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Suddenly an investment firm materializes on the scene and starts writing checks bigger than anyone is accustomed to seeing. Fellow investors start to privately complain. Its partners are poseurs, they say. The firm is driving up valuations, they continue.

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It was said of Andreessen Horowitz when it burst onto the scene in What might be the longer-term impact of so much capital getting jammed into still private companies? How does SoftBank decide who to fund, and who to steer around? On Tuesday night, at a StrictlyVC event in San Francisco, we had the chance to talk with two of its investors, Vision Fund Managing Director Jeff Housenbold and Anna Lo, a director with SoftBank Investment Advisors, to learn more about how the whole thing works — and to run past them some of the criticisms that their fellow investors have been whispering to us.

Also, spoiler alert: the Vision Fund has vice clauses that prevent it from funding tobacco, firearms and certain other companies, as do most venture firms. You can watch the chat for yourself below. In the meantime, some outtakes from that conversation follow, edited lightly for length:. AL: Definitely leaders in their respective markets and geographies.

Excellent, rock star teams. We are very friendly and collaborative with our founders, so we need to see eye to eye on their vision. It depends on which industry and which company.

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It could be GMV. He provided Sam's voiceover for the Supernatural anime in , but the animation had all been completed by the time he got in the booth. If you've never seen an episode of Supernatural or fell off the bandwagon somewhere between and today "ScoobyNatural" is a perfect introduction to the series, since the hour is self-contained enough not to confuse you with 13 years of mythology, but still balances the show's unique mix of humor, heart, and horror -- and arguably heightens it by allowing the two teams to play off each other in surprisingly satisfying ways.

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Sure, Dean's got a crush on Daphne and therefore kind of hates Fred, but he's also protective of the Scooby Gang's innocence, wanting to allow them to stay oblivious about the existence of paranormal entities; which proves difficult when they come across a real corpse. Scooby viewers who have always wanted to see a more adult take on the franchise will get a kick out of the double-entendres and well-placed gore, the latter of which showrunner Andrew Dabb credits to the animators. Equity securities may fluctuate in value in response to the activities of individual companies and general market and economic conditions.

Non-diversified funds that focus on a relatively small number of securities tend to be more volatile than diversified funds and the market as a whole. While the shares of ETFs are tradable on secondary markets, they may not readily trade in all market conditions and may trade at significant discounts in periods of market stress.

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ETFs trade like stocks, are subject to investment risk, fluctuate in market value and may trade at prices above or below the ETFs net asset value. Brokerage commissions and ETF expenses will reduce returns. To obtain a prospectus or summary prospectus which contains this and other information, visit spdrs.

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Read it carefully before investing. Rankings are based on returns after taxes that are net of all fees, maximum federal tax rate Rankings reflecting lower tax rates would have resulted in less favorable results for exchange traded funds due to their tax efficiency.

Funds did not outperform for all periods.

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Past performance is no guarantee of future results. View source version on businesswire. Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator.

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