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It is only when the best have reached the top that new possibilities arise. Elite Producers need additional, but elusive skills to make consistent excellence a reality. Applying a combination of group and individual instruction, the Elite Producers workshops leverage the inherent capital within participants. No two workshops are alike because participants offer unique strengths and challenges coming from different industries, different experiences, different responsibilities.

Participants feed off of each other, learning from the distinct differences and the unexpected commonalities. A deeply introspective experience, the Patterns Workshop enable executives to identify and apply their unique personal high performance pattern. Instead of replicating a method that may have worked for someone else, the Patterns Workshop provides a process where participants learn how they work best across diverse situations while applying Execution IQ.

Participants leave with guidelines that are personal, non-disruptive, produce fast results and apply to a broad range of performance challenges and opportunities. Mastering public speaking is an essential leadership skill, but first and foremost it's a performance. From the front row all the way to the back, engaging an audience intellectually and emotionally requires authenticity.

Your performance on stage determines how fast and what direction your people go. Growth Centered Leadership is an increasingly important topic, yet mostly misunderstood. Leadership, in this context, is the ability to enhance strategic execution through useful change. Growth Centered Leaders provide the backbone.

They move the needle. They move the mean by leading it.

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The workshops provide skills to lead organizations to new levels of productivity and gain market share. Designed for High Potentials and Hot Recruits expected to move into successively important leadership roles, Motere applies a unique parallel teaching method to four career developmental stages by coordinating executive development with organizational initiatives.

Classroom and experiential learning empowers participants to create a leadership brand that sets an organization apart. The Center's capstone program, this workshop addresses in a time where people are over-managed and under-lead, organizational life exhibits a natural quality where things happen under the first wave of consciousness regardless of the industry. Organizational health is an output of four components of organizational life. Controlling your mind and using it properly separate people from the competition, be it on a golf course or in a boardroom.

They approach ventures with principles and passion. It's the moment before teeing off knowing you made the right decision. It's calling the right shot and being handsomely rewarded for it. It's the sound of silence as you sink putt after putt. It's the conversations that follow, from private moments with your partner to hearty laughter with the group. Welcome to your never to be forgotten golf experience through Motere Consulting.

Why leaders need to build businesses that 'fail safely' by Dr Todd Conklin - chapter 3

Expanding and sharpening strategic execution skills is only the beginning. Motere's Executive Golf Workshops are part of a comprehensive strategy to grow your business. Reward your most valued clients Recognize your most productive employees Close your most promising prospects. Accomplish all these objectives by spending three days at a five-star resort while acquiring first class, cutting edge instruction emphasizing the most important facet of business — Strategic Execution.

Participants apply tools and strategies while on the course, and use the same tools in business practices. Long has developed an individual and team college tournament champion along with a state match play champion. Through the three-day workshop participants acquire execution skills enhancing decision making, facilitating learning, boosting productivity while lowering golf scores through hands-on workshops in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. The Executive Golf Workshops provide tools - not philosophy - with a proven methodology enabling participants to transfer course management principles to business productivity practices.

Long spent with my team. Overall, our team performance improved by over 20 strokes per tournament and team leadership improved significantly.

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And we won the match! His course management strategies have also helped my business. Golf, as in business, reveals a person's wisdom of knowing when to save shots and when to go for it. Managing risk is essential to success and our curriculum provides the tools and strategies to lower scores and improve returns. Our curriculum is designed to balance these two apparent contradictory approaches resulting in effective and efficient executive behavior. Participants learn how to match their strengths to the challenges each course presents.

Participants learn how to apply the fundamental skills that develops focus and cultivates consistent high performance. Participants acquire a system for breaking down problems that generate effective and creative solutions. Participants learn how to manage the subtle nuances of how and where most shots are lost. High performers don't perform well under pressure — they know how to take the pressure off enabling them to execute when they need to most. Each participant receives an extensive list of guiding principles for golf and career success.

Resorts are selected on three primary criteria:. February: The Hawaii Event. March: Sea Island Georgia. June: The Scotland Event. Gleneagles Resort Auchterarder, Perthshire. August: The Greenbrier West Virginia. September: The Broadmoor Colorado. Most games are lost, not won. The purpose of the Quality Control Programs is to decrease the likelihood of losing games and force opponents to win games.

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Although Motere has worked along a spectrum of sports, we specialize in football. Football processes have characteristics that can be measured, analyzed, controlled and improved. Our focus is placed on measuring, controlling and improving the educational and psychological processes, which have inherent variability that can be evaluated by statistical methods.

Our results include:. As a result, coaching staffs acquire a system of best practices. Long has played, coached and consulted with 26 world, national and conference championship teams. The University of Utah named Dr. Long as one of North America's top applied performance psychologists. Teaching is a communicative activity where coaches elicit responses from players to consistently perform at high levels. The quality of learning is dependent upon the quality of player interaction.

The Quality Control Program for Learning focuses on the what and how of player learning. These include a supportive learning environment, concrete learning processes and practices, and leadership that reinforces learning. Several outcomes are realized:. Trust is at the heart of the recruiting experience. Gaining the trust of a prospective student-athlete is vital to securing a campus visit and accessing vital information that is not apparent can be the difference.

Intrapersonal characteristics may not be obvious to student-athletes, but coaches can be made aware of these communication patterns though statistical methods.

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Once acquired, coaches can modify their message in order to gain trust and establish a relationship more efficiently. Motere provides tools and strategies for coaches to build trust and form strong relationships with the prospective student-athletes they recruit. What may take years to uncover, coaches have access immediately through the information provided in Motere's Prospective Student-Athlete Profile. Motere's four-point behavioral analysis serves as a gateway to building sound, trusting relationships in an efficient and effective manner with the ultimate goal of more successful recruiting efforts.

The information gained from the analysis may also be applied to better coach student-athletes once they arrive on campus.

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Coaching is an interactive relationship where the primary job is to elicit responses in order to get a result, which is to win. Coaching is a service business. Winning and losing are tangible, but it's the process of coaching that's intangible. Managing for quality in a service business is inherently challenging, but Coaching Effectiveness is measured and controlled through statistical process control as well as our proprietary behavioral analyses.

Coaches learn to teach strategic execution skills through game strategy and position technique as well as in the weight room. Our metrics control and manage the skill set that coaches rely on, but fail to account for. As a result of controlling the coaching variable, teams are less likely to lose games and force opponents to win games.

Performance enhancement counseling is provided through educational strategies, not a clinical approach. Tools are provided to develop strategic execution skills enabling consistent high performance through a one-on-one dynamic. HPLi pre and posttest scores provides skill development feedback along with coach feedback.

Teams are less likely to lose games and force opponents to win games when players master strategic execution skills. Players and coaches receive a workbook introducing four primary strategic execution skills and ten areas of mental skill development.

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Motere identifies and examines factors that positively and negatively affect performance during the prior season. Feedback from analyzing nine program factors from the coaching staff and players provide a comprehensive review of program effectiveness accelerating growth and improvement. Results decrease the likelihood of losing games and force opponents to win games. Our analysis simplifies the relationships between the factors revealing the patterns behind season events and details.

The Season Review for Program Quality is necessary because seeing only individual actions and therefore missing the underlying actions lies at the root of powerlessness in complex situations. The analysis provides the results required to determine what needs to change and what needs to stay the same. Eight analyses are conducted on nine program factors from data provided by coaches and players. About Us. Thought Leadership. Management Assessment. Management Development.

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Management Assessment Motere provides third party independent behavioral analyses of multiple dimensions for strategic execution that manage risk through human capital. Contact us for complimentary review of Motere's analyses. Management Development Management Team Execution. Investor Services. Management Services. Succession Planning With many organizations becoming ever more intricate, management succession is a primary stakeholder risk because bench strength remains a stubborn problem.

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