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To learn the blueprint for success and to be able to facilitate profound change in your own life and the lives of others. A change of career.

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For professional qualifications to be able to buy professional insurance and set up as a coach in private practice upon course completion if you so choose. To improve your personal and business results. Master your emotions and direct your life and career the way you want it to go. Learn from anywhere in the world and study in your own time at your own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions Can I practice professionally after completing this course? Yes, this is an advanced mastery level professional qualification that will enable you to practice professionally and obtain the relevant insurance immediately upon course completion.

Is it possible to learn it all in 14 days? What does the course consist of?

Today CAM Coaching is accepted throughout the world as a leading authority on transformational coaching and business set up expertise. To ensure you make the right decision we offer a free trial so you can see and get a feel for your course style and content.

In addition you also have the facility to preview various modules on your chosen course prior to enrolment. There are over , CAM Practitioners currently working to complement conventional approaches to medicine in the UK and around the world. The CAM Industry is primarily the home to all talking therapists, nutritionists, coaches, counselors, chiropractors, physiotherapists plus many more. CAM Coaches offer a truly integrated approach to life coaching.

They are the first coaches of their kind in the world equipped with the skills knowledge and confidence to facilitate profound change with people sometimes in a single breakthrough session.

Accelerated NLP+® 14-Day Multi Certification Master Practitioner Training

Today this is known as rapid transformational coaching. CAM Coaches are trained in a range of deep level behavioural change coaching modalities that complement each other perfectly. Health related techniques.

Resourcing — we will show you how to get in touch with the resources you wish to have and what specifically to do in order to embody them. To ensure you keep reading this page, we will restrain from explaining the extents of these powerful techniques here. The Personal Breakthrough Session is a transformational process where you will have the opportunity to practice your master coaching skills and techniques with a client. Your Life Quickly, Easily & Comforatbly

In turn, you will have a full day to be the client yourself with a Master Life Coach at your service. It focuses on getting the flow back in your life and reconnecting with your core. All your negative emotions, beliefs, old baggage and strategies that present challenges in your life will be cleared away, bringing in a positive flow of health and energy. We will teach you the theory and then show you how specifically to apply it and cause change for yourself or your clients. Then we will demonstrate it with real life problems on a voluntary basis, this client demonstration could be you.

There is no guarantee associated with this manual, in, and of, itself. Although several of the scripts presented in this document are widely available in the public domain, I would like to give special acknowledgement to Dr. This action might not be possible to undo.

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