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But the hand of the child differs only in size and strength from the hand of the man. When then the Lord enlarges the heart, He enlarges the fingers of the hand; as we read of Joseph, "His bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob. Anchors, you know, are made different sizes. You may walk in the Queen's dockyard, and there you may see anchors for a small row-boat, and anchors for a three-deck ship.

Yet all anchors are made in the same way, and are designed for the same purpose; and the little anchor that holds the boat is as useful and as much an anchor as that which holds the three-decker. There is hope in the heart of the babe. But the hope in the heart of a babe is but as the anchor of a small row-boat; yet it holds that babe as firmly as the anchor holds the boat to which it is moored.

But as the Lord increases hope, He increases the size of the anchor; and as the vessel and its anchor always bear a proportion to each other, so when He enlarges the size of the anchor He increases the size of the ship. No more, as He increases the size of the ship, He increases its cargo--for these two are proportionate. He increases a man's trials, perplexities, difficulties, and sorrows. And thus, ship, anchor, and cargo are all enlarged together. Thus, when He enlarges the heart He enlarges a man's hope--it takes a more vigorous hold within the veil; it enters more deeply into the presence of God; it takes a firmer grasp of covenant engagements, electing love, the immutability of God's purposes, and the unchangeable nature of the great eternal I AM.

Have you not felt at times your hope sweetly enlarged, so that it almost attained to the "full assurance of hope? Now this was a sweet enlargement of your hope. How cold are our hearts too often toward the Lord! Sometimes we seem even to dislike their company; and if we see them coming down one street, we would gladly take another turning in order to avoid them. How averse also, from the Lord's ways!

How cold in prayer, cold in reading, cold in hearing, and cold in doing anything to the glory of God! How backward, how opposed to everything holy, heavenly, and spiritual!

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But when God in mercy enlarges the heart, He also enlarges the affections to love the Lord, to love His word, to love His people, to love all that savors of the precious name of Jesus. Hypocrites and dead professors can talk about 'mere religion' at all times. If there be no sweet enlargement of the heart, there is no enlargement of the mouth; and when there is no life nor feeling in the soul enabling it to speak of the things of God, to speak of them at all is but a burden to them.

But when the Lord enlarges the heart, then there is an enlargement of the mouth. The lips speak freely, simply, with savor, dew, and unction, of the things that God has done and is doing in the soul. Sometimes from weariness we stumble, or can scarcely drag one limb before another, or get so faint and tired that we seem unable to move one step further in the ways of God.

But when the Lord enlarges and strengthens a man's feet and steps, He enables him to move more actively forward, and to run more eagerly in the way of His commandments. When that certain work was wrought upon him, then, and not until then, would he, or could he perform the precept. How often have you seen the precept handled in the way of which the Lord speaks as done by the scribes and Pharisees of old!

But how many of them does the minister himself perform? Every child and servant of God, taught by the Spirit, knows that he cannot perform one precept except as the Lord enlarges his heart. This deep sense of our helplessness does not foster sloth, nor lead to licentiousness; for guilt and condemnation are felt from the non-performance of the precepts; and our desires and prayers, when we are in our right mind, are, that the Lord would enlarge our heart, for we love to run the way of His commandments.

WHAT are these commandments? And HOW do we run in the way of them? I will endeavor to show you.

The Beginning, Increase and End of the Divine Life by Charles Spurgeon Audio Sermon, Church Bible P

The Lord in His word has given several commandments; and these commandments we perform when the Lord enlarges our heart. Believe in Jesus! I do this? Before I can, of myself, do this, I must be able to say, "Let there be light, and there shall be light. But when the Lord by His grace and Spirit enlarges the heart; when He drops His dew, unction, and savor into the soul; when He draws near to it, and makes it draw near to Him; when this blessed Sun of Righteousness shines forth through the dark cloud, and warms the cold dark soul, then it can no more not believe in Him, than before it could believe in Him.

We can no more refuse to believe when faith comes into the heart, than we can believe before faith does come. When God enlarges the heart, and draws forth the affections, then we run in the way of this commandment. We do not believe as a duty; we do not believe as a precept; nor do we believe even as a privilege. But we believe as a blessing. We believe as we see an object with our eyes. We open our eyes, and we cannot but see. So when faith opens its eyes, it sees Jesus; no, it cannot but see Him.

Have the heart broken with contrition! Can I do this? It is utterly beyond my reach.

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I may shed crocodile tears. I may work myself up into fleshly excitement. I may fall upon my knees, lacerate my back, refuse to eat my food, and lie upon the ground. But to feel a broken heart, melted down into compunction and godly sorrow--the man that feels what an adamant stone he carries in his bosom knows well that it is the pure grace of God alone that can give him repentance.

Spiritual Growth

I believe the Lord brings all his people to that spot of which Mr. Deer speaks--when the question was not whether he would repent, but whether God would give him repentance; no longer whether I will do this for the Lord, but whether the Lord in mercy and grace will do this for me. The great I sinks then into absolute insignificance; and the creature is brought down to its true spot-abasement and helplessness. But when the Lord enlarges the heart, with this enlargement is there not the grace of penitence?

Is there not the tearful eye, the convulsive sob, the inward grief of soul? Is there not real gospel repentance and sorrow felt in a broken and tender heart? I am sure there is this. God commands us "to LOVE one another. I may pretend to do so; I may do as one of old did, who came to his brother with a very brotherly salutation, "Are you in health, my brother? I may say, 'Brother this,' and 'Sister that'--'how I love you!

But I cannot feel, nor create this true love, without a special work of the Spirit on my soul. But when He enlarges the heart, and melts the soul at his footstool, He gives love to Himself--and with that love, He gives love to His people, pure affection--not a pretending--but a real desire for their spiritual welfare; not a few canting phrases, but a true feeling of brotherhood; not a mere expression of 'brother' on the lip, but brotherly affection in the heart. When He enlarges the heart, we do not need to go among our brethren to say, 'Brother,' or 'Sister;'--we feel them in our very soul; when we are alone with God there is a tender affection flowing forth out to them of our heart, an embracing of them in our soul.

No more, we can forgive our enemies when the Lord enlarges our heart. If we can see them in the right light, where we would desire to see them, we can forgive them, though they have been most unkind to us, and cruelly treated us. I have felt, that when the Lord is pleased to enlarge the heart, anger, enmity, prejudice, bitterness, malevolence--those unclean birds all take flight--and simplicity, tenderness, humility and love all live in the soul.

1. Activate the Anointing by Focusing on God’s Word

Can we do this? We cannot. We may affect a popish austerity; we may put on a hypocritical visage; we may appear all sanctity and holiness; we may cleanse the outside of the cup and platter, and put an extra coat of whitewash on the sepulcher. But as to that inward crucifixion, that inward deadness to the world, that inward putting off of the old man and putting on of the new, which the Word of truth speaks of, we cannot attain to--except God the Spirit works in us both the will and the power. Philippians Is it because of who he is, or of what he has done?

Or both? What two things has God conferred to Jesus as Messiah? Who is the head of the church, and why? Can there be another head of the church, a representative or vicar of Christ on earth: bishop, anointed healer, TV-evangelist, pope, etc.? What metaphor does Paul use to describe the church? How appropriate is the metaphor in relation to the metaphor of Christ as the head of the church?


Read 1 Corinthians What is your view of science and faith? Are they contrary to one another, or do they complement each other? Is there a difference between true science and scientific theories? Do you believe that scientific knowledge is the measure of all truth within the sphere of reality, while faith or religious knowledge is subjective and exists only in the realm of the mind but not in reality?

How would you defend the faith against those who say your beliefs are only a product of your own mind and nothing else? Do you believe blindly, or are there objective reasons for what you believe to be true? How about the subjective illumination of the Holy Spirit to our mind?

What about both? Today there are all types of knowledge vying for dominance as the measure of all truth, for example: religious, scientific, philosophical, historical, medical, legal and so on. There is no more important truth than this. Epistles By Category. Questions for Bible Study Read the following verses and respond to the questions: 1. Ephesians a. What is the Trinity? Explain the Trinitarian presence in verse We are in a new season and the old has passed away. February 6, densil Read this powerful prayer for financial blessing based on Deuteronomy [MR1].

My friend, your hard work is not behind your increase. Bill Winston teaches on principles of effective prayer and gives you four steps to getting your prayers answered. Since the prayer of Jabez precedes the New Testament call to absolute commitment, it is acceptable to the world. Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! Dear Father, increase our prayer power and answer to prayers in Jesus name. Take your unbelief to God. Supernatural Increase. Proverbs Honor the Lord with your possessions, and with the first fruits of all your increase; so your barns will be filled with plenty,And your vats will overflow with new wine.

Prayer May Reshape Your Brain And Your Reality Scans show that people who spend untold hours in prayer or meditation go dark in the parietal lobe, the brain area that helps create a sense of "I have just witnessed the most supernatural event in the modern-day history of Israel, and the most supernatural event I've seen in the 40 years I have been investigating miracles," Roth said on his globally-televised show, It's Supernatural!

Prayer is to be done with other elements of church growth. As Read Increase! You can experience God's supernatural increase for yourself no matter what the economy is like! Take a major leap into the world of God's unlimited provision as you learn how to live daily in The Spirit of Increase!

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Supernatural Increase Offering. I am not what the world thinks or says I am. No, God desires you to be a blessing to others. Search Show me. Receiving what God has for you requires an approach to living that is simple but challenging. These prayers give us language that we can pray for the church.

The Word of God enlarges our capacity to receive the power of God whether it is in your healing, whether it is in your finances or your family. The revelations that she received from God through conversations with Jesus and other supernatural encounters will ignite your passion to live an extraordinary life. One particular prayer that helps to prepare us for the gift of supernatural prayer is the Prayer of Simplicity. However, while the text is part of the original articles, the links are not. Therefore, we expect supernatural increase, we expect supernatural favor and supernatural debt cancellation in our lives, in Jesus name.

I command favor to show up now and in my future. The message of Seed Time and Harvest has become so distorted in the body of Christ. Thank You for supplying all my needs according to your riches in glory through Christ Jesus. The opinion of Quesnel that the prayer of the sinner adds to his sin was condemned by Clement XI Denzinger, 10 ed.

Its a battle am facing and not leaving until i make a breakthrough. The Gateway to Supernatural Increase The is an easy way a child of God could enter into unlimited blessings and increase; if many will choose this path, it will be the beginning of unending favour and outpouring of blessings form heaven without measures. The negative supernatural is the authority and power being exercised by the devil and his demons. Each prayer in the New Testament is for the church in a particular region or city. Prayer is based on what we have in Jesus, and not what we want.

It will not change your circumstances. Through biblical study and practical questions, The Power of Prophetic Prayers will take readers on a spiritual discovery of the unique words, convictions, and declarations God is longing to hear from each one of His followers. I have copied and pasted into a Word document and printed it so that I could read it out loud in my home when I need it. Learn what the Bible really says about stirring up the supernatural gift of healing, and how it can take hold in your life.

There are wonderful discoveries awaiting you as you begin to see the vast resources available in and through the Holy Spirit.

Divine Expansion

Supernatural Increase and Multiplication by Olga Hermans. I urge my fellow believers not to give up on the Lord for he is the answer to all. Thank You that You will connect them to their purpose in a greater, deeper, richer way this year. I have honor in the midst of my adversaries and an increase of assets -- especially in real estate and an expansion of territory.

Supernatural Church Growth intercessory prayer guidelines for the Winners family for Luke And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. It is an opportunity to become one with the Creator Prayer Points for Spiritual Growth with Bible Verses Prayer for spiritual growth should be the primary things you settle first as a Christian. Let my land yield increase, and let the ends of the earth fear You Ps. In my last post I wrote a little on how to have great faith instead of little faith. This is not fictitious. People try to increase themselves through toiling.

Eight Ways to Increase Your Faith 1. Just as You Natural spring water is amazing; Spiritual living water is more amazing! Through the power of prayer, God desires we go beyond the natural to the supernatural! In the spiritual, Ezekiel entered into his divinely symbolic SPA and experienced the five-fold levels of supernatural prayer anointing Ezekiel You will show them how to be effective in the things to which they are called. This is a new hour. The Mystery of Divine Increase — Lk. Thank You that they will reach the harvest of souls they have been preordained to touch through a 7 Fold Prayer For Spiritual Entrepeneurs.

A large crowd followed Jesus to hear Him teach. An increase of wisdom. Luke And the Child Jesus grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him. Natural spring water is amazing; Spiritual living water is more amazing! How We Prayed. God has Great impartation that will change our lives, our city and our nation. Here are the seven keys. But there are many factors which In the name of Jesus, I declare by faith that I walk in divine favor. Prayer brings spirituality, power and vitality to a church.

Whatever the circumstances that lead us to him, be it emotional, spiritual or financial, He first gives us His supernatural peace, then he strengthens us, matures us and eventually gives us the blessing of answered prayer. I have just realized that poverty is a curse and that I probably am under a generational curse as well. We have to develop our faith and enlarge our capacity; you need to be transformed by the renewing of your mind to these things.

God has a plan for your increase and He wants you to live your life to the full. The Spirit of increase is on me and with me. Source: Dkolukoya. A prayer to help empower the supernatural power of a transformed mind. Believ- Connection with us in Prayer Every Morning 6am in prayer on the conference call.

Every day the media relays tales of those who disregard law, devise evil, and destroy both people and property. The is an easy way a child of God could enter into unlimited blessings and increase; if many will choose this path, it will be the beginning of unending favour and outpouring of blessings form heaven without measures.

You then give tithes and offerings to God from the increase and you will receive even more blessings from God Mal I thank you that I am created to live a supernatural life. However, this is not the case as we quickly realise from the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in Mt. Oh God I call out to you tonight to hear my prayer and command these curses to leave me and my family now in the name of Jesus.