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Photo: Surajit Jamornman. The partners worked together to Combating the surge of illegal wildlife trade IWT devastating wildlife populations is an urgent global priority for conservation. The sudden and rapid escalation of IWT on the international agenda Pinna nobilis mass mortality outbreak in the Mediterranean — call to action for central and western Mediterranean countries Updated: Mass mortality events of the endemic bivalve Pinna nobilis pen shell have been recorded in the Western Mediterranean populations over the last year Follow us.

Facebook Twitter Youtube Newsletter Blog. Demand from Southeast Asia for elephant ivory has caused the price to triple since A new study, published just days ago in the journal Nature Communications , concluded that the elephant-poaching crisis in Africa is responsible for the loss of millions of dollars in tourism revenue.


In fact, the lost monetary amount is higher than what it would cost to pay for stronger antipoaching measures. Scientists from the World Wildlife Fund WWF , the University of Cambridge and the University of Vermont conducted the research, which is the first continent-wide assessment of economic losses stemming from elephant poaching. Calculating a per elephant value in terms of tourism income, they then modeled financial losses from fewer visitors in those protected areas due to the illegal wildlife trade, which has caused elephant numbers to plummet by more than , in the last decade.

Elephant viewing is big business in Africa.

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It is estimated that one elephant is killed every 15 minutes. Nearly , elephants once roamed the forests, savannas and wetlands of Selous, but now only about 15, remain in the ecosystem. The Arthur R.

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Loxahatchee provides crucial habitat for wildlife and is home to kinds of birds, including the endangered and threatened Everglades snail kite and the wood stork. During the summer of , LNWR had the largest wading bird colony in the Everglades, with more than 7, active nests.

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SFWMD cited failure to control two invasive, exotic plant species. Audubon Florida operates airboat tours of the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. USFWS is currently meeting Unfortunately, after a very successful cooperative effort to get the invasive plant under control in , the state stopped contributing to the ongoing efforts for the next five years — Today, the Old World climbing fern is more abundant than ever.

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It creates more than local jobs, and its environmental education program reaches 5, school children annually. A purple gallinule finds respite in Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Local water quality could also be negatively affected: naturally, the Everglades is an extremely low-nutrient system. If the refuge goes, higher levels of phosphorus will be added to the system, vegetation will change and habitat conditions will suffer.

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Robin Naidoo says that this research is not suggesting that economic issues should be the only consideration when protecting elephants.