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Each participant ended up imagining a different movement to control the cursor. The man with the spinal cord injury imagined moving his whole arm as if he were sliding a puck across a table.

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They demonstrated its effectiveness with a typing task that used a type of word-prediction software called Dasher , which enabled an ALS patient to type six words per minute. With this point-and-click system, the monkeys proved adept at moving the cursor to highlighted targets on the screen. By putting the highlighted targets on a display of letters, the researchers got the monkeys to mimic a typing task. Henderson says investigators throughout the BrainGate group are now working on all those fronts.

Once the BCI gear is refined, it could be used to control other things besides a typing system. It has everything: a beautifull love story, mistery, action, a bit of supernatural maybe no a small bit : , even the thrill of the chase. I think Musso became one of my favorite authors. I couldn't go to sleep before finihing this book. Aug 06, Rebecca rated it did not like it.

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Unbelievably bad. Demonstrates my commitment to mastering French literature via whatever I have on hand. View 2 comments.

Apr 15, Serena rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed it!! Wonderful as always.

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Dec 08, Noor rated it it was amazing. Jul 23, Sandra rated it liked it. It's the second book I've read by Musso. I got the gist of what he offers us and I know I will never be a fan of his novels but I liked it though. A beautiful story, with a really unexpected plot twist and a beautiful ending that made me cry.. Dec 07, Samantha D. As for the book i have nothing bad to say about it. The storyline was very unpredictable because at first,i thought this was an avrege love story but i lt was so much more than that. There was love,hatred,friendship,bitterness you name it!

I recomend this book to anyone that loves a good thriller with a touch of love and mystery.

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I will happily read more of his work in the f this was a thrilling book to read,i love his style of writting and the way he explains and decribes things that are happening. I will happily read more of his work in the future. Can we travel between the two worlds to fix things and have a closure? Loved the book, again Musso takes me in a journey that I enjoy for few days, full of imagination, emotions, and questions. It is a reminder that somethings are mean Can we travel between the two worlds to fix things and have a closure?

It is a reminder that somethings are meant to be Nov 24, Filomena rated it it was ok Shelves: romance , girly , cheasy , crap. Really not that memorable. I remember enjoying the story when I read it - I mean, nothing special but not that bad. And somehow I don't even remember who the characters were. I think this is the one book that I don't remember, which reveals a lot about it. I didn't think this story was that original, it didn't offer me a lot emotions and it sure didn't make me think about anything in particular. I guesse this was just a good summer read.

Jan 06, Salma rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , reading-challenge , fantasy. I really enjoyed this book.

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The story was beautiful , moving and full of wisdom. If you like a bit of thriller and philosophy between the lines you'll like it. There was a harmonious contrast between the main characters: The guy had a dark demeanour and the girl was light and full of life. The book dealt with death, Destiny and the philosophical question is our life predestined or are we still free.

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Sep 03, Loredana Bookinista08 rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary-fiction. This was an interesting book A mixture of everything, I could say. However, that's exactly what stopped me from giving it a 4-star or even 5-star rating. It focuses on too many things, on too many people and situations. It confused me a little bit. But thank God that it has action and that helped with the reading. Recommended for a nice evening reading, before going to bed. View 1 comment. Jan 07, Jessica added it Shelves: mystery , french-untranslated , adult-fiction. I'm in the middle right now and it's taken a vaguely supernatural turn.

Again, Musso strikes me as the French version of John Grisham or generic mass market bestseller. I love taking note of his stereotypes of American culture, as evidenced in the frequent appearance that Starbucks, Union Square, and other obvious NYC landmarks make in this book.

I actually forgot I already read it and I started reading it again. When I got to the middle of the book I realised a character sounds familiar not one of the main characters so It was ok for a light reading.

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I just finished this book. This was such an easy read yet it made me think a lot. At first I thought this was just a romance with a dash of life suspense, but it was so much more. I look forward to reading more of his books. This book was rather nice, entertaining, easy to read and pretty short - I finished it in about 3 hours last Saturday - but not quite memorable or in any way special or impressive Just okay, I guess. May 31, Paola rated it liked it. A love story that could be simple if it wasn't for the supernatural element.

In my opinion, the most enjoyable are the unexpected jumps forward and back in time which keep you trying to guess how everything is going to get connected at the end. I will definitely read more stories from this author. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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  5. Readers also enjoyed. About Guillaume Musso. Guillaume Musso. One of the most popular authors in France today. From his early childhood with reading books and plays, Guillaume Musso became convinced that one day, he too would write novels.