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Will you end up as digital roadkill? He played a pivotal role in the turnaround strategy that saved McCarthy from the brink of bankruptcy after being declared technically insolvent in February Under his leadership the company was recapitalised, restructured and restored to its former glory and thousands of jobs were saved.

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What is striking about Pretorius is his humility and ability to connect with his audience at an indescribable level. According to Brand insufficient emphasis is placed on the leadership responsibility.

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Often organisations are over-managed, in particular when it comes to control and discipline. When it comes to leadership, many organisations are under-led.

Transformational leadership for instance entails the desire to go first, give direction, provide energy and inspiration and be willing to serve which often works much better than being an autocratic boss. It comes from the power of one's ideals, the strength of one's spirit, one's humility and one's ability to earn the trust and the respect and commitment of one's people.

Management tends to focus on things such as processes and activities, it is all about planning, organising and controlling.

In The Driving Seat - Lessons In Leadership (Paperback)

The outcome of management tends to be higher levels of efficiencies and productivity. When it comes to implementation, management is critical, but when it comes to inspiration, leadership is critical. People only follow leaders who get the job done. Leaders have to deliver results through the eyes of their people and results can only be delivered provided the leaders also have managerial skills.

In the Driving Seat

Making an impact to significantly improve the competitive performance of individuals and organisation through business education to build our national competitiveness. Visit our InfoCentre or website. Senior Leaders Development Programme 11 July. Executive Women in Leadership, Modular 22 July.

Brand Pretorius - In the Driving Seat: Lessons in Leadership

Developing Women in Leadership 19 August. All aspiring and existing leaders regardless of their environment and level of seniority will benefit from this book.

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  • The anecdotes and case studies have a distinct local flavour but the principles and practices shared have a universal application. This book offers insights not only on leadership in business, but how we can be of service to our communities and wider society and indeed how leadership can impact on the direction of our country. I hope to emulate his formidable example. He was managing director of Toyota South Africa Marketing from to , and then at the head of the McCarthy Group, where he was equally successful.

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    Under his guidance Toyota became the market leader in terms of both sales and customer satisfaction. It is widely acknowledged that Pretorius played the pivotal role in saving McCarthy from insolvency in the early s.