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Various members of Congress for their own reasons were pushing Ney for one or the other company to get the lucrative contract. He was particularly concerned about Foxcom since it was foreign-based. Still, after the NSA approved the pending contract, Ney was faced with continued maneuvering by the two companies and their lobbyists. Ney writes:. Jack played this one beautifully.

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He also told me that Foxcom was not happy about it either. When he brought them over and put the executives in my conference room. Due to his refusal to surrender all of his scruples, Bob Ney was effectively thrown under the bus when it came to the Jack Abramoff scandal. While multiple members of congress and their staff took advantage of the St. Bob Ney also admits his wrongdoings: his ignoring of protocol, of his overlooking of procedure.

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He paints a picture of a culture where corruption was everywhere, and everyone was looking for an angle to one-up someone else in the battle to the top of the food chain. While he does go into detail on possible voter fraud, the events in question happened after he was in jail, and so are based in part through inference and indirect observation combined with his own history.

Bob Ney did a lot of bad things. For refusing to rewrite the Helping America Vote Act Alberto Gonzalez wrote that Bob Ney introduced an amendment given to him by Jack Abramoff to the measure, but checking out this claim, there was no such amendment introduced to the benefit of Abramoff, he became the fall guy, the scapegoat alongside Tom Delay.

But before the end, when Alberto Gonzales, as the head of the Justice Department, had been putting the pressure on Bob Ney for 18 months with false accusations, attempts to pin other politicians actions on him, and other pressure, John Boehner had a deal offer for Bob Ney:. Bob, we realize what you have been going through and have been talking about your race.

We know you are not a man of money and I am told one of your children has some medical issues. So I would like to make you a deal. If you resign in the next day, I will personally guarantee you a job comparable to what you are making, and raise legal defense money for you that should bury all this Justice Department problem for you. The GOP had been putting on the pressure for him to conform, to gut Head Start and hurt or eliminate the right to vote, and when it was clear that he would not yield, they offered him a poison pill deal, to resign.

Bob Ney confirmed it with other congressional staffers as well, the offer was genuine.

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Boehner promptly forgot about the deal. They left Bob Ney out to dry, bankrupting him in the process, and once the lawyer money ran out, he was forced to take the plea deal.

Bob Ney, Disgraced GOP Congressman: John Boehner Called Staffer A 'Fag' (VIDEO)

Boehner had won, destroying the man who refused him. Bob Ney is no hero, no saint. He is a man, like any other. He did some good, he did some wrong. He was not the most corrupt member of congress, nor the least.

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He enjoyed free meals, and partook of lobbyist funded trips. I can do all kinds of things if I'm a lobbyist and you're a member of Congress. Heath asked Ney, who was first elected to the Ohio House at age 26, why he never questioned Abramoff's gifts. I think the system is corrupt.

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