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They may be right. Here, the transition from the early charanga and Latin soul excursions of the '60s to the hard-edged salsa sound of the '70s had been successfully completed. Barretto had raised the temperature of his music as high as it could possibly get. The beats, the swing and the intensity of his musical manifesto was simply reckless. In retrospect, it is easy to predict that such a volatile combination of temperamental artists was not meant to last. Indeed, Que Viva La Musica was the swan song of this particular band.

And what a swan song it is. One listen to the gorgeous title track is worth the price of admission-- that ominous crescendo of soulful percussion and wailing trumpets, followed by the warmth of Adalberto's soneos and the tune's exuberant chorus-- how could you not dance the night away to this one? Still, the album's centerpiece is the minute jam session "Cocinando"-- with its cool swagger and hypnotic groove, the expert interplay between congas and timbales, and the kind of psychedelic tendencies which, during the '70s, brought tropical music as close to rock'n'roll as it ever got.

Ironically, Barretto was about to suffer one of the biggest disappointments of his career. The conguero would retreat into Latin jazz with the one-of-a-kind LP The Other Road, then return to salsa with renewed vigor, a new band and Indestructible-- a healthy slap on the face of those who had betrayed him.

But he was always weary of the cuchifrito circuit that salsa was associated with. Barretto spent most of the last chapter of his career playing jazz, a move that was lamented by anyone who knew how important this man was to popular dance music. I was quick to point out that 15 minutes of fame was hardly a fitting description for a man who had single-handedly changed the course of Afro-Caribbean music with so many of his recordings as a bandleader. Los ritmos, el swing y la intensidad de su manifiesto musical eran desenfrenados. Que Viva La Musica fue la despedida de esta banda en particular-- una despedida inolvidable.

Imposible no sentir ganas de bailar toda la noche. Pero siempre le tuvo desconfianza al circuito del cuchifrito con el que estaba asociado la salsa. At this point of his career, Ray Barretto was still introducing his salsa hints from his former crossover period with Atlantic Records, as well as influences of jazz, his primary passion. Here we see Barretto claiming his throne as the King with the Hard Hands and understating it with a powerful quinto solo as well as calling to all Hispanics to be proud of their roots as well as to defend their culture.

The band separates the main course for the very end with the title track, where Barretto not only starts the main melody on his three congas, but also sings it. This third salsa orchestra of Ray Barretto begins its metamorphosis shortly after he published this album. By Ray was at the height of his public popularity. But after three albums and little commercial crossover success, it would all come to a crashing end while sitting in his parked car.

He was rear ended by another automobile. The force of the blow hyper-extended his neck and the thumb in his right hand which was on the steering wheel. Not only did it break it, it severed the tendons connecting it to his entire arm. He would re-form his dance oriented band with young, fresh players performing hip, progressive arrangements. Two of those players were fellow Nuyoricans who were in their early twenties when they were asked to join Barretto's new group.

Three months later I was recording and playing with him for 20, people at Madison Square Garden. Ray was always challenging the musicians to extend themselves in service to the music. I had never done that before. I will be forever grateful to him for having faith in me. He had a great concept as a bandleader. Ray wanted the band to be super hip, harmonically progressive and have a hardcore mazacote swinging, tight, powerful rhythm. Trombonist Papo Vasquez solo explodes over a modal vamp that exemplifies the NYC approach to Afro-Cuban based music - in your face, take no prisoners.

Long time friend and confidant of Ray, George Rivera, gives us some insight. Check out Sal Cuevas utilization of pop and slap technique from funk on the electric bass in an Afro-Cuban based rhythmic context along with his masterful use of double stops playing two notes simultaneously on the instrument.

Legendary pianist and arranger Gil Lopez provides the perfect framework in his arrangement. Done to the rhythm of cha-cha-cha, its progressive harmonies, bebop inspired extended horn runs, double time figures, quirky breaks and ode to charanga style vocals showcases the virtuosity of the band.

An orchestrated horn solo in the arrangement has a special memory for Oscar. He learned it by ear and played the hell out of it! Bobby Sanabria, March Drummer, percussionist, composer, arranger, educator Bobby Sanabria is a fellow Nuyorican and a two time Grammy nominee for his own recordings. Quick shop. Continue Shopping Continuar la compra. Checkout Echa un vistazo.


His band had developed a loyal following among dancers of the new Afro-Cuban-based music known as salsa. He had achieved success as a composer with Cocinando, the theme song for the Fania produced movie Our Latin Thing. But Barretto was undaunted and would rebuild. He would call upon an old friend, trumpeter Roberto Rodriguez, who had decided to stay. Martinez brought special attributes to the group. This would manifest itself in the Fania recording, The Other Road. This purely contemporary jazz-oriented record also featured Panamanian super drummer Billy Cobham with fellow Panamanian Guillermo Edgehill on electric bass.

Barretto wrote new compositions and sought out others that expressed his new found spirit, changing the sound of his band in the process. To the already explosive brass and rhythm section, Barretto would add flautist and newcomer Artie Webb. With the flute an octave above the lead trumpet, the brass would sound even more powerful.

Barretto now could explore authentic interpretations of repertoire that normally would be associated with charanga flute and violin groups and not brass-based conjuntos, a throwback to his days as a leader of his Charanga Moderna. The final ingredient was to find a new lead singer that would be different from Santiago but still have the soneo improv skills so key in salsa. The answer was Puerto Rican-born Tito Allen. The fact that Allen was also a bassist, as was Santiago, is another connecting thread in this fascinating story.

Art director for Fania, Izzy Sanabria, came up with the Superman concept for the cover. Indestructible announced the return of Ray Barretto to the salsa scene in a big way.

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The combination of flute and three trumpets was something never before done. He had finally developed his own style. Llanto de Cocodrilo is an up-tempo guaracha that addresses a woman who has put a brother through some changes. Allen handles the defiant lyrics with verve, vigor and in pure guaracha fashion—sarcasm.

Roberto Rodriguez explodes in the montuno solo section with a short but all-too-brief solo. Ay No is another son montuno with a driving medium tempo. The closing title cut, Indestructible, sums up the theme of this album--con sangre nueva, with new blood. Indestructible, the song, defined Ray Barretto, the man, to his fans. That it became his other sobriquet, besides Manos Duras Hard Hands , was no surprise. Indestructible anunciaba el regreso de Ray Barretto a la escena de la salsa en una gran forma. Es un trabajo de virtuosidad destacable, que explota con una espiral continua abierta que dura 17 compases enteros, con acentos y tonos abiertos lanzados en momentos inesperados.

Llanto de Cocodrilo es una guaracha uptempo que describe a una mujer que ha hecho que un hermano pase por ciertos cambios. Allen maneja la provocadora letra con entusiasmo, vigor y un sarcasomo al puro estilo guaracha. Sold out Fuera de stock. More importantly, it was that unseen force that pulled at him, tempting him to try something completely different from what he was accustomed to.

Length: 13 hrs and 57 mins. People who bought this also bought De animales a dioses [Sapiens. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Silvia Gerszkowicz This is the story of Arenas, a hypnotist who can put people into a trance and make them reveal their innermost secrets.

Download e-book COMO UNA CANCIÓN EN EL HORIZONTE (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)

He is a man of mystery, lonely and isolated, who suffers from perpetual insomnia, behind which lies a great secret. At the start of the series Arenas, the Hypnotist, arrives at the modest Hotel las Violetas, where he is welcomed by its owner, Salinero with the help of his messenger Gregorio and young sales clerk Anita, with whom he is in love.

He gets a job at the Teatro Rex near the hotel where he introduces himself along with the wobbly singer Carolina, lover of Suarez, the owner, Marenko an arms dealer always falling out with his assistant and fortune-teller Zoraide, an expert at scams and fakes. The hypnotist quickly turns himself into the star of a modest show.

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In order to get to sleep he has to meet with Darek, a hypnotist who has given him insomnia. In the battle between the two, each has his own allies. Arenas has Salinero and Anita, Darek has Castor, a watch repairer, who dreams of founding a major institute of hypnotherapy. The Business tells the story of Karin, Luna and Magali, three attractive, intelligent women who come together with the aim of revolutionizing their chosen profession.

Bruno Montt is a well-known Navy captain who widowed five years ago. Since then, he has dedicated himself whole heartedly, with strict discipline, to the education and upbringing of his four children. But this job has not been easy. Despite his efforts to be a great father, his children still need a mother.

In doing so, Bruno, who hides his sensibility behind the demeanor of a stern man, begins to experience once again feelings he had long forgotten. Meanwhile, Bruno thinks he finds in his secretary Rosario, the perfect woman to help raise his children, without realizing her main goal is to live a life of luxury and comfort. After crossing the border and leaving their native country where they had very little luck, the Reyes brothers settled in a small, but agitated city where they managed to set up a bakery that will help support the family.

Libia Reyes is the youngest of the siblings. She is only seventeen and the joy and worry of her brothers who exaggerate their jealousy for her. The problems will start when the inexperienced young girl falls in love with an older man, Bernardo Elizondo. Ignoring that he is married she lives a secret and passionate romance with him. Things get complicated when Libia tells her brothers that she is pregnant. Her brothers ask Bernardo to marry Libia, not knowing that he is married and has a family.

Regardless, Bernardo accepts, but a few days later death surprises him in a sudden accident. The Reyes brothers bury her and swear to avenge her death. Then, she will find herself tormented between maintaining her loyalty to her husband and giving in to the passion that Bruno awakens in her.

He has built a lovely home with his aristocrat wife, Estela, and their children. Quiroga has achieved all of his dreams but his life is about to be shaken by his own actions. While he partakes in a forbidden affair, his daughter, Maria Elsa, has fallen in love with the son of the housemaid, challenging the most important rule of their time: the division of social classes. Especially because this woman has never worked for anyone, nor is she a homemaker: does not know how to cook, has never used a microwave and lives isolated from what happens in the real world.

But her new status as a working and courageous woman helps her to become a new Tichi, one she never even knew existed: a strong woman that is able to support her family and do the unimaginable to provide for her your daughters. Can Tichi adapt to her new status, learn to work and avoid falling for her new neighbor, who attracts her so passionately? Can they give in to this budding love they are feeling? They can try to avoid fate, but nothing will change the destiny of these two clandestine lovers.

In a painteresque small Mexican town, near the US border, the 13 year old girl, Guadalupe Santos is drugged and raped by Ernesto Riobueno, a young rancher who has been harassing her for quite some time. There she gives birth to a girl, daughter of the man who abused her, whom she names Libertad.

Psy is a dramatic series that follows the adventures lived by Carlo Antonini, both in and out of his consulting office as a psychiatrist, psychologist and psychoanalyst interested in unusual cases that defy him and even put him and his family in danger. Psy not only explores the complexity of the clinical enigmas but also brings to light the existential issues of modern life, police investigations and passionate relationships.

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Violence can take many forms and desires which are often hard to confess to. From Don Juan to engaged man in the same day. Suffering, joy, love and hate, entangle, opening deep wounds, while giving life to new passions. Miranda Cruz is a young woman who begins her career as a professor in the city of Miami at a high school specialized in the arts.

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Rosa Puentes was born to shine. Despite being abandoned since birth, Rosa never knew of surrenders thanks to her only childhood friend, Eva Sotomayor. Both will not only share together their years of innocence in a boarding school, but also their love for a man who will change their lives. These friends will face many adversities in which the law of the strongest will prevail, and in the process this will shape Rosa's personality, making her a strong woman who will shine among others.

An oath for justice will drive Rosa to make a powerful family pay for their debts, which they thought were forgotten, transforming her from an orphan into a millionaire heiress After being wrongfully convicted by the Cano family for a crime that he did not commit, Willy is sentenced to 30 years. Santa decides to will become Amanda Braun and take out her revenge. But everything changes when she meets Santiago Cano, the third brother of the Cano family. Santiago is the complete opposite of the rest and soon Amanda realizes that her plan is now in jeopardy.

But her fantasy world came crashing down on the day of her wedding with Vicente Acero. A group of armed men killed Vicente. They came for him in search of the three million dollars he robbed from a drug lord. From that moment on, the hunt for Sara begins. She flees to Guadalajara, where she begins a new life full of hardships. There, between romances and betrayals, begins the ascent of this woman who builds a money laundering empire for drug traffickers. But a mysterious and powerful enemy observes her in the shadows, waiting to deal a final blow.

The love of a mother prevails over any risk, because in the long run, in the world of violence to which Sara is condemned, the power of this feeling will be the only spotlight to guide her through the dark times ahead. While U. One Homeland Security official in particular is following her path very closely. His name is Daniel Roberts.

This honest, noble and rigorous man has one thing is common with the notorious coyote who risks her life daily to guard the individuals she helps across; he too defends his territory and fulfills his duty to those he protects. Vicenta despises drug traffickers, never suspecting that she belongs to one of the most powerful drug-trafficking families of northern Mexico. She is the illegitimate daughter of the deceased Vicente Acero and half-sister of Salvador Acero, who keeps the family business alive following in the steps of his late mother Sara Aguilar de Acero.

Vicenta will join his business in order to avenge the death of her mother.

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Her dominion of the lands and her ways make her invaluable to the trade. His bad business decisions and shady practices have left him in ruins, and he in turn has disappeared without announcement, leaving his family homeless. This is why Chivis, her mother and her three daughters have to rebuild their lives in a middle-class neighborhood where they will, for the first time, learn what it really means to work to survive.

When searching for their new home, Chivis accidentally meets Manuel Gallardo — their new neighbor, a widower, father of four children and leader of the fishing market. After several mishaps and setbacks, time will show them that neither prejudice nor social status will get in the way when true love prevails. After all, the rich are not those who have more, but those who need the least.

Her pregnant mother, Hilda, is so devastated that it causes her to give premature birth to the baby girl she is expecting, who she names Catalina after her deceased half-sister. He refuses to see her at first and meets his new daughter for the first time four months later, when he and Hilda come to an agreement on a set of rules for raising the child. Catalina Santana has remade her life in Miami, after making everyone believe she was killed.

During this time, Catalina married the doctor who saved her when she was on the verge of dying. She is now the mother of two teenage children, and works for the TEA. With her sister, she will fight a fierce war against their worst enemies: La Diabla, and her daughter. Isidora and Emilio, an affluent couple, have come to him because the life of their adopted son, Nicolas, of only seven years, is dependent on his help. What begins as a surgical intervention becomes a powerful and intimate bond between a father and his child — a boy who is unaware he was adopted.

Three brothers: Arturo, Flavio and Samuel Gallardo have lost everything and are now the victims of a horrible crime. In their eagerness to know the truth and serve justice, they will meet the del Junco sisters: Sofia, Irina and Andrea, owners of a land that has been cultivated with passions, secret affairs and betrayals. The destiny of six individuals will be taken over by the uncontrollable strength of their feelings. Joo Yoo-rin is a very special girl. She is blunt and brutally honest, but can dish a lie if necessary. The handsome Seol Gong-chan comes from a wealthy family and has a unique ability for business.

When both agree to pretend to be brothers, things get a bit tangled. Everything gets complicated with the arrival of Jeong-woo and Sae-hyeon. The former is eternally in love with Joo Yoo-rin. The latter, a tennis star, is the former girlfriend of Seol Gong-chan and cannot get over their breakup. She is still obsessed with him.

While the "brothers" try to deal with the feelings that have sparked between them, the others will try everything in order to win them over. Blanca and Gaspar have very different worldviews. He is a successful executive in a real estate company, an unethical womanizer. In contrast, she is responsible, a good friend, a single mother, and very efficient. Blanca can't understand why all women fall for Gaspar's gallantry. She has all the emotional intelligence her boss lacks and she makes sure that all things move along smoothly for him, in such a way that his affairs with Berni, Franca and Barbara go unnoticed.

However, one day things get out of her control and Gaspar's three women turn up unexpectedly in the office at the same time. While he is driving, Gaspar receives a call from Blanca to inform him about the situation. As a result, he gets distracted, gets annoyed with her, crashes his car against a pole and… dies! After the fatal crash, Gaspar arrives in heaven, where he is informed that his life file will take him to hell. However, to save his soul, he is given a second opportunity: three months to prove that he has changed, that he can do the right thing and learn to love honorably.

A small misunderstanding generated by her son Lalo leads Marisa meets Cristobal Parker, a millionaire and successful young businessman, who mistakes her for an elegant hotel guest. The three enjoyed a very pleasant stroll through Central Park; and in less than two hours, Cristobal knew that Marisa is the woman of his dreams. This moment marks the beginning of this story in which two hearts will have to reveal their true identities in order to give way to love. Victoria is an exciting and controversial story about a middle-aged woman, who finds a second opportunity to love in the hands of a younger man.

Through this reencounter they will choose whether to revive their love or end it forever with sweet revenge. Participants arrive with the load of their joint past, and revisit the relationship that once united them and then failed. Beyond reliving and facing their feelings, each former couple must make an effort during the reality show and unite to face the stiff competition that determines their stay in the house.

During the stay and challenges, the former couples will relive familiar situations and discover characteristics of their ex that were perhaps unknown to them. Clara, a successful journalist and lead anchor, and Santiago, a prestigious lawyer, have seen their children grow up happily at their side and maintained a stable marriage.

To them, family is the most important thing.