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Now in our golden years, Fr. Tom now retired but still saying Mass at St. Thank you! Thank you, Msgr. Jim Moloney! You have been a true give to St. Anselm Parish in Dearborn Heights. For many years you have been our shepherd of souls, guiding and directing us in all things spiritual, by way of example and through your teachings. You reach out to every segment of your parish — school, administration, parishioners, the elderly, the youth and youngsters. Each week you join us at our club to let us know that we, too, are a vital part of the parish.

We see your passion to meet the spiritual needs of everyone in our daily Masses and never miss a chance to be of help and service each and every day, rain or shine, sick or healthy. You have also monitored the improvement of our parish grounds and given encouragement to us all. Please know of our gratitude and appreciation for the gift of you!

God bless you always. We would like to recognize Fr. Linus Kinyua in honor of Priesthood Sunday. Clement Church in Dearborn. He has brought happiness to our parish life. He works well with our other spiritual leader, Sr. Mary Downey. I have been blessed to know Msgr. He has an aura of peace and love, which is shared by all who come in contact with him. His smile invites friendliness and caring. Thomas More Parish in Troy. I am writing this letter to tell you about my parish priest. Leo Sabourin has been a blessing to us at St. Constance Parish in Taylor. His qualifications as a priest go beyond the calling of the faith.

He feels for his people. When someone needs a clergy person, the hospitals call on Fr. He goes whether they are Catholic or not. One was a Japanese family. They have now joined our church. He greets everyone outside of Mass. He visits retirement homes. He says Mass there once a week. He goes to the hospital when one of his parishioners is ill. He is a hands-on priest. He attends the narcotics meetings and AA. He is involved with the young people, which is long overdue in the Catholic Church.

I know because there was nothing for me after my confirmation. He is an understanding person. He will go wherever he is needed, without question. I love my priest because he is so gentle and kind. He could have retired, but we still have him. I thank God during each Mass for Fr. He announces birthdays, anniversaries and deaths during the Mass. We are like one big family. We have a picnic once a year. No carnivals, just our big family getting together for hot dogs and fun.

He has no problem getting volunteers to do jobs around the church. All he has to do is ask and we respond. He welcomes all guests who visit our church. Most of them register to attend. It is said that people get feelings about other people. Once they meet Fr. Leo, they love him. I could go on and on, but I think you get the gist of what my priest does in his parish.

I know that sometimes he is lucky to get four hours of sleep. When duty calls, he is like a fire engine. He is our priest, and we all love him. I do not work for the parish. I am not a volunteer. I am just a member of his church, thank God. We have been blessed the past few years at Holy Family Parish in Memphis with great associate priests.

When I think of Fr.

Family Responsibilities

Phil Ching , Fr. Sean Bonner, who arrived this summer, and Fr. Their insight in the confessional has been a great blessing to our family as well. Joe Horn. Joe was with me on the happiest day of my life, as well as the hardest. He baptized four of my six children, and gave all but the youngest of us our first holy Communions. Joe and I have laughed, cried and argued through many ups and downs.

Isaac Jogues parishioners in St. Clair Shores were blessed when the archbishop assigned Fr. Darrell Roman as pastor of our parish. Darrell has wonderfully inspirational homilies. He cares deeply about his parishioners, which is evident from the amount of time he spends getting to know each one.

Father is also responsible for bringing the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist to our school. They have deeply impacted our children, from an excellent education to teaching them high moral standards. We, at St. Isaac Jogues, are indeed blessed to have Fr. Darrell Roman as our pastor. Mike Verschaeve is a wonderful parish priest. He has always been a witness to consistency and kindness and is an example of being a servant to his flock at St.

Joseph the Worker Parish in Lake Orion. He is a humble servant of our Lord and steadfast in his love and respect of Christ at the altar. Mike is a priest I admire for his daily example of being holy and an example of virtues in action. Thank you for the opportunity to say thank you, not only from myself and my family, but from all those at the St. Joseph, Lake Orion, community. Charles Borromeo Parish in Detroit is a true representation of the diversity of the metropolitan Detroit area.

Under the current leadership of Bro. Charles has grown not only in membership, but in dedication to being a very strong anchor in the neighborhood known as West Village near Belle Isle, and the parish continues to serve the spiritual and human needs of the near east side neighborhood it has served for more than years. Please make time to attend the a. Mass on a Sunday at Baldwin, Detroit, as my guest and get to meet this wonderful man and the parish. It might even bring you back to church as it did for me three and a half years ago. Charles Borromeo Parish in Detroit.

He started the community dinner to feed the homeless people on Sundays. The following prayer sums up what Fr. David Cybulski is to his parish St. Joseph in Erie. He is truly a gift from God from the Archdiocese of Detroit. Dearest Lord, teach me to be generous: teach me to serve You as You deserve: to give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labor and not to ask for reward save that of knowing I am doing your will.

Take, O Lord, all my liberty, Receive my memory, my understanding and my will.

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You have given me all that I am and all that I possess. I return it all to You and surrender it to the guidance of Your will. Give me only Your love and grace. With these I am rich enough and ask nothing more. We at St. Benedict Parish in Waterford are truly blessed to have Fr.

Jim Mayworm as our pastor. Jim graciously agreed to come out of retirement nearly two years ago from Florida to be our pastor. We had been without a full-time pastor since his predecessor, Fr. Larry Siroskey, was forced to take a medical leave. At first, Fr. Jim agreed to stay on only temporarily until a new full-time pastor was installed, but after six months agreed to stay on as long as his health remains good, and we pray it does for a long time! Jim has been like an answer to our prayers, and has done much to increase attendance and membership at our church as well as instituted some new ideas which have been most warmly received by our parish.

We only hope that he agrees to stay on with us for the foreseeable future! Tom and Lisa Lewis Waterford. Stephen Rooney has brought laughter and humor back into our lives here at St. He is inspiring and gets our attention during the homilies. His outlook on life brings joy to ours. I am a member of St. Augustine and St. Monica Parish in Detroit, and I am so grateful to have Msgr. Dan Trapp as my pastor. Trapp celebrates the Eucharist with such meaning and makes me feel like I am sitting at the table with Jesus as He recites the prayers.

His homilies are spoken from his heart, not from notes. His participation in the Mass is one that is dedicated to that moment. Announcements are saved until the end of Mass, again, not mixed in. Dan also welcomes all visitors each week and makes them a part of the community by asking them to stand as we give them a round of applause.

If you leave St. May God continue to bless the people of our parish with the support and love of a priest that truly loves what he is and lives for the Lord! I relay this with some trepidation because this young priest, less than two years out of the seminary, is seriously trying to practice humility. Ryan Adams always manages to take things to another level, a little deeper and a little more thoughtful, a joy to hear and ponder.

The priest who inspired my husband and I is Fr. Henry Sands. He was pastor of our church, St. Alfred in Taylor, for just four years. He changed our life and many others in that short time to be better people and to love one another and most of all trust Him and make Him your personnel friend and your life will be fuller. He did this in his homilies, but most of all he inspired us by his actions and his love of the Lord that was always noticeable as he celebrated Mass and was really a shepherd to his congregation.

He loved people, even those who did not see the goodness in him. We have been at St. Alfred for 50 years, and when Fr. Henry came there, it was like a light in the dark and suddenly we all were grateful to be Catholic. He brings people together, inspires you to be a better person, to love and trust the Lord, to pray all the time, to talk to Him as a friend who loves you no matter what. We have never met another priest quite like him. He is always striving to serve the Lord the best way he knows and he has many talents the Lord gave him to do just that!

We know there are a lot of good, hardworking priests out there, but Fr. Henry is the one who came into our lives and changed everything for the good. My husband and I are so happy that the U. Conference of Catholic Bishops saw the talents he has and how much he loves the Lord and appointed him executive director of the African American and Native American missions!

Now he will encounter many more people and their lives will never be the same again. We hated to see him leave our church, but the fact that many more will be helped and inspired by him is a good thing. God knows what he is doing and we thank Him every day for Fr. Maurice Henry Sands. What makes Fr. Kiss and Fr.

Who Was Mary Magdalene?

Anthony of Padua Hungarian Parish in Windsor, and in addition, they cover a lot of other ground. They run the St. There are only three Hungarian-speaking priests in the U. They have more projects not mentioned here, and they are young senior citizens. When they retire they are not likely to be replaced — so the entire Hungarian community joins me in expressing grateful thanks to God and to them for their uplifting presence and endless services!

We are so blessed to have a very special priest here at St. Mark the Evangelist Parish in Birmingham, Ala.

When All Hope Is Gone – Dr. Charles Stanley

Joseph Culotta has been here for seven years now, and if Bishop Baker moves him, Fr. Joe will become a lot taller. He is, as Bishop Robert Baker said at our last confirmation, a gentle, holy man. Everyone who has ever been sick or shut-in sings his praises as a compassionate and comforting presence. Our children respond to his gentle love with their own love and respect.

One thing he introduced was to have benches placed around the outside of the church building to encourage people to linger before and after Mass and get to know each other better. He always stresses that we are a family of God. Whenever one of us gives him a gift or answers a request for help, there is a prompt, hand-written thank you note from him. Thank you for the opportunity to sing his praises, because you would never learn any of this from him.

It took just a short period of time for us to realize what a treasure we have in this priest! Noel is compassionate, gentle and generous. He has a wonderful sense of humor. He remembers names and easily speaks with any and all — patients and families, visitors in the hallway, volunteers, physicians, staff from all areas of the hospital, and our special needs students from Jo Brighton. In fact, he seems to take great delight in eating lunch with the students. Noel is so easy to speak with and makes one feel like he has all the time in the world for the person with whom he is speaking.

Noel has changed the lives of many here at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. He has a warm heart and smile that he shares every day with all of us. To summarize, what draws people to Fr. He exemplifies the love and mercy of Jesus. We are truly blessed to have him at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. Tony Sulkowski of St. Basil the Great Parish in Eastpointe has the peace, sense of humor, wisdom and positive attitude of someone far beyond his years.

I believe that this is in part due to his life experiences. He understands, firsthand, the frustrations and blessings of health challenges from the perspective of care receiver as well as caregiver. He knows that life is short, and each day, each hour, each minute brings us opportunities, gifts and blessings if we are open and willing to recognize and receive them. He lives simply. No parish cook or housekeeper. He accepts people, and life, as they are — not as who or what he wishes they could be.

Whatever needs to be done for the greater good, he does — with humility, dedication and love. Archbishop Allen Vigneron is a great archbishop because he loves God. He shows his love for God and other virtues by leading our churches and schools. We are grateful for the time and patience he devotes to our Catholic Church. Through his whole life he has remained faithful to God and waited patiently to become a bishop. He is patient with people, watches out for us, and teaches us to pray for protection from evil.

Our archbishop shows justice, peace and joy while leading our Catholic schools and parishes. He shares what he knows with parishioners and priests by teaching all of us about God.

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  • He listens to the other bishops, comforts them when needed, and shows joy instead of complaining. He remains faithful to God by praying. He practices the spiritual works of mercy by making sure everyone in the clergy does their job, by giving advice to those who need it, and being merciful to others.

    We appreciate the many ways Archbishop Vigneron helps us to be better Catholics and grow closer to God. I would like to take this opportunity to honor Fr. Greg Rozborski of St. Pio of Pietrelcina Parish in Roseville. We are so happy Fr. Greg has been appointed as pastor of our parish! Besides encouraging us to smile every week, Fr.

    Greg has gotten to know his flock pretty well in the year we have known him. On several occasions, fellow parishioners have expressed how Fr. Greg has read the pain or suffering on their faces, and has expressed to them when they ask to talk with him that he has been waiting for them to come to him with their problem! Greg has told me how much he appreciates and loves the love that we share as a married couple in the church. Greg has been faced with many challenges from angry parishioners after the blending of three parishes into one.

    Father has be criticized and disrespected in letters and phone calls, but all in all expresses his love for his people! I know many fellow parishioners agree with me, we love Fr. Greg Rozborski! Margie Lyle St. Pio of Pietrelcina, Roseville. I am here to tell that Fr. Edward J. He taught us the meaning of love and brotherhood, and also I thank him because now I can write in English. With love he gave me this gift to learn his idiom. James Moloney is an extraordinary parish priest.

    He has served as pastor of St. Anselm Parish in Dearborn Heights since ; four generations of our family have been blessed by this good and holy man. He could have retired 15 years ago, but has stayed on at St. Anselm, where he is cherished by his parishioners. Moloney also oversees the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, yet he always has time to care for his flock. He even blessed our RV a few years back before we took it on the road. James A. Joe Mallia is not only the pastor of St.

    Frances Cabrini Parish in Allen Park, but he is also its visionary, spiritual compass, servant and teacher. As Jesus taught us, the best leaders are those who serve and lead by example. Joe does just that. He is the only priest at Cabrini and his weekly duties include daily Masses Monday through Saturday, four weekend Masses and distribution of the sacraments. In addition to his formal commitments, Fr. Joe makes time to have a presence around the parish and community.

    He visits each classroom at least weekly and regularly attends sporting events and extracurricular activities. He is constantly looking for ways to improve and grow the school, not only in number of students, but to grow the faith of kids and parents alike. Besides his physical energy, Fr. Joe brings his spiritual energy to enliven the community and remind us that we must all go forth as disciples of Christ. Ever welcoming, Fr. Joe also challenges us to follow Church teaching including weekly attendance at Sunday Mass, respecting life, and supporting social justice. He demonstrates these characteristics himself, but admits to not being perfect.

    Authentic, genuine, caring, conscientious, smart and loving, Fr. We just want to let you know what a blessing Fr. Zbigniew Grankowski St. Barbara Church, Dearborn has been in our lives, especially for my younger son and his family. On May 17, we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary at St. Barbara with Fr. Grankowski officiating. Father gave a warm, loving homily and invited our whole family four married children and 10 grandchildren onto the altar for a special blessing.

    Father made the Mass so memorable for all of us. Grankowski is a one-of-a-kind priest and words cannot describe how he has impacted our lives. We pray that God continues to bless him and want him to know what a blessing he is in our lives. Thank you Fr. He always takes notice of who is at Mass, and he has always managed to give me the exactly right word of encouragement at the right time. On Oct. Patrick F. Halfpenny celebrates the 40th anniversary of his ordination. To honor this occasion, I embrace the opportunity to explain why I love my priest. Studying to become a priest did not isolate my brother from the dramas of family life.

    Reconciling earthly family matters with the teachings of Christ can be challenging. Pat practiced setting an example for us. His life choices exemplified tolerance, patience, forgiveness and acceptance. Our parents were and continue to be so proud. With three sons to raise in this world filled with distractions and moral challenges, my husband and I are grateful that Uncle Pat is an active presence in our family; a sign not only of love of family, but love of God. For our sons to have this presence of Christ an integral part of their lives has been profound. We have shared vacations, holidays, birthdays and weddings; lively debates about politics and religion; joys, fears and sorrows.

    We have shared faith. In serving God, the parish family comes first. Nevertheless, our family is blessed to experience the gifts of his priesthood and faith shared so lovingly. Thank you, Pat. Paul Snyder came to St. Mary Parish in Royal Oak this past year. As a parishioner and volunteer at the church, I can see how dedicated he is to the church and the people who are a part of it.

    He is not above cleaning out closets — discarding or recycling unused items — weeding flower beds, and just working hard to get the church organized and restored. He is the most approachable priest I have met in my 50 years of being Catholic, from explaining Scripture or practices of the Catholic Church that are not understood to taking time to talk one-to-one with parishioners who have suggestions or concerns about our church. His compassion and genuineness will take him far, but I hope we can keep him for a while! David Lesniak is a truly wonderful man in every way.

    He is very welcoming and friendly to all and has gone above and beyond not only for my family but for many others. We are very saddened to see him transferred to St. Timothy next week. Robert Slaton, associate pastor, are two amazing priests, each special in their own way. Rooney is a caring priest and it is apparent to me that he cares so much about people.

    He also has the unique gift of being able to bring out the gifts of other people to serve those in need. I now take Communion to two homebound people. He helps us realize our own gifts. This is what I receive from him. Slaton, associate pastor of Our Lady on the River Parish, is such a knowledgeable priest. When I hear the Sunday Gospel and then his homily, I always take something from it.

    He has a gift of conveying what the Gospel is saying and explaining it and connecting it to us. It is also apparent in his actions his love of God and the Church. That is what I receive from him. There are many things about this very humble man that I am appreciative of.

    Words of Hope and Consolation at the Time of Death

    I always look forward to his homilies, which begin with a story, and always include a teaching that is worth reflecting upon throughout the week. It is brilliantly done in a way that allows children to interact with him through skits, providing lessons for all, while at the same time helping the children to grow in their faith. I appreciate the fact that Fr. The love and devotion that he shows to the children who attend our parish school and faith formation classes is most appreciated. Excitement and smiles from our students always greet Fr.

    Joe when he enters any of their classrooms. His passion for learning and gift for teaching are well received by our youth, with teenaged graduates of I. Most of all, I am deeply appreciative of the fact that Fr. Stanley Pachla pastor of St. Veronica Parish in Eastpointe, is a special blessing in our lives. When Fr. This new ministry, Gianna House, would initially open as an outreach, then become a residence for pregnant teens in need of housing, sustenance, education and support.

    Stan not only welcomed the idea but has offered assistance in so many ways as Sr. Diane, and often spoke to parishioners of this developing ministry and placed articles in the bulletin, which in effect recruited parish support for the developing project. One teen parishioner has sponsored an ongoing diaper collection. Several parishioners responded to Fr. All reached out to help because of Fr. What a blessing this shepherd at St.

    Veronica Parish has been! Gianna House Board of Directors St. Veronica Parish, Eastpointe. I am a parishioner of St. Mark Parish in Warren. Stanley Obloj, pastor of St. Mark, has enriched my life and has made me a better Christian. Father always makes everyone feel special; he is a caring, loving, and compassionate person. Father always makes our Mass so meaningful and we are blessed to have him in our lives and our parish. My love and respect for Father continues to grow and I honor him and pray that he will continue his work as our parish pastor.

    It is truly humbling to say that Fr. Stanley Obloj is my priest and pastor. He leads by example — just as Jesus did. Stanley cares about all of his parishioners — his flock — at St. He is kind and compassionate and funny and loving. Regardless of how I may feel coming into Mass, I always leave uplifted and refreshed. The past year was a difficult one for our family. Stanley helped me through some major health issues, as well as the sudden deaths of our brother Michael Ayoub and six months later, of our mother, Georgine Ayoub. Father prayed with us, encouraged us, and loved us. Thank you, Fr.

    Stanley, for everything you are and do. You truly are a blessing to me! Janis Ayoub St. Mark, Warren. Ryan Adams. Ryan was ordained in and was a little nervous at first preaching to the congregation in our octagonal church. But he has become so confident in his preaching, and his homilies are always well prepared. Ryan is in Mexico now for a six-week period of studying Spanish, one of my favorite memories of him was a funeral he celebrated here. I am sure that he will truly be bilingual upon his return to Michigan. Why do we love our priest?

    Who could not love Fr. Zbigniew Grankowski? He is the pastor of St. From his no-fear confessions, healing Masses, to calling his parishioners by their first names, he deserves more than a mere letter of praise and recognition. Zbigniew also has brought two parishes together, not closed them. He leads by example and never admonishes; he is a blessing from God to the parishioners at St.

    Barbara and St. Zbigniew is more than just a priest: he is pastor, family and friend. John Hedges has been a priest for 25 years. He has been at several parishes. At each parish he is very effective at preaching, visiting the sick, celebrating the Eucharist, encouraging the youth, evangelizing, working with the poor and more.

    He has proven to be a good friend for the parishioners as demonstrated by the many Catholics who come to him for assistance in their time of need. He has a very personal and public relationship with Jesus Christ that comprehends the struggles in our personal and private lives between faith and doubt. Our lives are enriched and deepened through Fr.

    He is our example. He takes to heart our joys, sorrows, hopes, fears, triumphs and defeats through prayer and blessings. Father knows his people and exhibits pastoral charity that is essential to priestly credibility. John exhibits leadership skills that allow him to collaborate with parishioners along an unbelievable range of competencies. He works lovingly with the highly educated to poorly educated and unskilled volunteers.

    He empowers them to see beyond their parish boundaries to the betterment of the community and our faith. He does this through his interpersonal skills that convey his vision that allow him to remain grounded in the lives of people and his own humanity. He comprehends, penetrates, and transforms our culture through his homilies.

    He honors Catholic tradition and saints and makes this a part of his example and preaching to us. To Father, excellence is not enough. We must attain holiness for ourselves and for our priestly leader to be successful. John is mindful of our needs and our capacity to carry on the Catholic tradition. He knows how to cultivate those traditions that are most meaningful to his people. My priest at St. Barbara in Dearborn, Fr. Zbigniew Grankowski, has been a blessing to me when I needed an annulment, and he did everything to see to this.

    He welcomed my mother when I brought her to visit St. He speaks well and tells us how much Jesus loves us and to share his message. Without him there we would be without Jesus in our lives in the Holy Eucharist. His faith and LOVE keeps us coming and we are a beacon of light. I love you! Over 35 years ago at a small parish in Clinton Township named St.

    Valerie of Ravena, we received a new priest who was energetic, kind, loving and passionate about his faith. He connected with the young and old of our parish. This extraordinary priest is Msgr. Thomas Villerot. He is the most spiritual, selfless and humble man I know. He took interest in our youth group and came to our activities. He kept us interested in our faith. He later retired but continued to celebrate Mass all around the archdiocese.

    I have lost track of all the wonderful ways he has given to the archdiocese, but in all those places, I know that he has touched many hearts! He developed friendships with so many people it was hard sometimes to schedule a day to take him to dinner. My children have gotten to know and love him over the years, and he looks forward to our visits. He resides at a nursing home in Livonia and still loves celebrating Mass.

    Since finding out we share the same birthday, it is the first thing on my list of things I want to do for the day, to celebrate with him all these years later! I met Fr. Robert Bauer at St. Our first meeting was about my baptism and becoming Catholic.

    Faith vs Finance

    At Easter Vigil , Fr. Bob welcomed me into the Church. At Easter Vigil , my sister became Catholic; it was Fr. Robert Bauer has made a difference with his pastoral care, insightful homilies and love of Jesus and his holy Catholic Church. Oh, what a blessing! My sister and I are eternally grateful. Bob, for all that you do. Craig Giera had some big shoes to fill when he took over after the death of our beloved Fr.

    Ron Milligan at St. Ephrem Parish in Sterling Heights. Craig is just what our parish needed, a breath of fresh air. His homilies are fabulous; his dedication to his vocation is evident in every celebration of the Mass. He is always available to talk or just give you a pat on the back. We still miss Fr. Ron, but God was looking out for us when he sent Fr. We, the parishioners of St. Mark Parish in Warren, are very blessed to have Fr. Stanley Obloj as our pastor and spiritual leader.

    My family and I would like to thank Fr. He has brought much joy and understanding by the Gospel and by his interpretation of the Gospel in his homilies. Stanley, we thank you for everything you bring to us in your teachings and your wise words. We also thank you for helping our parish community reflect on the gift of eternal life. Thank you for all your kindness and love. You have made a big difference in the lives of the people of St. We thank you, Mr. Obloj, for giving us your son.

    We thank you, Archdiocese of Detroit, for bringing Fr. Stanley to our parish. We thank GOD for Fr. Stanley every single day. Far be it from me to think that Fr. Chris Talbot from St. Francis of Assisi-St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish in Ray Township is the best pastor around, but the truth is the truth. He stretches himself to be able to include all who call upon him for help — spiritually or physically. His actions of service inspire all to follow his example — even to take the lead instead of just following.

    His lead is not always comfortable and he makes me question my own motives — and for all of that, I thank God for Fr, Chris! In July , the parishioners of St. John the Baptist Parish, Dearborn Heights, eagerly awaited the arrival of their new pastor. Edwin W. Balazy appeared on their doorstep, introduced himself and thus began a relationship that has lasted 36 years. Parishioners were asked recently to share some of their feelings for and opinions of Fr. Balazy is a very giving and forgiving man. Ed is a wonderful and faithful priest. His good nature and humor have been a blessing to our parish!

    He guides his flock, watches over us, and is there when one of us calls out for help. Thirty-six years of guidance, friendship, time and love. Thank You, Fr. The Parishioners of St. John the Baptist Parish, Dearborn Heights. It is good to recognize our priests, especially those who go over and above their parish boundaries to help you.

    About three years ago, I moved to Farmington Hills, and in February of almost died. Norman Thomas of Sacred Heart Parish, Detroit, drove many miles on four occasions to give me last rites, hear my confession and bring me holy Communion. He also prayed with my family. Both priests have helped me when my parents and brother passed on with funeral Masses, rosaries at the wakes, etc. Neither seek recognition. Both live in poverty.

    Thomas and Fr. Robert Mc Cabe of St. Pius X Parish in Southgate, a kind and caring individual who greatly helped during a family tragedy. Though he was 94 years old, the potential loss of the patriarch of our family was no easier to contemplate. It was most difficult when the spiritual adviser of the hospital told us we should discontinue life support.

    Some Internet research found that others who had gone through this process seemed to deeply regret making the choice to discontinue life support. We decided to talk to Fr. Bob, who essentially said that ending his life was NOT the correct choice. Bob said that if there was any chance of him surviving, he should be given that chance and rather let nature take its course, words that gave a sense of relief, lifting a great weight from our hearts. Our priest, Fr. Do you want to know why? Well, he has M. He knows all our names. He takes time off to come in the hall in the morning to see us.

    He makes Mass really special. He prays for everyone. He has headaches and still comes to church for us. He tells good stories. I hope you like Fr. Our priest is Fr. He is a really good one. I think he is a good priest because he cares about everyone. He loves everyone no matter who it is. I like him a lot. David Lesniak is a man of God and has done so much for our beloved St.

    Alphonsus Parish in Dearborn. He had the altar painted and everyone is awestruck by its beauty. He does daily Mass, which is rare anymore. He visits the homebound weekly and when called, rushes to the bedside of the dying, even those who are not members of the parish. His sermons touch the very core of our hearts. He greets us all entering the Church and upon dismissal he addresses as many parishioners as he can on his way back down the aisle. When we were told Fr. Lesniak was being assigned to another parish, his parishioners were, and still are, very upset. Parishioners wept openly at his last Mass here at St.

    To quote Dickens, no matter what, we will not shut out the lessons that have been taught to us. With or without Fr. Lesniak, we pray that our parish will live on and thrive. As a parish, we will do our best to remember all that Fr. Lesniak taught us, to continue to grow as a people of faith, and we are so much better as a parish because of his leadership, guidance and friendship.

    And so, while there are NO words to convey our gratitude to Fr. Lesniak for all he has done, we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Lesniak, the St. Alphonsus Parish family wants you to know how special you are to us, how thankful we are to God that He gave us such a wonderful priest, even for such a short while, and we pray God continues to bless you.

    Lesson #2 – The Past is Not Our Final Destination When We Trust God

    Stanley Obloj came to St. Mark Parish in Warren in , we immediately knew we were receiving a wonderful blessing. The will of God is never exactly what you expect it to be. It is today for which we are responsible. God still owns tomorrow. We never know what God has up His sleeve. You never know what might happen; you only know what you have to do now. It is God to whom and with whom we travel, and while He is the end of our journey, he is also at every stopping place. The Word of God I think of as a straight edge, which shows up our own crookedness.

    Our vision is so limited we can hardly imagine a love that does not show itself in protection from suffering. The love of God is of a different nature altogether. It does not hate tragedy. It never denies reality. It stands in the very teeth of suffering. Until the will and the affections are brought under the authority of Christ, we have not begun to understand, let alone to accept, his lordship. Cruelty and wrong are not the greatest forces in the world. There is nothing eternal in them.

    Only love is eternal. His answers to our prayers come always in time—his time. His thoughts are far higher than ours, his wisdom past understanding. Compare translations, take notes and highlight, consult devotionals and commentaries, look up Greek and Hebrew words, and much more—all with the help of intuitive, interactive tools.

    In an age when Scripture is compromised for the love of fame, fortune, and power, Elizabeth Elliot stands as a towering example of the true light to which all who love Christ are called. My life long hero. How grateful I am for her books, her messages, the personal time I spent in her presence, her experiences. She lived what she believed and she believed the Word of God. Elizabeth influenced our daughter to avoid a tragic marriage.

    She decided she wanted, instead of her fiance, a man like Jim Elliot, who would love God even more than he loved her. God answered her prayer, and ours, and she has had a beautiful Christian marriage for over 15 years. Praise God for Elisabeth Elliot! Through her life and books she was some of my dearest company, fellowship, encouragement, and guidance.

    I really enjoyed listening to Elisabeth Elliot on the "Gateway to Joy" program when it aired on my lunch time, it was truly inspiring. Thank you Elisabeth for your service and God said good and faithful. Thank you for all the words of truth. My favorite quote from Elisabeth Elliot: "There is no safe place but in the will of God. Beautiful quotation slides. Suggestion, add custom made quotation slides to the media of Logos Now and of course link them to the Illustration section of the Passage Guide. One that she lived-out. This amazing woman along with her husband Jim have had a huge impact on my life.

    Grateful for her books she has written over the years and her love for God. All of these quotes by Elisabeth are so touching!!! What a lady!!! Amazing story, amazing woman who loved The Lord so faithfully. A real heroine of the faith. Appreciate this post. Very positive influence and inspiration to countless lives.

    She blessed me tremendously through her total reliance on her heavenly father. Rest in peace Elizabeth. She inspired me so much!!! Their love for my country made me listen more attentive and her wisdom and boldness made me strong. I got to meet her once, and I got to meet one of the men who killed her husband — he was sharing his story at the Billy Graham evangelism conference in Amsterdam in Thank you… I will put these on my wall in the coming weeks…She impacted my life since my college days. She said "Jim, you have to be right.

    What a thrill when the creator of the universe sent for her and will one day send for every believer still living. She is one of my favorite authors and a hero of the faith. I loved her radio program, "Gateway to Joy. Well done, thou good and faithful servant — Elisabeth Elliot.

    Enter into the joys of your Lord. I never knew this women but from her quotes I can see she often meditated on God. He is the only thing that matters in this ungodly world. Elizabeth Elliot was one of the most inspiring and wise women ever to live. Her lifelong love for Jesus and compassion for the lost drove her to return as a missionary to the very people who murdered her beloved husband. Instead of wishing for them to burn in hell for what they took from her, she loved them, and taught them how to get to heaven.

    This is the spirit of forgiveness that Jesus inspires in those who are truly born again. What an amazing lady! Thank you for sharing your heart with us for so many years! Lord comfort her family at this time. One of the wisest mist faithful women of God. May her legacy live on in us until the day we all gather at the Throne of God. Her Bible study books have been a blessing to me. I remember well when her husband was killed. Her life has been a blessing to me. She has been an inspiration for decades in my life. Can you imagine the party when she finally stepped through those Gates of Splendor?

    What an awesome God we serve! Thank you so much Mary Sue Phelps for sharing this with me. You'll never know how needed an timely this is. Crystal Hall was just saying she needed some momma Mary time and you've been on my mind lately also. People like Elizabeth and you are an inspiration and shining light in this world seemingly filled with distractions and deception. We love you Mary. Precious gems from one who truly walks the talk. In a generation where sound bytes are more important than sound thoughts, these are really precious.

    May her wisdom that comes from her whole-hearted devotion to the Lord continue to inspire one generation after another. Thank you, Elizabeth. Your words and wisdom helped me when I was at a great turning point in my journey through life. I remember these folks from when I was young and it touched me deeply then, someday I will meet them in person.

    Right now, what is 'dearly missing' here in this world, heaven just earn it where eternity just began.! I was 36 years old before I heard Mrs. Elliot speak on the radio. I was moved by the passion with which she spoke about the close and deep love her Savior had exibited to her through the years of missionary work and eventualy widowhood and raising a family, with a level of forgiveness I had not witnessed before.

    She exhibited the full expression of willing sacrifice to her God. Well done good and faithful servant. Its quaint Saxon legend deeply engraven that, as it seems to me, teaching from heaven. And all through the hours the quiet words ring, like a low inspiration, 'Do the next thing. Moment by moment, let down from heaven, time, opportunity, guidance are given.

    Fear not tomorrow, child of the King, trust that with Jesus, do the next thing. Do it immediately, do it with prayer, do it reliantly, casting all care. Do it with reverence, tracing His hand, who placed it before thee with earnest command. Stayed on omnipotence, safe 'neath His wing, leave all resultings, do the next thing. Looking to Jesus, ever serener, working or suffering be thy demeanor, in His dear presence, the rest of His calm, the light of His countenance, be thy psalm.

    Do the next thing. Couldn't have said it better. She has been very instrumental to my spiritual growth. I have missed her broadcasts very much. She has left an eternal impact with her gracious words of wisdom. Did you know that you can hear her on the BBN app? Her radio programs are available in their "on demand" section.

    I have LOVED relistening to these programs that meant so much to me as a young mom when I desperately needed a mentor. Share on Twitter. Photo: www. Faith does not eliminate questions. But faith knows where to take them. There is nothing worth living for, unless it is worth dying for. Leave it all in the Hands that were wounded for you. By trying to grab fulfillment everywhere, we find it nowhere. It is in our acceptance of what is given that God gives Himself. The secret is Christ in me, not me in a different set of circumstances. If your goal is purity of heart, be prepared to be thought very odd.

    You can never lose what you have offered to Christ. God has promised to supply our needs. Get free Bible software from Logos! Share this post! Comments Frank Fenby says:. June 15, at pm. Jim and Elisabeth Elliot were a major part of my spiritual development as a youth.

    Christopher Quek says:. Judy Martinez says:. I have all her books! She was always an inspiration to me. Victor Knowles II says:. June 16, at am. Patti Hoffer says:.