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Neither can she keep the tall, blue-eyed mysterious Luke who haunts the library stacks at her day job, out of her mind or her sweaty, desperate fantasies. Fate hands Beth a startling destiny: to bond with both of them-a bond form Secrets of the Stonechaser By: Nicholas Andrews Grab your copy here At one time, Nerris Palada had been part of the Thrillseekers, adventurers legendary in the continent of Tormalia.

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This young loner has to overcome his fears and kill dead people to prevent them from corrupting the living. A chance encounter reunites Nerris with his friends in their home village, an. A man who enthralled her from a single passionate kiss months prior in a Toronto nightclub. A man who makes her blood race and her insides throb.

A man with dark secrets… A Noble Deception By: Veronica Bale 5 reviews Grab your copy here When passion ignites, can they carry their deception through to the end? Ancient Aliens is an American television program that premiered on the so-called History Channel on April 20, The show supports the ancient astronaut theory, which believes that many historical texts, archeological sites and legends contain evidence of past alien contact.

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He believes the Captain and his lies. Or is it more important to risk his life for freedom? Reader Daughter of Time, Book 1 By: Erec Stebbins 26 reviews Grab your copy here Speculative fiction with time travel, alien armageddon, metaphysical mysteries, action, adventure, cosmology, cybernetics, religion, and romance! When the beautiful, gifted, and mysterious Danny Searle joins the project team, Tyler is instantly smitten. Meditation for beginners is the book for the people who want to start the blissful experience of meditation right here and now! Opening the crate, Jessica finds herself in the grip of a time machine that takes her back to the days when Poe was just a young boy.

Enjoy the educational corny jokes. This book is not only good for young people thinking about going into the service but also for the families of those young people who are considering it. As my son and daughter ponder joining the military, this book gave me a broader insight to have a more in depth discuss to make an informed decision. This book presents a different way of looking at life. Then, while trying on lingerie, someone tried to blow her up and she regenerated all the way back to a teenager.

Now there will be lot Reader Daughter of Time, Book 1 By: Erec Stebbins 26 reviews Grab your copy here Speculative fiction with time travel, alien armageddon, metaphysical mysteries, action, adventure, cosmology, cybernetics, religion, and romance! Ria is an year-old girl who has just started going to the University of Magic.

She meets Michael, a boy whose element is different from hers, which makes their romantic involvement seem impossible. But what will happen when she starts having the symptoms of magic disease and the only person she can turn to is Adrian, a dangerous magic disease carrier? When someone breaks into her apartment in Chicago, Skye turns to the one man she believes can protect her—Trace Weston.

Yep, that Atlantis. They tricked us, took our worship and sacrifice and used it to prolong their own lives.

It all starts when a family member is murdered right before their very eyes. Thinking that was the worst of it, Justin, Christina, Eric, Carmen, and Tiffany all go home and try to move on from the tragedy they just witnessed. Max Douglas would rather find adventure in his books than put in any effort at school.

Following an incredible accident during a science experiment gone wrong, Max finds himself tossed into a world torn straight from the pages of his wildest imagination. Reid Carrington realizes that when he finds Jennifer and recognizes the quiet desperation in her eyes. Or like a lifeguard rescuing a swimmer, will she pull him down into the undertow in the end? Jenny runs because she has to. To give the reason why wo. This should be compulsory reading for everyone over We forget the rest of those who fought, those Muslims who even saved Jews during the Holocaust, those sent to camps….

Shanna Brady grows up in the shadow of her beautiful mother and her Senator father, always feeling inadequate, never meeting standards she imposes on herself. When handsome Jordan Calhoun seems to fall in love with her, she jumps at the chance to prove her worth by helping him gain the political power he seeks. The signs are there from the beginning, but she tries to smooth things over, u. This pitch-black satire follows a disillusioned pothead and his friends navigating an American minefield of domestic terrorists, power-grabbing opportunists, and meaningless dead-end jobs.

The beautiful, the lonely, and the damned. Proud and pompous. Insulted and injured. These are the people who populate Blackjack, a collection of twenty-one stories of love and desire with unexpected results. Valkyrie Victoria Storm has werewolf hunters hell bent on revenge trying to kill her. She can barely keep her own downtrodden pack alive, let alone respond to the pleas of a murdered mother. Following the fall of the modern world, the State of Eden is divided into two distinct classes that all adolescents must test into. Students with math and science aptitude enjoy a high quality of living and technology in the Palaces, but in the Camps, students with artistic and verbal abilities must scrounge to survive.

Nicknamed the bubble, an astonishing new technology isolates users from reality and lets them directly experience quantum effects. Inside the bubble, humans can even manipulate individual atoms. Walker Grab your copy here She wished her mom would disappear. Teen witch Rosamunde broke the spell her mother, Rosmerta, used to control her family and reported the illegal use of magic to the Faerie Court. Roadkill By: Jac Van Wyk 2 reviews Grab your copy here This time the black winged creatures that only he can see, lead him into the hands of a sadistic serial killer.

Wounded, Locked-up in a cage and responsible for the life of the girl captured with him, Jake has to find a way to escape, deal with three monstrous dogs, and face a killer that specializes in cleaning up dead bodies. Just when he needs them most, the winged creatures seem to abandon him and he is dumped into a nightmare so horrific that it will haunt him for. Arianna Ari Lynn Harlow has led a charmed life until tragedy strikes her family. Home About Blog. Lost your Password? Main menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. By: Sherrie Le Masurier. Grab your copy here.

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Chloe, Michael and her friends fac. The Mating Chase. By: Bonnie Vanak. Getting Him Off Quickly. Paralegal Daisy Sinclair works for a well-known successful criminal defense attorney in downtown Fort Worth. By: Marta Tandori. This is a sweeping murder mystery set against the glitzy backdrop of Vegas and the ostentatious wealth of L. Roanoke Vanishing. By: Auburn Seal. Avery Lane is driven to discover the fate of the missing colonists of Roanoke. Will solving this mystery cost her everything?

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By: Nicholas Andrews. At one time, Nerris Palada had been part of the Thrillseekers, adventurers legendary in the continent of Tormalia. Creepy Campfire Tales: Carnegie Lane. Book 1 of a Horror Short Story Series. By: K. Everything you need to know about selling retail and running a profitable salon! By: Jeff Grissler. Do you have dreams of owning a successful retail beauty salon? Ready, Set, Go! By: G. Cedric loves school now and is learning and having lots of fun. Treasure Hunt with the Munch Crunch Bunch. A Healthy Fun Food Adventure.

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By: Robert Clifton Storey Jr. RIP: Touch. By: Daniel Sherrier. The Importance and Secrets of Astronomy. By: Edmund Williams. As you read along you will be enlightened by the varied facts and phenomenas associated with the wonderful world of astronomy and the universe. There are many famous astronomers of ancient times who were brave enough to research and invent so that we can have a history to share and cosmos to explore.

Read on, you will be pleasantly enlightened! By: Elizabeth McNew. How will this system help my sales? Horror Short Story Series. The Vampire Affair Part One. By: Vivi Anna. Makayla Bradley risks everything including her first job as a journalist to get the goods on billionaire playboy businessman Jonathan Devane. A man with dark secrets…. A Noble Deception.

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By: Veronica Bale. When passion ignites, can they carry their deception through to the end? By: Vernon Macdonald. Ancient Aliens Exposed! By: Blake Dresden. Bored with the same old routine and looking for new affordable activities to enjoy? Are you looking to expose your kids to activities that will teach them how to become resourceful while showing compassion and appreciation in their everyday living? By: Holly Alastra. With honesty and insight, Holly Alastra recounts growing up in a violent and abusive home and her later struggles with deadly eating disorders.

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London needs it fixed, fast. Frank finds himself in Armagh his mission is simple, watch and observe. A deadly turn of events forces MSG to take risky explosive action. By: S. When Kara Magari uncovers a secret door in the middle of the forest, she discovers and trips through a portal to a hidden world full of terrifying things: Ourea.

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Includes links, social media ideas and online marketing tips. By: John A. Revolving peacefully around an alien sun lies the planet Xavier, a final flicker of hope for the resource starved human race. With miraculous advances in technology, the product of the ruthless Great War, reaching this planet is suddenly a feat that mankind is able to achieve. Upon their arrival, however, they quickly learn that Xavier will not give up her treasures without a fight.

Inhabited by five indigenous tribes — creatures whose merciless evolution has sharpened them into the. However, it was re-released in and included in some international versions of the film's special edition soundtrack with an additional track, " The Morning Report ". It is also the highest-grossing motion picture of worldwide. As of , it remains the highest-grossing hand-drawn animated feature film [22] and the biggest animated movie of the last 50 years in terms of estimated attendance.

This is the largest per theater average ever achieved during a weekend. Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert called the film "a superbly drawn animated feature" and, in his print review wrote, "The saga of Simba, which in its deeply buried origins owes something to Greek tragedy and certainly to Hamlet , is a learning experience as well as an entertainment. Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert both gave the film a "Thumbs Up" but Siskel said that it was not as good as earlier films such as Beauty and the Beast and was "a good film, not a great one". If truth be told, even for adults it is downright strange.

The staff of TV Guide wrote that "The film has some of Disney's most spectacular animation yet—particularly in the wildebeest stampede—and strong vocal performances, especially by skilled Broadway comedian Nathan Lane. However, it suffers from a curiously undeveloped story line. The Lion King is the most mature in more than one sense of these films, and there clearly has been a conscious effort to please adults as much as children. Happily, for those of us who generally stay far away from 'cartoons', they have succeeded.

The Lion King was acknowledged as the fourth best film in the animation genre. In addition, Deluxe Editions of both formats were released. The CAV Laserdisc Deluxe Edition also contained the film, six concept art lithographs and The Making of The Lion King , and added storyboards, character design artwork, concept art, rough animation, and a directors' commentary that the VHS edition did not have, on a total of four double sided disks.

The DVD release featured two versions of the film on the first disc, a remastered version created for the IMAX re-release and an edited version of the IMAX re-release purporting to be the original theatrical version. The film's soundtrack was provided both in its original Dolby 5. A Special Collector's Gift Set was also released, containing the DVD set, five exclusive lithographed character portraits new sketches created and signed by the original character animators , and an introductory book entitled The Journey.

The Platinum Edition of The Lion King was criticized by fans for its false advertising: producer Don Hahn had earlier stated that the film would be in its original theatrical version, but it was confirmed after release that it was the "digitally enhanced" IMAX version instead, which is slightly different from the original theatrical cut. This film and these two sequels were out-of-print, since went back into the Disney Vault in January , [59] but new and used copies still sell very well. The Lion King was said to be the first Disney animated feature to be an original story, rather than being based on an already-existing story.

Matthew Broderick, the voice of Simba, believed initially that he was in fact working on a remake of Kimba , since he was familiar with the Japanese original. Yoshihiro Shimizu, of Tezuka Productions, which created Kimba the White Lion , has refuted rumours that the studio was paid hush money by Disney but explains that they rejected urges from within the industry to sue because, 'we're a small, weak company. It wouldn't be worth it anyway Disney's lawyers are among the top twenty in the world!

In February , Linda's heirs reached a legal settlement with Abilene Music, who held the worldwide rights and had licensed the song to Disney for an undisclosed amount of money. In August , the Hamas organization produced an animated propaganda film that resembled the style of The Lion King. The program was aired via their television station, Al-Aqsa TV.

Hamas was portrayed as a lion that chased and killed rats that bore the likenesses of members of the secular Fatah organization in Gaza. The program was briefly aired but was pulled off the air for revision. A number of Disney studios artists spent two days observing and sketching captive Spotted Hyenas maintained at the Field Station for Behavioural Research in the hills above the University of California's Berkeley campus.

Laurence Frank, and other scientists who had organized the visit, expressed a strong request that the portrayal of the hyenas featured in The Lion King be positive. The artists responded that they would do their best to make the hyenas appear more comical than evil. Frank included boycotting The Lion King as a way of helping preserve hyenas in the wild. This reaches its "pinnacle" when a hyena [Ed] feeds on its own body, as described in The Green Hills of Africa and in the American children's computer game based on the movie.

Condemnation was also launched by film critics and cultural analysts, some of whom saw the portrayals of the hyenas as underlying a low class and that their upholding of cultural stereotypes by sporting African American Shenzi and Latin American Banzai accents, as opposed to the American and British accents of the main characters, was racist. The success of the film of The Lion King led to several sequels and spin-offs. They are seen hunting bugs, singing songs, and going on wacky, hijinx-filled adventures.

It involved Pumbaa developing amnesia after getting struck by lightning and Timon attempting to help his friend restore his memories by having him recall the events of some of the past episodes and on some occasions, the original Lion King. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed were part of the Disney villains in the show's other film adaptation Mickey's House of Villains. On 28 September , it was confirmed by Disney that a remake of The Lion King will begin production in May of , [90] with Jon Favreau as director. In April , it was confirmed by Favreau that the film would be released on July 19, Two video games based on the film have been released.

It was later seen on the SNES. Games include one where Pumbaa uses his gas to destroy fruits and bugs and even a kitchen sink that fall out of trees, a variation on a pinball game, a game where you use a peashooter to hit enemy creatures in the jungle, a game where Timon has to jump onto hippos over a river to deliver bugs to Pumbaa, and a variation on Tetris. The characters of the film appear in "Pride Land", one of the many Disney "worlds" in the game. The plot is altered and new dialogue was recorded to accommodate the presence of the three main protagonists Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy.

A musical adaptation with the same name premiered in Minneapolis, Minnesota in July , and opened on Broadway in October at the New Amsterdam Theatre. The show moved to the Minskoff Theatre in and is still running there to this day. It is now Broadway's seventh longest-running show in history.

The show's financial success on Broadway lead to other productions in North America and all over the world. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. You may be looking for the soundtrack , the live-action film , the live-action soundtrack , the stage musical , the video game , the stage musical soundtrack , or the book.

Don Hahn. Buena Vista Pictures Distribution. June 15, limited June 24, worldwide. Running time. Followed by. Set deep in the heart of Africa, The Lion King tells the story of the noble young Simba, who's destined to become king of the jungle. Only his ruthless uncle Scar stands between him and the throne.

The Lion King. Kimba the White Lion. Both stories follow their life from childhood to adulthood. Both characters are involved in a rivalry between two species; for Leo, humans and animals and for Simba, lions and hyenas. Leo Kimba was born on a ship. Simba is born in the Pride Lands. Both are kings of their respective kingdoms.

Mufasa is killed by Scar in order to usurp the throne. Both characters have a black mane and a scarred eye. Both characters want the main character killed in order to gain power. Both characters receive assistance from comical hyenas. Bubu Claw in the English dub also works with Cassius Sylvester , a black panther, to overthrow Kimba. Scar works only with the hyenas. Both are wise baboons. Buzura Dan'l in the English dub mentors Kimba after Kimba's parents die.

Rafiki mentored Simba both before and after the death of Simba's father. Both Zazu and Pauly mentor the main character even when they are in trouble. Pauly always mentored Kimba throughout Kimba's journey in Africa. Zazu mentored Simba until Mufasa's death. He remained as Scar's prisoner until Simba returned as an adult.

Shenzi , Banzai , and Ed. Both are comical hyenas that assist the main character's enemies. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed work exclusively for Scar. Both are comical warthogs.