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Nowadays of course they wouldn't come close to the fantastic figures rpm and bhp achieved by the latest tuned-pipe designs and materials technology. But they would still no doubt put up a more than decent performance in any vintage speed event. All the same I have not yet been tempted to risk my Carter 5 - there is a duty of care with such precious objects or that's my excuse.

Nice, they and the Indian versions and replica's are still widely used for free flight sportsmodels. There are still enough of them about, so if it's not 'new in box', build a Cardinal or Tomboy and use the Mills to power it! I have three original 0. With exception of one 0,25 all run well.

PP van der Meer, the Netherlands. John Burrell Aug Fred Carter was always in the Aeromodeller news in the 's, his engines were all called 'Carter Specials' and broke many records. They frequently disintegrated as well, Fred aleays pushed them to the limits, and often beyond. Not an expert, but remember reading in a s book about one Fred Carter, engine tuner of great reputation. He specialised on adapting existing McCoy, Eta, Dooling designs usually of 0.

So if anything new here, I think I still have a copy of the book. Chris Clark. My Lee. Derek Giles Mills Replica.

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Carter Nipper. Ray Gibbs Viper 2,5 cc Glow. Ray Gibbs. Feb Model Aircraft magazine. Ray Gibbs talking to Ken Bedford. Ray Gibbs Viper 2,5 cc Diesel. Pink Lady with TWA. Rossi Suoer Tigre G Kostin MDS HGK Oliver Tiger Mk 4 and JO Cox TD Harvey Westland 15 New Zealand.

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Rossi 15 Kostin. Russian speed engine with needle roller big end.

Fire-Breathing Aero-Engined 1913 Monarch

Super Tigre G It is best to login or register first but you may post as a guest. Name Email. I met Ray "Gadget" Gibbs when he had a model shop on the parade at Wanstead opposite the lake.

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Hi I have an original, unused and boxed. Druine and Jodel, who took one look at all those free 22hp aircooled engines littering the landscape and promptly designed a couple of small, single-place LIGHT airplanes. The engine was small enough and light enough and smooth enough so that a regular engine mount wasn't needed -- they bolted the thing directly to the firewall, stuck a pair of wheelbarrow wheels underneath and flew off into the history books.

By the late 's the RSA French equiv.

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And still are. In the late s and early s there were a few airplanes flying in Europe with the CC VW engine of the day. Among these were the Druine Turbulent, a very complex airplane with wing slots and a very difficult to build wing and fuselage. The Turbulent was designed to be a flying club time builder which would spend it's entire life within falling distance of home field. It was slow, required long smooth airfields in order to leave the ground, and had a rate of climb that was so slow as to be the subject of many jokes.

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  8. It was however considered to be safe enough that Prince Charles was allowed to fly one. It was an easier airplane to build and was considered to be a better all around design than the Druine however the design was of French origin and the drawings were in French and metric. There were quite a number of those self proclaimed authorities who talk a lot but never accomplish anything who were just sure that the only way to fly with a VW engine was to have acres and acres of wing and to fly very slowly.

    Bob Whitier, who is still writing articles for The Experimenter was a leading outspoken enemy of small engines in aircraft. A fellow named Richard Doyle built a Gyrocopter based on the Gizmo design and fitted it with a VW but was not able to fly.

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    He later removed the rotor. It is still a regular at Oshkosh. Moon Maid is slow, and in my opinion not very attractive, and I think will never be duplicated. After all of these years Dick has modified the engine many times and gone to larger and larger engines. In California's Central Valley, Veeduber was re-engining an Aeronca C-2 with a VW, perhaps as early as , but his activities he was a teenager at the time! My approach to the engine conversion was based upon the theory that the engine had originally been an aircraft engine and could be converted back to that use.

    Hugh restates a common mis-conception here about the VW engine. They tended to be either radials, or inline or vee-form, and frequently liquid cooled. The first horizontally opposed air-cooled 4 aeroengine, the Continental A, had just made the leap from railway work car engine. And the VW engine was designed as a car engine - consult any history of the VW if you have any doubt.

    Remember that EAA was a very small organization at that time but even so I sold over copies including a set to John Monett. I had no interest in profiting from what I had done for the fun of it and so I donated the plans to EAA. In France, starting in , Rene Fournier was starting to build his series of beautiful wooden motor gliders, the first of which was powered by what was likely an Ardem conversion similar to what was flying in some numbers on designs by Piels, Druine, and JoDel.