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Take them and we will be to the good in 20 mins. In modern times , Real have been as likely to be champions of Europe as champions of Spain. Since the season, they have won the Champions League and La Liga six times apiece. I doubt either team will do anything specific, apart from maybe a bit of prayer. The team news should be confirmed at around 6.

These are the predicted XIs, though Madrid have a few options in midfield and attack. Updated at 5. Real Madrid have a terrifying record in European Cup finals: 12 wins, three defeats. But their last defeat, back in , was against Liverpool. If you need an early hit of live football , John Brewin is following the Championship play-off final between Aston Villa and Fulham. Hello and welcome to live coverage of the biggest custody battle in Europe. Real Madrid and Liverpool both claim moral ownership of the Champions League.

Madrid because they have won it a record 12 times; Liverpool because they have won it five times and experienced a unique range of emotions in the process. These two are European royalty but that, pretty much, is where the similarities end tonight. This Champions League final offers a mouthwatering contrast: the winning experience of Real against the infectious naivety and devastating speed of Liverpool.

Madrid have the best player in the world, maybe the best of all time, a ludicrous winner called Cristiano Ronaldo. And Madrid would become the first team since Bayern in the mids to win the competition three years in a row. But then this has been the most dramatic, illogical European season in yonks. As such, all results are conceivable - except one.

There is surely no way this will be This could be a deranged, nerve-shredding classic. Rob Smyth Sat 26 May Key events Show 9. Real Madrid Liverpool Bale 83 9. Real Madrid Liverpool Bale 64 9. Real Madrid Liverpool Mane 55 8.

There'll be a minute's applause before kick-off ...

Real Madrid Liverpool Benzema Live feed Show. Newest Newer. Older Oldest.

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Facebook Twitter. Play Video. I always found pre-match nerves to be one of the most exquisite feelings in the world. Referee Milorad Mazic. We will present the project The Live Archive , an installationary medium which speculates in the simultaneous transmission and archiving of time-based work and performance art.

These "actors" are both transmitted and archived in a formatted, idiosyncratic and seemingly endless stream of images and sound. The Live Archive is both an active tool for viewing and transmitting present events, as well as a passive container for the storage and reliving of past events. The contributions of these collaborators will be broadcasted continuously throughout the fair. In this way, contributors who are not physically present are allowed input in the fair, while in turn the fair itself is made available for viewing outside of its physical premises.

Click here to download the catalogue for the exhibition. The opening will take place on Wednesday May 9th, at At the opening Marie will do a reading from her new artist's book. Read More. Over the course of two months Io had visually — slowly, but consistently — conveyed her message to him: That she is orbiting Jupiter. That the Earth is not the centre of the Universe. It is a log of dissociative visions obtained by labouring women and will evolve during the years to come. Birth of Muspelina interweaves various historical and contemporary literary and scientific sources into a first person narrative of transgression and transformation.

The exhibition is realised with the kind support of the Danish Arts Foundation.

novels that everyone must read (according to the guardian) – A Useful Fiction

During the coming month we will be screening month of March we screened the video-piece First Screening by Canadian poet bpNichol in our window. Read more here and view the full video piece below:. Your collection of books what a pain Someone heard something of someone. A secret tunnel. A bouncer in love with a dancer. Gasoline and jealousy. Broken legs and arms.

An elephant, that could not stop the fire. A perpetrator from Russia, persecuted murderer in the USA. Bystanders pulling the fireboat down the Gracht. Maltese knights, in number , keeping their church wet, protecting it from the flames. All that and more, recalled by five eyewitnesses. Displayed word by word, which reads like listening to their stories first hand. Exhibition period: Central to the exhibition is a piece of code written by PWR, an algorythm which autonomously generates seemingly meeningful text, based on an analysis of linguistic consensuses.

This code was used to create a double sided poster, while also being output on this website. Everything is an interface to something else. Everything is connected to everything else. Everything is inhabited by autonomous agents acting according to opaque programming. Human hands manipulate physical matter to grasp control. It is our pleasure to invite you to the launch of the publication Tummy Rumble To Me, Rubble and screening of the film of the same name.

First shown as an installation comprising a video and a wall drawing, the work is the result of a collaboration between the designer Rudy Guedj and the writer Will Pollard. Tummy Rumble To Me, Rubble , the publication, puts the text and illustrations created for the video into a new dialogue, functioning thus as a documentation and a last translation of the work. It is the first book to be released by Building Fictions. The screening will start at Gin-tonics of every ratio will be served.

Tummy Rumble To Me, Rubble narrates and illustrates a series of fictional after-hours encounters set within imagined versions of the Tallinn Art Hall and the club located in its basement. Its characters play a drunken game of association, passing through images and metaphors of the digesting body and of architectural form. Drawing and writing are here the parallel instruments of a collaborative and serendipitous investigation into the abstraction of language and form.

Rudy Guedj is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Amsterdam. Working on commissioned and autonomous projects ranging from book and exhibition design to animation and installation works, he has been exploring the narrative possibilities of drawing through typographical, architectural, figurative or abstracted signs. Will Pollard is a writer and editor from New Zealand who lives in Amsterdam. He has recently written about guardian angels, the common European tree frog, part-time empiricism and animals who eat stones.

BF is an ongoing series of collaborative works investigating the relation between text and image, reflecting on their own structural logic as autonomous yet related languages. The processes of figuration and abstraction at play when writing and drawing are essential to BF. It is our pleasure to invite you to the launch of BD-Clip, a typeface revived by Asger Behncke Jacobsen in , and completed with Mads Wildgaard in It was produced by the Spanish type distributor Letrayon somewhere between and and sold as envelopes of sticker sheets.

Such an envelope, containing uppercase A—Z, was discovered in an office supply store in Amsterdam in From these drawings the missing characters were extrapolated. Please join us on Friday the 22nd of December at Drinks will be served! Bold-Decisions offers retail typefaces and has produced custom fonts for a wide range of commercial clients and cultural institutions.

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Asger Behncke Jacobsen is a Copenhagen based freelance designer and programmer. He works mainly in the cultural field for a broad spectrum of institutions, artists and designers. The film is a visual and literal investigation into the double meanings of the rhetorics of football, as a specific visual culture, and the rhetorics that forms and corrupts the actions in the culture of neoliberal corporate management.

Subbuteo, oh oh oh oh! Fans of the classic football game play on

The exhibition combines and unfolds collected original materials from the two research projects. Sportification is an interdisciplinary research focused on analyzing the subject of sport, of agon and of game nowadays. Starting from Dutch Provo publications and their influence in Europe, to the British scene and to the wide American scenario of east and west coast, the research especially focuses on aspects of graphic design of a wide hidden publishing scene which has been mainly analyzed, until now, from the political and countercultural point of view.

The structure is divided into three main areas: the art space that hosts the exhibition programs of the artists, the publishing platform practical library , a collaborative tool for publishing and co-editing research projects, and the bookstore. Be Right Back is an exhibition by Felix Salut. Central to the exhibition is a game called Galapagos with which visitors are invited to play, while Felix went elsewhere. On the occasion of the opening Felix will give a talk about his work at 5pm.

It features 9 basic graphic elements to be combined in numerous ways, pointing towards both basic graphical composition and typographical constructions, conjuring associations to a gamified language. Visitors are invited to interact and play with the game during the period of the exhibition. These items will be for sale during the period of the exhibition. In he founded Studio Felix Salut with the idea of a studio practice that embraces study and experiment.

Liverpool F.C.

With typography as a core, works find form in graphic design but also in fashion, film and objects. The Galapagos game has been redeveloped into a typeface in collaboration with Swiss typefoundry Dinamo. The result is a total of 70 individual typefaces: each style comes in 5 weights, with Grid and No-Grid versions. Using Stylistic Sets, all characters can be moved up and down along the vertical grid. Just as the Galapagos Islands are home to a vast number of unique species, the Galapagos Typeface encompasses a range of characters whose forms evolve from one another.

This release is accompanied by the launch of the App , which allows for a playful entrance into the modular Galapagos cosmos. Users can take pictures and compose layouts on top of them, switch between Galapagos type variations by hand or by shaking the phone before sharing the design on social media channels.