentrate them there. There were 82 baptisms in the mission in President Rempel Catania : missionaries, 15 sisters, 1 missionary couple. The Ramo Internazionale di Palermo closed this year.

La Mezia was opened to missionary work, and Monopoli and Tranni were closed last year. There were 99 baptisms in the mission in Comments by Sister Flosi : What a marvelous bond we share as members of the church and missionaries in Italy. We will have this bond forever. As we recently visited the Jospeh Smith Memorial Building and witnessed the new film, "Testaments", I was touched to have had the privelege to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as did the Three Nephites.

All that we have done and all that we continue to do to build up the kingdom of God is the most righteous and sacred thing we can do on this earth. Comments by President Flosi : I stand before you with with mixed emotions. I will not bore everyone about Italy Rome stuff, but there is one subject I can talk about that everyone will be interested in.

I was privileged to live in Italy from , and worked with four different mission presidents, including Coletti and Gillespie. In about May or June of the first stake in Italy was formed in Milano. We went up there with a lot of others from Italy to participate. Benson organized the first stake of Italy. We returned to Rome, and I was working at the American Embassy. I got a call from Pres. Coletti from the airport, and was asked to come to the airport to speak with Pres. I made it to the airport in record time and met with Pres. Benson and Elder Haycock.

He said, Pres. Flosi, the brethren want to build a temple in Rome. We want you to look for a piece of property for a temple site in Rome. I was wondering, why are you telling me this, and was told that I was staying here and the mission president is leaving. I discussed this with other subsequent mission presidents. When I arrived as a new president myself, I wrote a letter to Elder Uchtdorf and asked for permission to purchase a parcel for this purpose.

I was subsequently directed to look for a "big piece of land". We began the search in November I left in July of , and on the eve of our departure we were supposed to have a closure on a acre plot of ground just off of the beltway. This would be a wonderful plot for a stake center, and maybe for something more significant. Pacini closed that transaction a few weeks after I left the country.

We now own a acre piece of property near the A- 1 expressway from Milano, Florence, etc. I am convinced that as soon as we get a fifth stake in Italy that serious consideration will be made for a temple in Italy. Some of you have been there at the Swiss Temple during the Italian sessions, and a warm and loving spirit is there at that time. During the sesquicentennial many unprecedented events took place. We had a celebration that members from throughout the country took part in. There was a caravan in Rome down Flori Imperiale with covered wagons and horses, and members of the church from thoughout Italy following behind.

The roads were closed for us. The Tabernacle Choir came and performed in Italy last year. We now have an 80 percent retention rate of new members! The church is moving forward, largely because of your good work. People baptized by you many years ago are now sending their children on missions.