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Your favorite talk show host on a flaming Harley. Yes, I am that twisted. Thanks to the Man-Beast for his amazing inspiration on this one. Beat my match ups. This vintage motorcycle jacket has been around the globe with me and was on my back the night I was nearly taken from this planet April 1st when I decided to walk home from a New Paltz bar to avoid driving drunk and was subsequentially hit by a drunk driver. After being dead for a short time and revived by both luck and medical science, I came up with the FARO series during my long, arduous recovery.

It's time to let go of the past and send this jacket off to a new owner to slowly but surely take over their version of the world. Become a warlord in training and begin your path of destruction and seduction.

The New Paltz Outlaws -- A Story of Sex, Violence & Baseball by HooligansCO — Kickstarter

Can this clown prince of comic commissions translate his skills to bring the art of the pitcher to a brilliant reality, or at least a hint of sports porn. Shake the dust of your trophy case and mount this baby proudly. The women of the webcrawler's harem alongside one of the wildest commissions to come from the mind of Imperial Insanity.

Princess Leia in all of her glory in perfect perverted projection calling out for the Master. Sep 12, - Oct 12, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. A talented but mentally troubled athlete goes from pitcher to porn star in this coming of age comedy series from Faro Comics. Share this project. I'd take all sorts of stuff out there from the town dump. It was great, but it was non-accessible. I wanted to use other tones of the imagination. I got into metaphysics, and for a while I painted little Buddhas and psychedelic things.

How did you get to Taos? In a maroon and purple Dodge. Berkeley got boring, so my old lady and I drove here.

She had 20 avocado plants in the car and a cat, and we had a big tent. That was Like a lot of people when they first move to Taos, I went for walks in the sagebrush and collected all the old bones I found. The first piece of art I made here was a bone boat, built on an old wagon. You could walk into it, sit on it, everything but move it. It was out behind my house, and I just left it there. Taos was a violent place in the late '60s, wasn't it? There's a long history of violence in Taos.

The hippies never learned to get along with the natives. This place isn't a blend, like New York. It's really a separate part of America, and the hippies didn't respect that. They were pushy, a lot of them, so there was violence But I wasn't looking for trouble, so I didn't find much. Were you a part of the communes? Yeah, I was into the whole communal movement, first at the Walden School in San Cristobal where I worked with exceptional, autistic children.

Managing Editor

Then I moved to the Reality Construction Company, which was a legal, inter-racial insane asylum. And in I moved up to Magic Tortoise, where I still live. We share land, food and certain responsibilities. It works very well. Most of the communes didn't last. The utopian ideal fizzled when people found they had to work hard to make things happen. But you're still here.

This is my home. I'd like to spend more time in L. But this is an important energy source, too. The spaces up here! The woods are a blocked up visual space, but then I can turn, look out to the west, and see for miles.

The New Paltz Outlaws : A Story of Sex, Violence and Baseball

You went for quite a long time without doing any art, didn't you? From to I didn't do any art, at least not formal art. I did a little drawing and a lot of thinking about art, but basically I was into building--the sculpture of building a house with mud, drawing by laying out a fence line. At the time, I thought that kind of art was deeper, or more significant, than doing specific, literal, traditional art. Chicago Meat Market Queen, mixed media. The work you've been doing the last few years isn't exactly traditional, but it is back to art in the formal sense.

Sometime in I changed my attitude and got back into working at making art. It's become the most important part of my life, putting out this magic for people to see and deal with. How would you describe the painting you're doing now? It isn't naive, it isn't minimal, it isn't Pop, it isn't Abstract Expressionism.

for UK shows – Spring 2017

I don't dig labels. In general. I've got a couple of series going--Gunslingers, Cowboys, Nudes and Masks. I guess you could say I'm getting into Western art. Recently I reread Gunfight at O. Corral and I began thinking about the romanticism of Louis L'Amour, and about the cowboy painters, especially the schlock ones. I'm not putting them down, I don't want to make any judgments, but what I think I'm doing is retranslating that Western imagery.

The nudes, for example--I'm taking nudes that used to hang behind the cowboy bars. Those guys knew every nook and cranny in those nudes! They got a lot of pleasure out of them. And, if you think about it, guys today with porno magazines are really very much the same. Are there the same parallels between the gunslingers you paint and criminals today?

Or real cowboys then and Santa Fe cowboys today? There are lots of very American things going on that don't change.

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The Gunslingers series, for example. I'm taking off on these guys, dealing with the gunslinger in each of them, and myself.

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And the cowboys, the Trailmaster series. I'm into these guys as serious legends, both the actual job of being a cowboy, and the cowboy when he puts on his fancy clothes and goes into town for the weekend. The cats in L.

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They live out this same Western American fantasy about the cowboy. They're feeling the same thing.

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Even in Taos, of course, you can't be a real, wild cowboy any more, unless you've got a lot of money. I mean, Dennis Hopper doesn't walk around looking like a golfer! He's a contemporary cowboy. He's got that energy going. You've got the reputation of something of a wild man yourself. I know.

Sometimes I do things a little outrageous or deviant from the norm, but there are other parts of me no one sees or knows anything about. Like the time you spend here in the studio?