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The whole world have heard the quote, "Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast," and the quote goes on and on. Up until this day I surprise people when I quote this to them but do not realize that the source of this quote is the Bible. People often say that love is a choice. But what does that really mean, are we simply choosing to love or what exactly are we choosing? Do we even know? So let me simplify it, this kind of love, once decided, once chosen, it will never fail Love chooses to be patient.

Love chooses to be kind. Love chooses not to be envy 4. Love chooses not to boast. Love chooses not to be proud.

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Love chooses not to dishonor others. Love chooses not to be self-seeking. Love chooses not to be easily angered. Love chooses not to keep record of wrongs. Those names are included in parenthesis with a description of the hairstyle. If you choose the second option, you go through the previous three choices, again, until you have a look you like. In the following series of timed choices, make sure you read the highlighted text and prompt, because it is different for each choice.

Whomever you chose as your partner will have their name as the third option in the choice above. If you don't get all correct answers, you restart from Diamond Choice 1.

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You only get Choice 18 if you tie with Becca and Sebastian. Both choices might win. It is unknown if you automatically win or if this really is a coin toss. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Setup Choices Choice 1 Confirm brown eyes, darkest skin Confirm brown eyes, second from lightest skin Confirm green eyes, lightest skin Confirm brown eyes, second from darkest skin Choice 2 Confirm Curl Power: short, dark hair Confirm The Classic: long, dark hair; behind ears Confirm Blondes Have More Fun: short, blonde hair Confirm Playing with Fire: long, red hair Confirm Turn Up the Volume: long, dark hair; in front of ears These hairstyles got names in later books.

Choice 3 Confirm light jacket, white blouse Confirm heavy jacket, black scarf Confirm quilted vest, gray shirt Choice 4 Perfect! Let's go! I need a new look. Choice 5 This is a fill-in-the-blank choice. Enter your name.


Default is "Emily". No effect That's the lamest thing I've ever heard. No effect Maine. No effect Choice 4 Chris Powell.


No effect Winters. No effect Choice 5 Chris Hooking up at the 50 yard line. No effect Meeting at the top of the Empire State Building. No effect Rescuing a girl from a burning building. No effect Texas. No effect Choice 4 Kaitlyn Liao. No effect Yang.

No effect Choice 5 Kaitlyn Hooking up in a dressing room. No effect Falling in love with a ghost. No effect Being covered in chocolate. No effect New York. No effect Choice 4 James Ashton. No effect Thompson.

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No effect Choice 5 James Literal sex on the beach. No effect Saving a girl from a burning building. No effect A forbidden relationship in Victorian England. Are you? No effect Maybe a little. No effect Choice 7 This is a timed choice. No effect Attention! No effect Heart! Choice 8 This is a timed choice. No effect Moment! No effect If the timer ends, you don't say the right word. Choice 9 This is a timed choice. No effect Love! Choice 10 This is a timed choice. No effect Straight!

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  4. No effect If the timer ends, you miss. Choice 11 This is a timed choice. No effect Ms.

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    No effect Brandon's! Choice 12 This is a timed choice. No effect Tripp! No effect Chris!

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    Choice 13 Let's be quick! We should get back to the ballroom. No effect Diamond Choice 1 This is a timed choice. Raise both arms! No effect Slide under my partner's right arm! No effect If the timer ends, you make the wrong move. No effect Let go with my left hand. Diamond Choice 3 This is a timed choice. No effect If the timer ends, you made the wrong move.