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He moved to Westerly RI in Mar In , he was a member of the General Court of Commissioners. His second wife was Elizabeth somebody, who subsequently married William Johnson. It is ordered that all men that have gunns and pieces to mend, and have need to have them mended for their present defense, shall forthwith according to order carrie those pieces to mende upon paine of forfeiting ten shillings a piece, which shall be levied by distraint from the head officer of the Towne to the use of the sayed Towne's militia.

June 18, James was warned by warrant from the Commissioners of Connecticut to appear before them to make answer for seizure of three Connecticut men on a warrent issued by Tobias Sanders. He was released on bail. He gave testimony this year, calling his age fifty-eight 58 years, his son James twenty-nine 29 , and his son John Twenty-six 26 years. In a controversy between Rhode Island and Connecticut as to the boundary line between the two colonies. James was arrested in Westerly by Connecticut authorities and taken June 23rd to Stonington for trail.

Remembrances of Mrs M. E. Babcock

James Babcock was considered to be a man of sterling integrity and strong convictions. As Attests John Sanford, Secretary. Imp he willed and bequeathed unto his Son Job Badcocke all his Smithtooles of what sort or Ki nd Soever that he dyed possessed of: 2ly he Bequeathed one cow to be delivered unto his daughter Mary Champlin by his Administrator x hereafter mentioned with in convenient time after his decease.

Lastly of this his Will he declared that his loving wife Wlizabeth Badcocke should be Admin matrix to this his last Will and Testament. This Testator dyed the 12th of June In the probate records of John Badcock's estate the name is spelled Babcock, and at that time that spelling seems to have been adopted by the family. James Badcock was admitted an inhabitant of the "towne" of Portsmouth 25Feb. At that me no one was allowed to "build or plant" without first having been voted at town meeting an inhabitant. At the town meeting held 5 October , James Badcock and Richard Moris were ordered "to look up all the arms in the Towne within the Month above writ," and "to mend any which were defective for use.

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At the same meeting ten acres of land were ordered to be "laide out to James Badcock at the first Brook , next the footpath eastward. In James' name appears in the "Roll of ye Freeman" of Portsmouth. The last record which refers to him in Portsmouth is dated 19 Dec. He then moved to Westerly.

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On 18 March , James Badcock petitioned the General Court, sitting at Newport, for protection on "against such riotous actings as are done and committed by the men of Southertown against him. On 18 May , Harmon Garret alias Teqnascooke, chief of the Pequots petitioned the General Court of Connecticut, praying "that such men as wear hats an d clothes like Englishmen, but have dealt with us like wolves and bears, may be called to account.

He declared his last will and testament to his sons John and Job, 12 June and they appear ed 17 Sept. Elizabeth; she m. His residence for that period was in Portsmouth, and the records of that town meeting, namely, Badcock,Badcooke, Badcocke, and Badcook. For the first forty years the surname of James and his sons was usually written Badcock.

In the Probate records of John Badcock's estate the name is spelled Babcock, and at the time that spelling seems to have been adopted by the family. James Badcock was admitted an inhabitant of the "towne" of Portsmouth Feb. At that t time no one was allowed to "build or plant"without first having been voted at town meeting an inhabitant.

Dr Joshua Babcock

At a town meeting held Oct. At the same meeting ten acres of land were ordered to be "laide our to James Badcock at the first Brook, next the footpath eastward. James Badcock was made a Freeman July 10, , and was appointed a member of a large committee"for the try all of the general officers". He was chosen a juryman on several occasions and as an assessor in In he was again directed to mend all firearms in the community.

The fight lasted for two hour and Babcock destroyed the mast, rigging and sails of the Hope. The Hero also lost one and two were wounded including the captain. Despite the damage, the Hope was able to escape to halifax and arrived on 26 September Babcock fell in with The Tartar 26 guns, men. Babcock killed the captain of the Tartar and twenty-two men, while the Babcock only lost two men. Mifflin had taken two other prizes a store ship named The Elephant and the Brig Betsey. On 7 September Babcock fell in with a sloop of war and fought her for 1.

In , approximately individuals were recorded in the district of Addington, were recorded in the district of Lennox and 67 were recorded in the district of Bothwell, among others. Common places of birth for Babcock parents were noted as Ontario, "Nb", and "England".

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