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The vision began to emerge. Yes, there was an undeniable trend. Celebrating one's own natural hair texture was now a lifestyle for many.

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Even among an increasing number of employees at Dr. Syed's companies, women began to embrace their natural tightly-coiled textures.

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Fortunately for them, they were able to make face-to-face requests of Dr. Syed for products that would moisturize and define their curl patterns.

I have been made redundant. What payment am I entitled to?

It was a wonderful thing. But, not so fast!

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It took no less than a dozen professional hair care chemists, several with Ph. It was all so worth it, because it culminated in the birth of a wonderful array of products, aptly brand-named " As I Am ". For starters, the line consists of 11 wonderfully formulated products designed specifically for tightly coiled and curly hair; each with an impressive ingredient listing that includes many of nature's finest organic ingredients.

As I Am is a separate and distinct enterprise, which markets unique and exclusively-formulated products. At the same time, our mission is to provide the very best products, education and customer service to each and every person who buys from us. Your Cart Continue Shopping.

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It may be more difficult for people around us but better for us. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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Another truth? I will most likely view a different version of myself tomorrow. In fact. At least in my mind.

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This suggests nudging rather than radical change. Something has to give.

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You gotta push back. Tough shit. Thompson ——— Remade people tend to stand on tall mountains. To be clear. Not actually taller than anyone else. Just tall.