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Chirurgische Klinik und Poliklinik; Molls, M. Chirurgische Klinik und Poliklinik. In modern surgical oncology, adjuvant therapies are important complementary strategies. In local advanced carcinomas of the gastrointestinal tract, 5-year survival data are still disappointing despite standardized surgery. In esophageal and gastric cancer there is up to now no benefit of postoperative adjuvant therapy.

Postoperative therapy following incomplete tumor resection has its reason only in a palliative intention. Bei Oesophagus- und Magenkarzinomen kann derzeit keine gueltige Empfehlung zur adjuvanten Therapie gegeben werden. Die Radio.

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Optimierung der Hupkraftverteilung eines airbagintegrierten Automobillenkrades mit Hilfe einer Parameterstudie. R statistical application development by example : beginner 's guide. Full of screenshots and examples, this Beginner 's Guide by Example will teach you practically everything you need to know about R statistical application development from scratch. You will begin learning the first concepts of statistics in R which is vital in this fast paced era and it is also a bargain as you do not need to do a preliminary course on the subject. Selecting literature for beginner readers in South Africa.

Full Text Available This article explores complexities of choosing appropriate reading material which may provide maximum engagement for beginner readers in Southern Africa, with the aim of instilling a lifelong love of reading. The article presents a case in favour of literary criteria as base line for choices of reading material for beginner readers. Furthermore, the article outlines general characteristics of reading material for beginner readers, as well as specific criteria to be considered in the Southern African context, taking into account the linguistic diversity which exists in formal education and the vast literacy backlog in the region.

A culture of reading can only be instilled by adhering to the following criteria, i. NumPy 1. The book is written in beginner 's guide style with each aspect of NumPy demonstrated by real world examples. There is appropriate explained code with the required screenshots thrown in for the novice. This book is for the programmer, scientist or engineer, who has basic Python knowledge and would like to be able to do numerical computations with Python. A beginner 's guide to the literature search in medical education.

Conducting a literature search can be a daunting prospect if you have not done it before. This article aims to provide a beginner 's guide to searching the medical education literature, by describing how to construct an effective search strategy, the resources that are available and the basics of how searching works. Role of radiotherapy in age-related macular degeneration. A prospective study; Photonentherapie der subfovealen choroidalen Neovaskularisation bei altersabhaengiger Makuladegeneration. Ergebnisse einer prospektiven Studie an 40 Patienten. Prettenhofer, U. Graz Austria.

Aim: To determine the effect of external beam radiotherapy on subfoveal choroidal neovascularization in age-related macular degeneration. Patients and methods: Between September and July , 40 patients 9 males and 31 females; mean age 74 years, range 61 to 83 years were included in a prospective study. Eight patients had classic, well defined neovascularisations, 32 patients had occult lesions. Complete ophthalmic investigations included visual acuity contrast sensitivity as well as fluorescein and indocyanine green angiographic examinations prior to treatment and 1, 3, 6, and 12 months after radiotherapy.

External beam radiotherapy 8-MV photons was delivered with a total dose of The field size averaged 5. Results: No treatment related morbidity during or after treatment was obtained. The central visual fields deteriorated significantly from The enlargement of exsudats and neovascular membranes increased 5- to 7-fold. At 12 months after treatment, 3 7. Conclusions: Using a total dose of However, the results of multicenter studies are to be awaited. Patienten und. Zend framework 2. Zend Framework 2. If you are a PHP Developer who is new to Zend Framework, but you want to get hands-on with the product quickly, this book is for you.

Basic knowledge of object oriented programming with PHP is expected. Utilization of balance equipment in windsurf beginners off water training. Work name: Utilization of balance equipment in windsurf beginners off water training. Aim of work: To determin and evaluate significance of balance equipment in off water training.

Method: The method of comparative experiment have been used in this thesis. Than the obtained data were evaluated. It was nessesary to create and compare two groups of people, compound of young healthy individuals in the age 20 - 30 both male and female. The only condition for the research was their zero experience Computer Science Circles is a free programming website for beginners that is designed to be fun, easy to use, and accessible to the broadest possible audience.

We teach Python since it is simple yet powerful, and the course content is well-structured but written in plain language. The website has over one hundred exercises in thirty lesson pages, plus special features to help teachers support their students. It is available in both English and French. We discuss the philosophy behind the cour This book is a part of the Beginner 's guide series, wherein you will quickly start doing tasks with precise instructions. Then the tasks will be followed by explanation and then a challenging task or a multiple choice question about the topic just covered.

Do you have a story to tell or an idea to illustrate? If you have that drive inside you to entertain people via the internet on sites like YouTube or Vimeo, create a superb presentation vid. Vaadin 7 UI design by example beginner 's guide. The book will teach readers through examples to use each of the exciting components to build and add various aspects of the user interface to their web apps. Basic Java programming skills are required, but no web development knowledge is needed at all.

This book gives you both. Covering the basics through intermediate topics with clear explanations, hands-on exercises, and helpful solutions, this book is the perfect introduction to SQL. Music teachers often encounter obstructions in teaching beginners in music reading. Conventional notational symbols require beginners to spend significant amount of time in memorizing, which discourages learning at early stage. This article proposes a newly-developed color music notation system that may improve the recognition of the staff and the….

Ideen zu einer Literatursoziologie des Internets.

Mit einer Blogotop-Analyse. Hierzu werden die literaturwissenschaftlichen Internet Studies und ihr literatursoziologischer Teilbereich innerhalb der allgemeinen Digital Humanities verortet. The authors have also updated the text throughout, reworking examples and exploring new applications. The book is essential reading for beginners , occasional users and experienced users wishing to brush up their skills. Further resources are available from the authors' website at www-math. Semiokapitalismus und imperiale Kontrollgesellschaft Zur Digitalisierung der Produktion am Beginn des Jahrhunderts zur Kontrolle eingesetzt werden Specific problems of beginners at study of programming and possibilities of their solution.

This thesis deals with the problems of beginners in the study of programming at University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics. This applies particularly to students who are studying the subject Programming in Java. Linguistik, die dieses Programm wirklich auf ihre Fahnen geschrieben hat, erst. Einheiten des Anmerkungen zur Methode einer theologischen Wirtschafts- und Sozialethik.

What are the important manoeuvres for beginners to minimize surgical time in primary total knee arthroplasty? It was hypothesized that surgical time of beginners would be much longer than that of experts. Our purpose was to investigate and clarify the important manoeuvres for beginners to minimize surgical time in primary total knee arthroplasty TKA as a multicentre study.

A total of knees in patients averaged All TKAs were done using the same instruments and the same measured resection technique at 14 facilities by 25 orthopaedic surgeons. Surgeons were divided into three surgeon groups four experts, nine medium-volume surgeons and 12 beginners. The surgical technique was divided into five phases. Detailed surgical time and ratio of the time in each phase to overall surgical time were recorded and compared among the groups in each phase.

A total of 62, , and TKAs were done by beginners , medium-volume surgeons, and experts, respectively. Significant differences in surgical time among the groups were seen in each phase. Concerning the ratio of the time, experts and medium-volume surgeons seemed cautious in fixation of the permanent component compared to other phases. Interestingly, even in ratio, beginners and medium-volume surgeons took more time in exposure of soft tissue compared to experts.

Improvement in basic technique is essential to minimize surgical time among beginners. First of all, surgical instructors should teach basic techniques in primary TKA for beginners. Therapeutic studies, Level IV. A stargazing program for beginners a pocket field guide. Searching more for a learned appreciation of nature and our exact place within the cosmos than academic scientific knowledge, science and travel writer Jamie Carter takes the reader on a 12 month tour of the night sky's incredible annual rhythms that say so much about Earth.

During the journey he learns about the celestial mechanics at work in the skies above that are — to the beginner — almost beyond belief. On the journey he witnesses a solar eclipse and grapples with star-charts, binoculars, smartphone apps, telescopes, spots sa Moving forward: Revisiting the Spanish for High Beginners course.

The second section describes the redesign process of the SHB course, including placement procedures, the Spanish Language Program sequence, and changes in the syllabus to integrate communicative and transcultural competences by implementing a combination of focused instruction, collaborative learning and task-based approaches. The successful implementation of changes and its outcomes demonstrate that this course could be a relevant solution for Spanish programs at tertiary institutions with diverse populations, helping to solve challenges of placement, articulation, and time-to-graduation effectiveness.

Full Text Available Global communication concern brings human to be familiar with English as early as possible. Nowadays beginner students started English orally in elementary school even kindergarten. At this moment, they dealth with listening and speaking skills and put them into practice. When they came down to English, some beginners feel uncomfortable in their learning because of facing formal situation.

The beginners who were typically keen on playing and having fun comfortably could not be treated in teaching-learning that was usually presented to intermediate level or adult. Teachers had to create informal situation so that they were more relaxed and got chemistry one another. Dealing with comfortable zone put into informal situation in listening and speaking practices for the beginners , this study focused on topical casual talks.

Summary Bibliography: Robert Silverberg

It set up a relaxed spot in order to explore effective communication related to their subject matters. This study used qualitative approach. While it refered to library research. The primary source was Elementary School Silabus. Whereas the secondary data sources were English teaching-learning books. This issue discussed about listening and speaking skills for beginners. The beginners classified into age In listening section, the students processed teacher talk instantly. Afterwards in speaking, suitable direct short response answered the teacher talk.

This action could be assessed by subjective test in the form of wh-questions and short answers test. Ultimately, the next comparable studies may converse different competences and performances for beginners or any levels. Three stitch hernioplasty: A novel technique for beginners.

Objective: To analyze mesh fixation with minimum sutures and postoperative complications. Study Design: Prospective study. Materials and Methods: All inguinal hernia patients, who fulfilled the sample selection criteria, were admitted and planned for surgery. The prolene mesh is fashioned as in Lichtenstein's repair, placed and fixed only by three prolene stitches.

The first stitch is made in the periosteum of pubic tubercle. The second stitch is taken in the inguinal ligament 1. Conclusion: The incidence of long-term complications of three stitch hernioplasty are comparable to that of the other standard, tension-free open hernia repair as well as other laparoscopic procedures. Moreover, the three stitch hernioplasty method is a simple method, easy for the beginners to adopt, has less foreign body reaction, less time consuming, causes less tissue trauma, and lesser chance for vascular injury.

Annexion Madagaskars ein Ende. Ethnisierung wurde zum Instrument einer divide et impera-Politik. Das Ergebnis war der Abbruch einer Entwicklung zu na Oracle Data Guard 11gR2 administration beginner 's guide. It has been designed to teach you everything you need to know to successfully create and operate Data Guard environments with maximum flexibility, compatibility, and effectiveness. If you are an Oracle database administrator who wants to configure and administer Data Guard configurations, then ""Oracle Data Guard 11gR2 Administration Beginner 's Guide"" is for you.

Dorian Gray, First Edition

With a basic understanding of Oracle database administration, you'll be able. A beginner 's guide to 3D printing 14 simple toy designs to get you started. A Beginner''s Guide to 3D Printing is the perfect resource for those who would like to experiment with 3D design and manufacturing, but have little or no technical experience with the standard software.

Author Mike Rigsby leads readers step-by-step through 15 simple toy projects, each illustrated with screen caps of Autodesk D Design, the most common free 3D software available. The projects are later described using Sketchup, another free popular software package. Beginning with basics projects that will take longer to print than design, readers are then given instruction on more advanced t. Full Text Available Teaching a foreign language is no simple task.

There are several factors to consider, from curriculum design, to material selection and lesson implementation, to assessment. The challenge, however, is even greater, if you are teaching a less commonly taught language such as Norwegian — a language spoken by fewer than six million native speakers, used almost exclusively in one country, and with a limited number of available pedagogical materials.

Under such circumstances, the task of preparing high quality communicative lessons is immense, even for an experienced language instructor. The goal of this article is to present how a successful language lesson can be developed even if one is using a textbook that does not foster communicative competence.

The lesson focuses on routines and times of the day, and it concludes with the students comparing and contrasting their daily routines with a partner. Die Komplikationen begannen mit einer unspezifischen Schwellung. Die Zusammensetzung des inkorporierten Farbstoffs wurde mittels Rasterelektronenmikroskopie in Kombination mit energiedispersiver Elementanalyse analysiert. Zur weiteren Charakterisierung wurden Thermogravimetrie und Pulverdiffraktometrie eingesetzt. Game-based Learning im Bildungskontext einer Hochschule.

Ein Praxisbericht. Der Artikel stellt die zentralen Aspekte der Spielentwicklung und Ergebnisse einer ersten Befragung der Studierenden vor. Hinderniserkennung und -verfolgung mit einer PMD-kamera im automobil. Nach einem initialen Filterprozess werden im Tiefenbild mit Hilfe eines Bereichswachstumsverfahrens Hindernisse gesucht. Radiation therapy for Morbus Ledderhose - indication and clinical results; Strahlentherapie beim Morbus Ledderhose - Indikation und klinische Ergebnisse.

Conclusions: radiotherapy is effective in treating ML and may prevent otherwise necessary surgical interventions. Nodules, cords and symptoms regress, but long-term outcome of at least 5 years has to be awaited. Prospective phase III studies should confirm these results.


Wir prueften, ob eine Bestrahlung die Symptome lindern und die Progression der Erkrankung aufhalten kann. Insgesamt wurden 36 Fuesse 16 rechts, 20 links bestrahlt, da elf Patienten beidseits einen Befall hatten. Die Orthovolt-Radiotherapie erfasste alle tastbaren Knoten und Straenge. Primaerer Endpunkt war die Vermeidung einer Progression bzw. Operation; sekundaere Endpunkte waren mehrere objektive morphologisch-funktionelle sowie subjektive Parameter visuelle analogskala VAS.

Die Dissertation untersucht die aktuelle Sicherheit der europaeischen Erdgasversorgung. Sie beruecksichtigt zudem die moeglichen Auswirkungen einer Kartellbildung auf die europaeische Gasversorgungssicherheit. Die Arbeit besteht aus einer detaillierten empirischen Studie und darauf aufbauender Szenarioanalyse.

Hierzu wird auf den Interdependenzansatz von Robert O. Keohane und Joseph Nye zurueckgegriffen. Zur Darstellung des komplexen Themenbereichs wird auf die Darstellungspraxis der Dichten We present findings of a project that investigated the potential of an online tandem program to enhance the foreign language learning of two groups of school-aged beginner learners, one learning English in Colombia and the other learning Spanish in New Zealand. We assessed the impact of the project on students' learning with a free writing….

Idiomatic expressions are among the most difficult and challenging aspects in the realm of lexicon. The focus of the present study was on investigating the effect of short stories and pictures on learning idiomatic expressions by beginner EFL learners. For this aim, 52 Iranian EFL learners were chosen and assigned to three groups randomly: two…. Shifting ontologies of a serious game and its relationships with English education for beginners. This paper takes its point of departure in a language project, which is a subproject under the larger ongoing research project Serious Games on a Global Market Place.

Keywords: Entanglement approach, relational ontology, serious games, teaching and learning English for beginners , educational technology research The virtual universe provides an online environment for students beginning to learn English in schools and at home. This paper will focus on the shifting ontologies of Mingoville and teaching and learning situations in beginners ' English.

This paper takes its This article reports a small-scale study carried out in a beginners ' Spanish class of second year undergraduate students. The purpose of the study was to investigate the effectiveness of a vocabulary task in terms of its impact on vocabulary acquisition, the learners' approach to vocabulary learning and their motivation and engagement. The task…. Web 2. This current study addresses this gap and investigates the factors affecting students' interest in a nongraded online learning environment and what kinds of tools,….

A valuable resource for new or experienced school librarians, "Collection Development for the School Library Media Program: A Beginner 's Guide" is an easy-to-use guide to collection development. It provides practical and relevant information about collection development issues such as: the school users, policies, selection criteria and sources,….

Discussion of methods that can be used to teach beginner courses in computer literacy focuses on students aged The value of using a programing language versus using a generic software package is highlighted; Logo and Prolog are reviewed; and the use of databases is discussed.

Reasoning process characteristics in the diagnostic skills of beginner , competent, and expert dentists. The purpose of this study was to evaluate qualitative differences in the diagnostic reasoning process at different developmental stages of expertise. A qualitative design was used to study cognitive processes that characterize the diagnosis of oral disease at the stages of beginner five junior students who had passed the NBDE I , competent five GPR first-year residents , and expert dentists five general dentists with ten or more years of experience. Individually, each participant was asked to determine the diagnosis of an oral condition based on a written clinical case, using the think aloud technique and retrospective reports.

A subsequent interview was conducted to obtain the participants' diagnostic process model and pathophysiology of the case. The analysis of the verbal protocols indicated that experts referred to the patient's sociomedical context more frequently, demonstrated better organization of ideas, could determine key clinical findings, and had an ability to plan for the search of pertinent information.

Fewer diagnostic hypotheses were formulated by participants who used forward reasoning, independent of the stage of development. Experts evidenced cognitive diagnostic schemas that integrate pathophysiology of disease, while competent and beginner participants had not achieved this integration. We conclude that expert performance is a combination of a knowledge base, reasoning skills, and an accumulation of experiences with patients that is qualitatively different from that of competent and beginner dentists.

It is important for dental education to emphasize the teaching of cognitive processes and to incorporate a wide variety of clinical experiences in addition to the teaching of. Teaching of reading to school beginners : a study of reading programmes in primary one in Uganda. The teaching of reading at the early stages is important because it is the quality of the experiences that children get that affect or lay the foundation for reading development Chall, The theoretical background used includes reading and its importance, Languag Practice for beginners programming lesson using App Lab: Introduction of programming learning for undergraduate students.

App Lab is an online programming education environment. It was designed classes of programming for beginners using the App Lab. Through 15 lessons of the class, it was to understand the basic structure of the programming of the sequential-repetition-branch. Students were allowed to complete the game as a final project. The effectiveness of App the Lab has been confirmed from these results.

We considered a learning programming process based on software design for technology education. Lessons of computer program-aided measurement and control are for beginners to learn programming. These lessons are efficient to learn the step of programming, but the main of the lessons are works of typing the sample programming and debugging.

Therefore, these lessons have a fundamental lack of the concept of design. Then we considered learning processes of programming and applied the process of In all phases, patients are entitled to receive medical treatment according to medical specialist standards. Operations performed by " beginners ", e. However, there are increased liability risks, both for the specialist and the assistant physician. Furthermore, there are risks of criminal responsibility for causing bodily harm by negligence or negligent manslaughter.

This article portrays the requirements of civil liability and criminal responsibility concerning beginners ' operations on the basis of cases and judgments of the Federal Court and the Higher Regional Courts in Germany. Additionally, the reception of the jurisprudence by the relevant legal literature will be discussed.

Jurisprudence and legal literature categorize breaches of duty of care. Assistant physicians can be subject to contributory negligence liabilities, while specialists can bear liabilities for negligent selection, organization or supervision. Die Entstehung einer Nachbarsegmentdekompensation nach lumbaler Spondylodese. In der vorliegenden Untersuchung gilt es, der Frage der Radiotherapy for treatment of bursitis.

Indication, technique, own results, literature survey; Strahlentherapie bei der Periarthropathia humeroscapularis PHS. Indikation, Technik, eigene Ergebnisse, Literaturuebersicht. Heyd, R. Strahlenklinik] [Frankfurt Univ. Klinik fuer Strahlentherapie und Onkologie; Schopohl, B. Klinik fuer Strahlentherapie und Onkologie. Our own experience covers 41 primarily chronic cases. The patients have been irradiated with a telecobalt device with isocentric opposing fields, receiving 4x1. A statistical evaluation of data acquired revealed that the prognosis is worst in case of a long period of pain preceding commencement of radiotherapy, combined with intensive prior therapy.

Numerical optimisation of an axial turbine; Numerische Optimierung einer Axialturbine. The author presents a method for automatic shape optimisation of components with internal or external flow. The method combines a program for numerical calculation of frictional turbulent flow with an optimisation algorithm. Algorithms are a simplex search strategy and an evolution strategy.

The shape of the component to be optimized is variable due to shape parameters modified by the algorithm. For each shape, a flow calculation is carried out on whose basis a functional value like performance, loss, lift or resistivity is calculated. For validation, the optimisation method is used in simple examples with known solutions. It is applied. It is applied to the components of a slow-running axial turbine. Components with accelerated and delayed rotationally symmetric flow and 2D blade profiles are optimized.

Diese koppelt ein Programm zur numerischen Berechnung reibungsbehafteter turbulenter Stroemungen mit einem Optimierungsalgorithmus. Die Form des zu optimierenden Koerpers ist durch Formparameter, die vom Algorithmus veraendert werden, variabel. Fuer jede Form wird eine Stroemungsberechnung durchgefuehrt und mit dieser ein Funktionswert wie Wirkungsgrad, Verlust, Auftrieb oder Widerstandskraft berechnet.

Die Optimierungsmethode wird zur Validierung in einfachen Beispielen mit bekannter Loesung eingesetzt. Zur Anwendung kommt sie in den einzelnen Komponenten einer langsamlaeufigen Axialturbine. Es werden Bauteile mit beschleunigter und verzoegerter rotationssymmetrischer Stroemung und 2D-Schaufelprofile optimiert. Klasse untersucht. Fremdsprache jeweiliger Beginn : 5. In this article we will present some results of an ongoing project which studies the reading comprehension in French at the end of primary school 6th grade as first and as second foreign language reversal of the previous order in the current reform of the foreign languages in Switzerland by also considering the school language German within a multilingual approach.

The focus of this article is whether learners with French as second foreign language reach a higher proficiency than learners with French as first foreign language French being still taught from grade 5 on. Furthermore we will study the correlation between the reading comprehension proficiency in French and in German. The quasi-experimental research design is given by the fact that classes in the old and new system could be recorded at different times.

Konzepte manifestieren sichin substantivischen Satzgliedern. Bei der Beschreibung von Substantiven ist systematisch zwischen echten Substantiven undsolchen Substantiven zu unterscheiden, die, meist als Ableitungen, eine verbale oder adjektivischeBedeutung haben. Texte werden unteranderem durch Textgliederungssignale gegliedert, die meist die Gestalt von Adverbien oder Adverbialenhaben. Full Text Available We present findings of a project that investigated the potential of an online tandem program to enhance the foreign language learning of two groups of school-aged beginner learners, one learning English in Colombia and the other learning Spanish in New Zealand.

Data analysis indicated statistically significant gains in foreign language writing and positive attitudinal changes toward foreign and native language learning. A beginner 's guide to writing the nursing conceptual model-based theoretical rationale. Writing the theoretical rationale for a study can be a daunting prospect for novice researchers. Nursing's conceptual models provide excellent frameworks for placement of study variables, but moving from the very abstract concepts of the nursing model to the less abstract concepts of the study variables is difficult.

Similar to the five-paragraph essay used by writing teachers to assist beginning writers to construct a logical thesis, the authors of this column present guidelines that beginners can follow to construct their theoretical rationale. This guide can be used with any nursing conceptual model but Neuman's model was chosen here as the exemplar. The book is written as a practical, step-by-step guide to using FusionCharts Suite.

The book not only teaches you the fundamentals and implementation of FusionCharts Suite, but also makes you the data visualization guru among your friends and colleagues by teaching how to select the right chart type and usability tips. Filled with examples, code samples and practical tips in a no-nonsense way, the book is a breeze to read. This book is both for beginners and advanced web developers who need to create interactive charts for their web applications. No previous knowledge of FusionCharts Suite is a. Instead, it suggests that opening up the shifting ontologies of Mingoville i.

Full Text Available There are two basic approaches in learning new programming language: a bottom-up approach and a top-down approach.

Summary Bibliography: Uwe Anton

It has been said that if a learner has already acquired one language, the top-down approach is more efficient to learn another while, for a person who has absolutely no knowledge of any programming languages; the bottom-up approach is preferable. The major problem of the bottom-up approach is that it requires longer period to acquire the language. For quicker learning, this paper applies a top-down approach for a beginners who has not yet acquired any programming languages.

Written in an informal and friendly manner, the style and approach of this book will take you on an exciting adventure. Piece by piece, detailed examples help you along the way by providing real-world game code required to make a complete 3D video game. Each chapter builds upon the experience and achievements earned in the last, culminating in the ultimate prize - your game! If you ever wanted to make your own 3D game in Flash, then this book is for you. This book is a perfect introduction to 3D game programming in Adobe Molehill for complete beginners.

You do not need to know anything about S. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the usefulness of a tool that we developed to simulate performance of visceral angiography to train beginners in the field of splanchnic angiography. Seven residents and two fellows who were rotating within the Division of Interventional Radiology at our institution between June and August participated in the evaluation of this tool.

They had no experience in performing visceral angiography as an operator. Time for selection of arterial branches arising from the celiac axis on the model was measured before and after training. After such training, the participants performed actual visceral angiography as an operator with instructors beside them. Success of the trainees in selecting visceral arterial branches was evaluated in these real-life cases. In the first test using the model, seven of nine trainees After training using the model, all trainees succeeded in selecting all required arteries just before the actual angiographic study.

In the actual angiography, the catheter was successfully inserted from the femoral artery and advanced to the superior mesenteric, celiac, splenic, common hepatic, gastroduodenal, and right and left hepatic arteries by all trainees with only two exceptions. In conclusion, this tool is helpful for training beginners in visceral angiographic procedures. Peculiarities of mathematics instruction for beginners for children with disabilities in regular primary schools. Full Text Available The paper studies the issue of education of visually impaired children, hearing impaired children and children with intellectual disabilities in regular primary schools in the context of mathematics instruction for beginners.

The authors state the basic characteristics of mathematics instruction for beginners with respect to the contents studied in the first four grades of primary school, as well as the key problems and educational needs of visually impaired children, hearing impaired children and children with intellectual disabilities.

The basic characteristics of inclusive education and the key role of teacher in this process are pointed out. Starting from the developmental peculiarities of children with disabilities, the authors emphasize the importance of applying an individualized approach in teaching mathematics. Possible didactic and methodical solutions are discussed, as well as different approaches in teaching this subject that can facilitate learning of mathematical contents to visually impaired children, hearing impaired children and children with intellectual disabilities.

Bearing in mind the peculiarities of inclusive education, i. Die Energieversorgung besteht aus einem hydropneumatischen Speicher, einer Hochdruckpumpe und einem elektrischen Antrieb. Die Komponenten werden hinsichtlich Automobilanforderungen ausgelegt. Eine neue Methode der Minimierung hydraulischer Pulsationen, die von einer Hochdruck Kolbenpumpe verursacht werden, wird gezeigt. Investigations regarding the mass budget in the propagation of a passive admixture from a line source; Untersuchungen zur Stoffbilanz bei der Ausbreitung einer passiven Beimengung aus einer Linienquelle.

Wenzel, A. Cottbus Germany. Under stationary conditions, passive admixtures are transported by advection and by vertical as well as horizontal turbulent diffusion. The importance of individual contributions for the exchange of passive admixtures emanating from a straight line source with a constant source strength under neutral stratification conditions is discussed. For this purpose, all terms of the mass budget for a control volume around a straight line source are calculated using a stochastic Lagrange model LS , whose properties are discussed.

As a test for the LS model, the vertical and horizontal mass flows in the soil layer are simulated and compared with SANA data. The mass flows calculated for the propagation of a passive admixture from a line source are evaluated regarding their share of the mass budget. Die Bedeutung der einzelnen Beitraege fuer den Austausch von passiven Beimengungen, die von einer geraden Linienquelle mit konstanter Quellstaerke unter neutralen Schichtungsbedingungen ausgehen, wird diskutiert. Dazu werden mit einem Lagrangeschen stochastischen LS Modell, dessen Eigenschaften besprochen werden, alle Terme der Stoffbilanz fuer ein Kontrollvolumen um eine gerade Linienquelle berechnet.

Die fuer die Ausbreitung einer passiven Beimengung von einer Linienquelle berechneten Massenfluesse, werden hinsichtlich ihres Anteils an der Stoffbilanz ausgewertet. This study investigated the effect of input-based tasks on the acquisition of vocabulary and grammar by beginner -level learners of L2 French and reported the introduction of task-based teaching as an innovation in a state secondary school.

Developing literacy skills and attitudes towards learning to read were assessed in a group of 17 struggling beginner readers aged years. Each child…. Peer teaching has been used as a mechanism for promoting learner autonomy in a range of language learning contexts. This article explores how absolute beginners in a Chinese class can engage in reciprocal peer teaching RPT from the start of their language learning experience and how this contributes to the development of their autonomy as….

Objective: Through an experimental study, the present work aims at testing the effectiveness of diet and mental imagery on the success of free throw in Congolese beginners Basketball Players. Method: 45 players participated in this experimental study in Brazzaville Congo. These subjects were divided into 3 groups. This paper presents both the design and the pilot formative evaluation study of a computer-based problem-solving environment named LECGO: Learning Environment for programming using C using Geometrical Objects for the learning of computer programming using C by beginners.

In its design, constructivist and social learning theories were taken into…. Transfer and bachelor's degree attainment rates of low-income community college beginners lag behind their middle- and high-income peers. As community college continues to be an affordable and accessible route to higher education, consideration should be given to how to close the gap in transfer and bachelor's degree attainment rates of low-income….

The article is based on qualitative data collected from a purposely selected sample of 19 beginner teachers who graduated from two higher education institutions that offer PGCE programmes…. Bei diesem entwickeln sich aus den monopolistischen Versorgern des Jahrhunderts Utility 1. Oliver D. Is there anything more wondrous and alluring than the night sky?

You've seen the stars, and you know about the constellations--but there's so much more to discover! George Moromisato's magnificent full-color guide introduces you to amazing sights, from Saturn's famous rings to the Andromeda Galaxy. Learn what to look for and when and where to find it! This astronomy book is perfect for beginners , so many objects can be seen with the unaided eye or binoculars, while others simply require a small telescope. Book Features: Guide to phenomena and objects of the night sky, ranked by beauty, accessibility and historical importance Information about equipment needed, from binoculars to small telescopes Full-color photographs, including many from NASA Astrophotography tips on taking pictures of the night sky, such as snapping shots with a phone through a telescope Charts to know when to look for solar eclipses, meteor showers and other notable events.

It seems as if everyone is writing applications for Apple's iPhone and iPad, but how do they all do it? Right here, even if you've never programmed before! Objective-C for Absolute Beginners will teach you how to write software for your Mac, iPhone,or iPad using Objective-C, an elegant and powerful language with a rich set of developer tools. Using a hands-on approach, you'll learn to think in programming terms, how to use Objective-C to build program logic, and how to write your own applicati.

Full Text Available The New Atheists are occasionally accused of lacking nuance and sophistication, or of existing in an intellectual vacuum. To some it may seem that Dawkins 'et al'. Lawrence Krauss, Stephen Hawking. Into the fray steps Michael Palmer, offering his attempt to popularise a version of atheism that is underpinned by a long tradition of philosophical inquiry.

Its companion text, 'Atheism For Beginners ', is a coursebook aimed at tutors seeking to teach this material. Optical spectra of phthalocyanines and related compounds a guide for beginners. This book displays how optical absorption, emission, and magnetic circular dichroism spectra of phthalocyanines and related macrocyclic dyes can be varied from their prototypical ones depending on conditions.

As these compounds can be involved in colorful chemistry which might be driven by impurities in solvents , their spectra behave like the sea-god Proteus in their mutability. Therefore, those who have been engaged with phthalocyanines for the first time, including even educated professional researchers and engineers, may have been embarrassed by the deceptive behavior of their compounds and could have, in the worst cases, given up their projects.

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This book is aimed not merely at reviewing the optical spectra, but also at helping such people, particularly beginners , to figure them out by showing some examples of their prototypical spectra and their variations in several situations. For the purpose of better understanding, the book also provides an introduction to their theoretical backgrounds as graphic The first survey was done in February aiming to discover some Chinese character learning strategies employed by Danish and Swedish learners.

Based on the 1st survey, the second survey This study was conducted at three universities i. Drawing from the strategy A preliminary analysis revealed that the students used primarily three types of strategies 1 compensation strategies i. A new edition of this best-selling introductory book to cover the latest SPSS versions 8. Written in a clear, readable and non-technical style the author explains the basics of SPSS including the input of data, data manipulation, descriptive analyses and inferential techniques, including; - creating using and merging data files - creating and printing graphs and charts - parametric tests including t-tests, ANOVA, GLM - correlation, regression and factor analysis - non parametric tests and chi square reliability - obtaining neat print outs and tables - includes a CD-Rom containing example data files, syntax files, output files and Excel spreadsheets.

New graduate nurses NGNs are a precious resource, but their development from advanced beginners to competent nurses is challenging. This qualitative descriptive study explored NGNs' perceptions of strategies that influenced their development in the first 2 years of employment. Semistructured interviews were conducted with a sample of 13 nurses. The study revealed that NGNs learn to master aspects of the nursing role as they construct a professional identity. They identified organizational, educational, and personal strategies as being important to their development, including tailored orientation, opportunities for skill acquisition, and personal support.

Few strategies supported the development of professional identity. Mastering the nursing role and constructing a professional identity is central to NGNs' development. Further attention from nursing leaders is needed to promote concurrent development in both dimensions. Nurses with a strong professional identity are more likely to remain in the profession.

The Beginner 's Guide to Wind Tunnels is a Web-based, on-line textbook that explains and demonstrates the history, physics, and mathematics involved with wind tunnels and wind tunnel testing. The Web site contains several interactive computer programs to demonstrate scientific principles. TunnelSim is an interactive, educational computer program that demonstrates basic wind tunnel design and operation. TunnelSys is a group of Java applications that mimic wind tunnel testing techniques.

Using TunnelSys, a team of students designs, tests, and post-processes the data for a virtual, low speed, and aircraft wing. Wheelchair propulsion kinematics in beginners and expert users: influence of wheelchair settings. Biomechanical studies have linked the handrim wheelchair propulsion with a prevalence of upper limb musculoskeletal disorders. The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of the wheelchair settings on upper limb kinematics during wheelchair propulsion. Recordings were made under various wheelchair configuration conditions to understand the effect of wheelchair settings on kinematics parameters such shoulder, elbow and wrist angles.

Ten experts and ten beginners ' subjects propelled an experimental wheelchair on a roller ergometer system at a comfortable speed. Twelve wheelchair configurations were tested. Kinematics were recorded for each configuration. Based on the hand position relatively to the handrim, the main kinematic parameters of wheelchair propulsion were investigated on the whole propulsion cycle and a key event such as handrim contact and release.

Compared to the beginner subjects, all the experts' subjects generally present higher joint amplitude and propulsion speeds. Seat height and antero-posterior axle position influence usage of the hand-rim, timing parameters and configurations of upper limb joints. Results seem to confirm that low and backward seat position allow a greater efficiency. Nevertheless, according that proximity of joint limit is a well known factor of musculoskeletal disorders, our results let us think that too low and backward seat position, increasing joints positions and amplitudes, could increase the risk of upper limb injuries in relation with manual wheelchair propulsion.

Kinematic differences highlight that future studies on wheelchair propulsion should only be done with impaired experienced subjects. Furthermore, this study provides indications on how wheelchair settings can be used for upper limb injury prevention. All rights reserved. Is Contrast Enhanced Ultrasonography a useful tool in a beginner 's hand? How much can a Computer Assisted Diagnosis prototype help in characterizing the malignancy of focal liver lesions? The CAD classifier managed a Das Forschungsprojekt untersucht das Medienhandeln Jugendlicher sowohl hinsichtlich Neuer als auch alter Medien.

Full Text Available Die radikale Prostatektomie scheint die zur Zeit effektivste Therapie des klinisch lokalisierten Prostatakarzinoms zu sein. Schwerpunkt bildete hierbei die Einbeziehung der Ergebnisse der systematischen Sextanten-Biopsie der Prostata. Zur Konzeption kritischer Stadtforschung.

Ausgehend von dieser Beobachtung ist es das Ziel dieses Beitrags, zu einer Konturierung kritischer Stadtforschung beizutragen. Konzept Gender Thesaurus. Projekt Multimedia Storytelling. Storytelling begeistert und macht als Methode von sich Reden. Der Beitrag skizziert, warum Storytelling und Wissenschaft eine geeignet Er selbst beteiligte sich mit einem Teil Erstellung einer Checkliste zur Beurteilung des Arbeitsplatzes eines Physiotherapeuten nach ergonomischen Gesichtspunkten.

Material und Methoden Auf welchen intellektuellen und konzeptionellen Grundlagen beruht sie? Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf einer Auseinandersetzung mit der Tradition, ihren konzeptionellen Grundlagen und deren wissenschaftshistorischem Kontext 1. Teil, 1. Aus dieser kritischen Bestandsaufnahme und den Ergebnissen der Debatte um Globalgeschichte ergeben sich Ausgangspunkte und Aufgaben einer in Vielem auf den Leistungen der Disziplin aufbauenden, doch notwendigerweise auf einer anderen Konzeption beruhenden Rechtsgeschichte Europas in globalhistorischer Perspektive 2.

Teil, 7. Full Text Available A major learning difficulty of Japanese foreign language JFL learners is the complex composition of two syllabaries, hiragana and katakana, and kanji characters adopted from logographic Chinese ones. As the number of Japanese language learners increases, computer-assisted Japanese language education gradually gains more attention. This study aimed to adopt a Japanese word segmentation system to help JFL learners overcome literacy problems.

This study adopted MeCab, a Japanese morphological analyzer and part-of-speech POS tagger, to segment Japanese texts into separate morphemes by adding spaces and to attach POS tags to each morpheme for beginners.

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  5. Regulation of Immune Responses by mTOR (Annual Review of Immunology Book 30);

Liver volume, intrahepatic fat and body weight in the course of a lifestyle interventional study. Analysis with quantitative MR-based methods; Lebervolumen, Leberfettanteil und Koerpergewicht im Verlauf einer Lebensstilinterventionsstudie. Eine Analyse mit quantitativen MR-basierten Methoden. Bongers, M. The aim of this study was to investigate potential associations between changes in liver volume, the amount of intrahepatic lipids IHL and body weight during lifestyle interventions.

In a prospective study patients with an increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes mellitus were included who followed a caloric restriction diet for 6 months. The liver volume was determined at the beginning and after 6 months by three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging 3D-MRI, echo gradient, opposed-phase and IHLs were quantified by volume-selective MR spectroscopy in single voxel stimulated echo acquisition mode STEAM.

In einer prospektiven Interventionsstudie unterzogen sich Probanden mit erhoehtem Diabetesrisiko fuer 6 Monate einer diaetetischen. Der folgende Artikel zeigt anhand einer experimentellen Studie, welche Akzeptanz Friedensjournalismus beim Leser finden kann, auch wenn dies teilweise den Theorien der Nachrichtenwertforschung widerspricht. Des weiteren wird gezeigt, wie sich konstruktive Berichterstattung auf die mentalen Modelle der Rezipienten auswirkt und in welchem Zusammenhang diese beiden Ergebnisse miteinander stehen.

Zellen die nicht so kultiviert wurden zeigten fr Review of applications of TLBO algorithm and a tutorial for beginners to solve the unconstrained and constrained optimization problems. Full Text Available The teaching-learning-based optimization TLBO algorithm is finding a large number of applications in different fields of engineering and science since its introduction in The major applications are found in electrical engineering, mechanical design, thermal engineering, manufacturing engineering, civil engineering, structural engineering, computer engineering, electronics engineering, physics, chemistry, biotechnology and economics.

This paper presents a review of applications of TLBO algorithm and a tutorial for solving the unconstrained and constrained optimization problems. The tutorial is expected to be useful to the beginners. Die Behandlungsgruppe zeigte bei beiden Werten eine Verbesserung von klinischer Relevanz.

Karger GmbH, Freiburg. Drittens wird im kontrastiven Vergleich der untersuchten Kurse eine Varianz dieser Ordnungen — in Bezug auf die Form des Wissens und Adressierung der Kinder — herausgearbeitet, die allerdings die Dominanz der schulischen Ordnung nicht bricht. Synthese von analogen Filtern auf einer rekonfigurierbaren Hardware-Architektur mittels eines Genetischen Algorithmus.

This study investigated whether measures of verbal working memory are less sensitive to children's socioeconomic background than traditional vocabulary measures. Robert Silverberg. Showing all translations. Never display translations Registered users can choose which translations are shown. Pozytronowy czlowiek. Urzeczenie obrzydliwoscia Part 1 of 2.

Urzeczenie obrzydliwoscia Part 2 of 2. Die Wueste der gestohlenen Traeume. Nocna Krila. Ein gluecklicher Tag im Jahr Dunyali Istilacilar. Semya Zemli. Chelovek v labirinte. P'yer Bul' Pierre Boulle. Andre Norton. Bashnya Zanida. Spreg de Kamp. Stefan Vul. Roden sa mrtvima. A po nim wkracza drugi? Na scene wkracza zolnierz. A po nim wkracza drugi. Destinazione: trentunesimo secolo. Sakupljacka ekipa Sakupljachka ekipa. Odinochnoe zaklyucheniye. Odnogo polya yagody. Maguwanpu 4. Tikhiy vkradchivyy golos. Zobaczyc niewidzialnego.

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