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Tattooed dads will definitely appreciate this book about the events in the father's life that impacted him the most. Be Glad Your Dad Let's face it, sometimes kids wish they had a different dad like when he's gross or grouchy or whatever but this book imagines what it would be like with different animals for a dad.

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This is a celebration of special parent-child one-on-one time. The idea of "Dadurday" being the best day of the week will ring true for kids who long for time alone with their favorite bud. Fathers and grandfathers can teach kids a lot about family culture and traditions. This book is about a Native American girl who learns confidence and acceptance through the traditional tales of her grandfather. This one would be a great gift for a brand new dad to read with a wee baby.

Remembering Black Saturday

It's a series of sweet paintings of animal dads and babies. A warm, snug dad cuddle is appreciated by all kinds of kids.

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The images of this larger-than-life dad and his sweet, brave little girl are so lovely. We were there from the beginning, when everything was still black, and the wind howled through spaces where the bush once was.

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We watched tiny shoots of green appear from trees we thought had died. And we were surrounded by friends who came up to help. Now I watch my own son playing among the trees where our house once stood. I wanted this story to be about more than loss. Because family and home are bigger than that.

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This is for you, Mum and Dad. Thanks for letting us roam. At the recent launch of the book at Readings Kids in Melbourne, author Tom Doig spoke about the power of the book, and its themes of memory, hope and renewal. He said:.

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This push and pull of memory — trying to forget some things, while desperately holding onto others, both impossible tasks — is captured in The House on the Mountain with understated, yet devastating, effect. The remarkable achievement of The House on the Mountain is that as well as being a story about devastation, it is equally a story about hope and renewal. Ella has also taken a complex personal story and, from it, distilled an archetype, almost a fable: a quintessentially Australian story that is relevant, all too relevant, across Australia and into our climate-changed future.

In this ABC news article Ella and her brothers share their thoughts on their childhood, the Black Saturday disasters, and reclaiming the mountain and their family home. Children will love the witty, sweet and brilliantly surreal depiction of everyday settings and situations in this fish-out-of-water story with a difference. When Grandad was a Penguin is perfect for sharing with children and grandads young and old.

This beautiful, small-format gift book contains twelve inspiring and affirmational sayings. Every saying inspires delight, and each picture is worth a thousand words! From the edge of the sea to a high mountain top, everything has its place in the world and all living things are connected.