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I totally get it but I felt differently and I think in the minority? For me, the ending to Just One Year was perfect because, even though it was about THEM finding and losing and finding each other again, it was also mostly for me about them finding themselves in the first place. So, as much as I would have LOVED to see the happily ever after and all the nitty gritty details of their reunion, I was at a state of complete contentedness with the ending.

It felt full circle and I saw two people who were changed by an encounter they had a year ago reunite as very different people. They lost each other but they had found themselves. And them being reunited, to me, was just this confirmation that taking risks and letting yourself become who you want to be by saying YES is life changing. I really enjoyed it!

It complemented Just One Year nicely in the way it ends to be honest. I was really pleased that it started from the exact second the door opened. Everything that happened seemed so realistic after that. The wanting to talk about everything they both had been through. The exuberance shared with friends who knew their journey to find each other. I LOVED watching them put the pieces together about how they found each other and how hard they searched. Everything that happened was exactly what I think would happen in that scenario.

The whole night was the perfect kind of reunion and I loved that we were reunited with so many important characters that aided them to get where they were. Would I buy a copy for my collection? Already did. Gayle Forman is insta-buy for me so even a novella gets bought if she writes it.

It was a quick novella that gave the perfect, realistic glimpse into their reunion night and brought them full circle as two people who changed a lot over the course of the year after their life changing encounter.

Just one night

Happy feelings for sure! What did you think? Similar or different from me? I love Elle, and am a huge fan. The beginning felt forced with comedy, so much that I rolled my eyes a few times. I did love the dinner scene and the scene when they went to the club. I think the hit and miss relationship is 2.

I think the hit and miss relationship is enough drama and angst, I don't really want any more added to it. I only want to read about Will and Jenn, especially since we get so little with them. I love will and how well Elle writes his character! We'll see how the next one goes..

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Both having made an impression on each other, they are set to attend a dinner where they become reacquainted. As has already been said, this trend for serial squirting is annoying at best, utterly frustrating at worst. Nooooooo I want the 3rd book NOW!!!!!! After leaving William in the hotel room after their first encounter, Jennifer is struggling to come to terms with the agreement she set up.

One night with the man is simply not enough, but that was the deal. William didn't expect her to go running from his room that night, but she did. Unable to reach her, being that they shared very little personal information, he is stuck with just the replay of the night in his own head. When Mia, Jennifer's best friend drags her to a work social event, the l After leaving William in the hotel room after their first encounter, Jennifer is struggling to come to terms with the agreement she set up.

When Mia, Jennifer's best friend drags her to a work social event, the last man she expected to find staring at her from across the room was William. Book two did not disappoint in the steam department. At all. Throw in William's awkwardness and a bit of wall sex and it all just came together perfectly. The one thing that drove me a bit nuts was Mia. Maybe the reason for her being such a fantastic friend will make an appearance at some point, but I wanted to slap that bitch when they were at the club. I like the dynamic of the initial set up of the story so I am not sure if this more drama filled plot is going to overshadow what was already a fantastic story line or improve upon it View all 4 comments.

Um did she really end it like that???? Really steamy scene in this little story. Looking forward to more but I think I'll wait until there's more of them out. I'm the worse about waiting for the next book. I really liked it. There are some parts that I had to read over and over again because they were so hilarious!!! Here's a scenario where Jennifer and her best friend Mia are having drinks and run into William's brother, except they don't know it's William's brother Words come pouring out befor Um did she really end it like that????

Words come pouring out before I can stop them. She pushes me into the ladies room. I was just wondering I heard you the first time. You were wondering if everyone in England has fucked up teeth. It's just that his teeth reminded me of someone. But still, I didn't love it.

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The story was well written, that wasn't the problem for me. I just think something feels off, something is missing. Maybe some deeper development or maybe a great twist of something more interesting that keeps me hooked. That still hasn't happened, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop reading. I want to know what happens next, and I'm starting to like the character 2 Stars I'm glad I gave the second part of this series a try, because it was better than the first one.

I want to know what happens next, and I'm starting to like the characters a bit more, especially William even though I still don't like his caveman attitude sometimes, I think it's pretty forced. I'm also curious about his brother. Join the Buddy Read! We are having a blast! I really liked this series. Luv it what a lil twist at the end very good can't wait 2 carry on with this story character r great they r really good funny sexy what more do u want xxx.

I don't know how two characters can become a worse version of themselves over the span of a few days. They deserve each other really, because I don't see how anyone can be attracted to such behavior from supposedly smart and successful people. This is not how successful people act in the real world. As a boss, William would probably be the office dick because he seriously had no care whatsoever for his employees.

Everyone was beneath him simply because his title says CEO. And yeah, the perks of b I don't know how two characters can become a worse version of themselves over the span of a few days. And yeah, the perks of being a CEO is apparently a flat and an Aston Martin , given by daddy dearest. Jennifer was still the same, childlike woman from the previous book. Throw in Mia, her equally childlike best friend who didn't know that you can sue for sexual harassment and get paid loads which makes up for losing one's job.

Her boss was not even dangerous to begin with, just flirtatious. I hold my breath to keep from hurling. And the fuck is Cheetoes? That was when I decided that I had enough of Jennifer and would stop trying to find anything to like in her. I cannot take a book seriously when the characters were not represented properly. This book lack so much research and destroyed my respect towards Jennifer and William. Unless the author wants to show that these kind of people exist.

View all 3 comments. This book was just as great as the first one; funny, sexy and interesting. I loved William even more here. However I had a teeny tiny problem with Jennifer. I felt like her 'heartbreak' and whining where a little over dramatic after just one night. Yes it was great and fantastic blah blah but reading her perspective you would think she was mourning a much longer relationship. Also, I didn't really like her friend Mia, or maybe I just didn't understand her properly. One second, she is encouraging This book was just as great as the first one; funny, sexy and interesting.

One second, she is encouraging Jennifer to move on and the next she wants her to contact William. Also, her sudden anger at the club was very confusing to me. I did not get why, after she seemed to be enjoying Edward's company, she's suddenly so anxious to leave. Anyways these are all minor problems, I still thoroughly enjoyed the book. Again Chapeaux Elle Casey! Part 2 finds Jennifer in a complete William hangover! Thank god for best friend Mia. She's just the right person to get Jennifer's arse in gear and get her back to life and out to have fun!

Whoa wasn't expecting that twist!!! In this one- William and Jennifer regretted how there night just ended and they both wanted more time. They are not able to get each other of their mind.


Their fate gives them another chance when they both meet again in a party where William propose that they didn't spend whole night as per their agreement-just a reason to spend more time with her. Then they did sex in a dark corner of a club which then lead to William fighting with the bratander and Jennifer to run away from him again. Pretty good In this one- William and Jennifer regretted how there night just ended and they both wanted more time.

Pretty good building of the relationship and story. It's slow and effective.

Things are now getting alot complicated because of blackmail. Excited to real when will happen next. I'm sooo pissed right now! The ending is aaargh!

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I tought Jennifer was a strong one! And William? Justa guy who doens't fought for what he wants!!! Fav scene: no fav this time I'm too pissed! Mar 19, Eva rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-stars , contemporary-romance. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Short Stories. New Adult. About Elle Casey.


Elle Casey. She has written more than 40 novels in less than 5 years and likes to say she offers fiction in several flavors. These flavors include romance, science fiction, urban fantasy, action adventure, suspense, and paranormal. If you've enjoyed any of my books, please take a moment to leave a review on the site where you bought the book, here on Goodreads, or on any book blogs you participate in, and tell your friends!

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