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This first story in that conceptual Universe sees a slave girl sacrificing for her mistress to go up society's social ladder. A brief series of humiliating realities from my current, contracted ownership being published as a punishment for disobedience. Accountant George gets a new client and discovers that there's more to life than accountancy when her therapy services start to dominate his days.

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  • In a world where Britain is governed by the women, for the women, James Leonard attracts unwelcome attention from the authorities. With the New Order UK Government firmly in control, women have become used to running things but how does government make sure that its policies are carried out? A shemale slave headed up to her Mistresses cabin and the trouble she gets into when she stops for gas. In an authoritarian, conservative dystopia, where a woman's sexuality is heavily demonized and regulated, two friends find themselves framed and jailed in a high-security women's prison.

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