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Rock Candy Records. AOR Blvd Records. Ulterium Records. Escape Music. MelodicRock Links The Noticeboard. Message Boards. Archived MelodicRock Site. Archived Reviews. Donate to Support MR. VIP Only:. Forsale - Stranger In Town Tobruk - Wild On The Run Iron Maiden - Sao Paulo, Brasil Whitesnake - Rio de Janeiro Advertisement Advertisement Advertise with us! AOR Blvd. Alien Productions. Tarja - "Railroads" Official Music Video. Squares feat. Chaos Magic feat. Nasson Acoustic Version.

Janet Gardner. Friday, August 18, News Feed. In an era primarily dominated by male rock musicians, Vixen's all-female line up didn't come without its struggles. Vixen, along with their predecessors, helped pave the way for the current wave and success of female-fronted acts such as Halestorm, In This Moment, The Pretty Reckless, and many others.

Together, Janet and Justin have penned a collection of emotionally charged songs with gritty grooves, infectious hooks, and inspired lyrics that merge hard rock influences from the last four decades. The result is a perfect blend of modern hard rock with a touch of old school flare that will turn the heads of generations of rock fans. A sample teaser was put up on YouTube and literally exploded overnight. The power duo was quickly snatched up by Pavement Entertainment with a full-length release coming on August 18, Janet Gardner has once again proven herself as a leader in the female-fronted hard rock world.

Black Country Communion - "Collide" Official. Black Country Communion. Friday, September 22, It took just one listen to this supremely recorded album for MRR to realise that the guys had to be signed immediately. Known for their solid rhythms, layered melodies and vocal textures the band enjoyed success overseas prior to landing back in Canada. In the band were invited to perform at Firefest in Nottingham England in front of many diehard fans. Many consider this to be one of the best shows ever at Firefest. The band stays true to their passion charged rhythms, textured melodic landscapes, and powerful lyrics in this this beautifully crafted body of work that will take the listener down the Boulevard of what is possible.

Abbey Road Studio, London U. Warehouse Studio, Vancouver B. Westsonic Music, Vancouver B. Pre-orders available shortly. Friday, October 13, Danny Vaughn says: "It's been 25 years in the making. From the beginning our goal was to always put on the best live show we could possibly do. This, more than anything else, is what has kept the band alive in the hearts and minds of the fans. And the quotes that our fans have kindly provided for us in the cd booklet bear this out.

We are a no frills, no gimmicks, warts and all, balls out rock and roll band. No more, no less. And our audience are family to us. They are just as responsible for how good this concert is as we are. Everybody brought their best game. All that's left to do is to sit back and enjoy! While the band has continuously put out quality recordings over the years, fans and critics alike hold the debut album in especially high regard.

Introduction 2. Sail Away 3. Strip Me Down 4. Nothing But Love 5. Walk On Fire 6. Lay Your Body Down 7. Standing Alone 8. Seasons 9. Burning Down Inside Wings Forever Young Rescue Me Introduction Sail Away Strip Me Down Nothing But Love Walk On Fire Lay Your Body Down Standing Alone Seasons Dig In Deep Danny Vaughn. Friday, September 29, Los Angeles - British rock legends UFO offer up their first ever covers album paying homage to a dozen of their personal favorites!

Lead guitarist Vinnie Moore has been a permanent member of the group since , and American bassist Rob De Luca joined the fold in Vinnie says , 'Making this covers record was a blast for me. I thoroughly enjoyed putting a little of my own spin on these tunes that I grew up with. Track List:. Heartful Of Soul. River Of Deceit. The Pusher. Paper In Fire. Rock Candy. Mississippi Queen. Avant-garde sounds populate the soundtracks of Hollywood thrillers. Minimalist music has had a huge effect on rock, pop, and dance music from the Velvet Underground onward.

We follow the rise of mass culture and mass politics, of new technologies, of hot and cold wars, of experiments, revolutions, and riots. The end result is not so much a history of twentieth-century music as a history of the twentieth century through its music. R76 c. In jeder Sprache sitzen andere Augen -- 2. U T La saison des Jeunes Amours ; Leautaud, poete elegiaque approximately 74 min. Naissance du Petit ami approximately 69 min.

In Memoriam ; Ode A la Solitude approximately 71 min. Ecrire comme dans une conversation approximately 57 min. L When the good road is closed, the bad road will never be open -- Disc 2. I wanna pour gas on you! Ben Webster is Jewish -- Disc 4. I wouldn't work this shithouse town for fifteen million dollars -- Disc 5. You better bring your toothbrush -- Disc 6. Sign a release? I didn't do my fag at the ballgame bit yet. Complilation on six sound discs with accompanying book, by the same title, of various Lenny Bruce performances.

A more detailed description of disc contents can be found on p. B B72 A voice ringing o'er the gale! D V65 A44 T6 A26 V4 U Z47 A A6 O A6 Hans Christian Andersen, Wilhelm Hauff. S36 Vorrede, 1. Bild -- CD2. R A85 Leonard Woolf -- Virginia Woolf -- E. B46 B56 A1 Der Steppenwolf Hesse, Hermann, Hamburg : Universal Music, Harry Haller, an outsider who cannot come to terms with the world around him, visits a theater during his nocturnal walks and encounters a deadly surrealist world. E85 S7 b. The poets come from several countries in addition to Germany.

L97 A3 G43 A44 T65 Author reading includes a selection of 28 poems. Hamlet, act 4, scene 4 "How all occasions do inform against me" John Gielgud Hamlet. Richard II, act 3, scene 3 "O God! O God! Hamlet "To be or not to be" John Barrymore Hamlet. Hamlet "O that this too, too solid flesh would melt" Laurence Olivier Hamlet. Romeo and Juliet, act 4, scene 3 "Good night. Get thee to bed and rest" Ellen Terry Juliet. Early recordings: a miscellany. The bells Bransby Williams Irving. Gettysburg address Charles Laughton. Laurel and Hardy. The stage doorkeeper Bransby Williams. Cyrano de Bergerac Constant Coquelin Cyrano.

H5 Andreas Gryphius bis Anna leaves Karsch -- 3. Magnus G. Lichtwer bis Gottfried A. Johann Wolfgang Goethe -- 5. Friedrich Schiller bis Ludwig Tieck -- 6. Clemens Brentano bis Nikolaus Lenau -- 7. Hoffmann v. Fallersleben bis Christian Wagner -- 9. Peter Hille bis Ernst stadler -- Becher -- Hermann Kesten bis Michael Guttenbrunner -- Paul Celan bis Franz Mon -- Rainer Kirsch bis Bruno Hillebrand -- Nicolas Born bis Johannes Schenck -- Guntram Vesper bis Wilhelm Bartsch -- Oliver -- Jan Koneffke bis Ann Cotten -- Walter Mehring bis Ann Cotten -- Begleitheft.

L38 I2 J66 To be-- Greetings ; Our human actions ; To thine own self be true ; Vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself ; King and country ; Sweet comedy and mirthful comic shows ; What madness rules in brainsick me -- 2. Love's labors. Beauty's ensign ; The very flame of love ; Love-sick love ; Sweet silent hours of marriage joys ; In my heart's core ; Between the child and parent ; Drown'd with grief -- 3.

Hot blood. Bitter business ; To curse awhile ; Dizzy-eyed fury and great rage of heart ; Mad devil of jealousy ; Heady murder, spoil, and villainy ; Confounding shame and guilt -- 4. Supernatural siblings ; What dreams may come ; Of graves, of worms, of epitaphs ; Engrossing death ; Strange cases of death ; Epilogue ; Farewells -- 5. Romeo and Juliet. Act I ; Act II -- [volume 6]. B79 b. The power of joy Northrup, Christiane [Carlsbad, Calif.? N Program 1. Communicating 30 min. Finding information 27 min. Program 3. Making decisions 28 min. Solving problems 30 min. Program 5.

Negotiating 30 min. Standing up for your rights 23 min. Program 7. First steps for the newly diagnosed 68 min. Program 8. Topics for older persons 75 min. Program 9. Finding ways to pay for care 73 min. Program Caring for the caregiver 77 min. Living beyond cancer min. Dying well-the final stages of survivorship 65 min.

C A2 C63 S87 M Rauner Phono disc A H43 E4 A6 b. Own your future : planning for long-term care [Baltimore, Md. B M34 C53 Eisenhower and John F. S55 S8 C53 M3 S4 M5 T3 P3 G3 N6 F7 B8 b. M46 B8 R4 The virtuous Gawain accepts, and decapitates the intruder with his own axe. Gushing blood, the knight reclaims his head, orders Gawain to seek him out a year hence, and departs. Next Yuletide Gawain dutifully sets forth. His quest for the Green Knight involves a winter journey, a seduction scene in a dream-like castle, a dire challenge answered, and a drama of enigmatic reward disguised as psychic undoing.

G3 A b. S35 A4 H52 U6 C45 K5 N67 A7 Jean Baptiste McKenney, C. D45 P55 W7 R2 C33 K6 Carnivocal : a celebration of sound poetry Red Deer, Alta. Paddock Compact Disc PR S68 C37 P8 T43 The pardoners tale : the frankeleyns tale, the nonne preestes tale Chaucer, Geoffrey, Franklin, Tenn. P4 Back care Cappy, Peggy [Peterborough, N. C36 O36 A6 A23 L'intuition de Bergson -- discs P42 D A presentation of pre-surgery guided imagery techniques to help insure fewer complications, quicker healing, shorter hospital stays, less pain and discomfort, and less bleeding.

F35 R68 Joseph Rotblat and the arms race. Joseph Rotblat, nuclear physicist ; ; Michael Douglas reads from the Russell-Einstein manifesto ; Joseph Rotblat -- 3. The International Committee Red Cross.

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International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Felicity Hill, director of the U. The unwitting victims. The future of disarmament. Rauner Phono tape Bone days Trudell, John [California? Paddock Compact Disc M T85 B66 Poetas : vida y obra. R58 San Juan de la Cruz ; Coplas A1 R58 Conceptismo: Francisco de Quevedo. Poetry reading, some with musical acc. P38 Irish poets. Scottish and Welsh poets. A collection of 47 old and modern poems by both well-known and obscure Irish, Scottish, and Welsh poets.

Includes poems describing earlier culture and political concerns as well as poems dealing with love of the homeland. C45 Molloy -- [disc ]. Malone dies -- [disc ]. The unnamable. Presents three short novels that heighten our understanding of the human experience. E A2 The cuckoo song ; Whoso list to hunt ; The nymph's reply to the shepherd ; The passionate man's pilgrimage ; Sonnet 1 from Astrophel and Stella ; The passionate shepherd to his love ; Sonnet 18 ; Sonnet 29 ; Sonnet ; Sonnet ; When her lute Corinna sings ; Rose-cheeked Laura ; There is a garden in her face ; "Go and catch a falling star" ; The sun rising ; "Death be not proud";- Song: to Celia ; The argument of his book ; Delight in disorder ; To the virgins, to make much of time ; Upon Julia's clothes ; The collar ; The pulley ; Love III ; When I consider how my light is spent ; "Why so pale and wan, fond lover?

A collection of 81 of the world's best loved and known poems.

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A14 N75 V3 Twenty poems : live at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival [Aldeburgh? T The tempest Shakespeare, William, [Germany? A2 M34 The tempest Shakespeare, William, [Cambridge? Jones Media Phono tape Strange meeting -- Greater love -- Apologia pro poemate meo -- The show -- Mental cases -- Parable of the old men and the young -- Arms and the boy -- Anthem for doomed youth -- The send-off -- Insensibility -- Dulce et decorum est -- The sentry -- The dead-beat -- Exposure -- Spring offensive -- The chances -- S.

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M A6 William Blake min. Lord Byron min. Samuel Taylor Coleridge min. John Keats min. Percy Bysshe Shelley min. William Wordsworth min. R66 Billy Collins, former U. Poet Laureate, shares 24 of his poems and also spends some time in question and answer session where he reflects on what makes good poetry, his own process of reaching his audience as a poet, the success of his Poetry programs in schools nationwide, and an amusing sidebar on his memories of growing up as an only child.

O B55 Friends, family and colleagues of Donald Justice came together to share their views and remembrances of his life and work. U D6 This is my letter to the world ; The soul selects her own society ; Pain has an element of blank ; Hope is the thing with feathers ; I'm nobody! Who are you? Higginson, 15 April ; I'll tell you how the sun rose ; I cautious scanned my little life ; If you were coming in the fall ; My river runs to thee ; Letter to T. Higginson, 25 April ; I reason, earth is short ; I never lost as much as twice ; Letter to John leaves Graves, late April ; I died for beauty, but was scarce ; There came a wind like a bugle ; Safe in their alabaster chambers ; I years had been from home ; Love is anterior to life ; Letter to Otis P.

Lord, 5 December ; I cannot live with you ; My life closed twice before its close -- Side two. I never saw a moor ; Letter to Dr. Holland, ; To fight aloud is very brave ; Because I could not stop for Death ; A toad can die of light! Norcross, July ; Before I got my eye put out ; To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee ; A narrow fellow in the grass ; Letter Sally Jenkins, late December ; A bird came down the walk ; What soft, cherubic creatures ; I taste liquor never brewed ; Besides the autumn poets sing ; The heart asks pleasure first ; The sky is low, the clouds are mean ; There's a certain slant of light ; Letter to Susan Gilbert Dickinson, October ; I felt a funeral in my brain ; Letter to Mrs.

Holland, June ; After great pain a formal feeling comes ; I dwell in possibility. Jones Media Phono tape PS A17 A6 The 17 essential qualities of a team player : [becoming the kind of person every team wants] Maxwell, John C. Feldberg HD Rauner Compact disc GV H3 C67 W47 Dimension X.

Lux Radio Theatre. The Shadow. X-Minus One. Dick -- Disc 6. Exploring tomorrow. Heinlein -- Disc 7. Simak ; Mr. Wells Stories to explore the unknown. S34 S Good vs. The adventures of Philip Marlowe. The lonesome reunion ; The dancing hands -- Disc 2. Chandu the magician. The house of fear ; The temple under the sea -- Disc 3. Family theatre. Robin Hood ; 20, leagues under the sea -- Disc 4. Gang busters.

Case of the high school hot shots ; Case of the jewel robbers -- Disc 5. Hopalong Cassidy. The whistlin' ghost ; A jailer named Satan -- Disc 6.

journey of souls

I was a communist for the FBI. An un-American activity ; Rhapsody in red -- Disc 7. The Lone Ranger. Billy the Kid ; Al Jennings -- Disc 8. The Lux radio theatre. Knute Rockne, All American -- Disc 9. The phantom of the opera -- Disc The Mercury theatre on the air. Dracula -- Disc The Count of Monte Cristo -- Disc Nick Carter, master detective. The echo of death ; Murder in the crypt -- Disc The Saint.

Baseball murder ; Satan's angels -- Disc Screen directors' assignment. Stagecoach ; Screen directors' playhouse. Fort Apache -- Disc Murder on approval ; Death in a minor key ; Disc Sherlock Holmes. The cadaver in the Roman toga ; Professor Moriarty and the diamond jubilee -- Disc Sergeant Preston of the Yukon. Murder on the mountain ; The adventures of Superman. Disc The adventures of Superman. Listen in as both heroes and villains take center stage D47 G Ware -- Copyright vs. McGeachie, John G. Kemeny, Peter Kiewit ' The hitch-hiker ; Cabin B -- Disc 2.

Back for Christmas ; Dime a dance -- Disc 3. Sorry, wrong number ; The dark tower -- Disc 4. Donovan's brain pt. The walls came tumbling down ; The most dangerous game -- Disc 6. Crime without passion ; Dead Ernest -- Disc 7. You'll never see me again ; Hunting trip -- Disc 8. The house in Cypress Canyon ; The thing in the window -- Disc 9. Back seat driver ; The trap -- Disc Ghost hunt ; Search for Isabel -- Disc The red-headed woman ; Mission completed -- The bullet ; On a country road -- Disc The treasure chest of Don Jose ; The wreck of the old '97 -- Disc The moonstone pt.

The earth is made of glass ; The last letter of Dr. Bronson -- Disc The screaming woman ; Zero hour -- Disc Kaleidoscope ; The cave -- Disc The waxwork ; Three skeleton key -- Disc Present tense ; Leinengen vs. The black door ; The second door Twenty-three complete original radio shows with commercials; broadcast between H66 B A44 A6 Jones Media Compact Disc B A58 Bernard Shaw's speech [The Savoy Hotel fund-raising dinner, ] -- 3. Einstein's speech: Jewish community [The Savoy Hotel fund-raising dinner, ] -- 4.

At the Royal Albert Hall, -- 5. I'm an American, -- 6. The common language of science, -- 7. The post-war world, Albert Einstein talks about his life and work, the Jewish people and the world of science in this collection of recorded speeches. Includes a live recording of the historic fund-raising dinner on behalf of Jewish organizations at the Savoy Hotel, London, in , with the speeches made by Bernard Shaw and Einstein.

E5 A5 These groundbreaking essays from MIT Press present state-of-the-art descriptions of the emerging mental geography of cyberspace. Red Ryder. The six shooter. Coward ; Sheriff Billy -- CD 4. Devil's sink -- Thundering hoofs -- CD 7. Have gun, will travel. Return of Dr. Thackeray ; Winchester quarantine -- CD 8. Dad-blamed luck ; Five days to Yuma -- CD 9. Tap day for Kitty ; Innocent broad -- CD Sweet and sour ; Snakebite -- CD The Cisco Kid.

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Dynamite in big trouble ; The apologetic killer -- CD Fort Laramie. Never the twain ; The war correspondent -- CD Gold ; Sergeant's baby -- CD Frontier gentleman. The honkytonkers ; The lost mine -- CD The claim jumpers ; The actress -- CD Hoppy sees red ; The frightened town -- CD The killer in black ; Sundown kid -- CD Tales of the Texas Rangers. Clean up ; Living death -- CD Dead give-away ; Soft touch Each disc contains two episodes from a well-known radio program, originally broadcast in the s and s. W47 O43 The Red Skelton show.

What people think about doctors ; Mr. Lump-Lump surveys the opera -- CD 3. The Jack Benny program. The Abbott and Costello show. Costello buys a horse ; Costello in a school play -- CD 6. The Burns and Allen show. New Year's resolution ; Uplifter's society -- CD 8. Fibber McGee and Molly.

Putting up porch swing ; Getting ready for ranch vacation -- CD The Great Gildersleeve. Leroy excluded from Craig's birthday party ; Peavy disappears -- CD My favorite husband. Liz in the hospital ; Hair dyed -- CD George tries for a raise ; Quiz show -- CD The life of Riley. Riley proves his manhood ; Riley the scoutmaster -- CD Riley's double wedding ; Riley's dancing lessons -- CD Amos 'n' Andy.

Sapphire's mother gets married ; Working for the detective company -- CD Pancake mix contest ; Cat burglar Each disc contains two episodes from a well-known radio comedy program. C65 O43 Old-time radio's greatest shows Cedar Knolls, N. Andy's picture in detective magazine ; Mystic knights of the sea -- CD 2. Car is buried under concrete ; Kingfish's tourist service -- CD 3.

The big safe ; The big gamble -- CD 8. The big match ; The big stand -- CD 9. Murder masters ; Phantom killer -- CD Thieves in the night ; Mountain trap -- CD Benchillina and the fisherman ; Blood waters -- CD The groom of the ladder ; Gallardo -- CD Waxwork ; Mad man from Manhattan CD Early golden wedding anniversary ; Fibber the poet -- CD X-minus one. Hallucination orbit ; The defenders -- CD Venus is a man's world ; The merchant of Venus -- CD The preacher ; Dutch George -- CD Cows and cribs ; Annie Oakley S4 O43 Fear paints a picture ; The moment of darkness -- CD 2.

Murder by experts. Summer heat ; Two coffins to fill -- CD 4. Prescription for murder ; Big money -- CD 5. White legion ; The Creeper -- CD 6. Death rides a broomstick ; Murder from the grave -- CD 7. Beau Geste ; Country of the blind -- CD 8. Present tense ; Up periscope -- CD 9. The Whistler. Lucky night ; Broken chain -- CD Hasty conclusion ; Meeting on tenth street -- CD Inner sanctum mysteries. Musical score ; Death across the board -- CD Dead man's deal ; The murder prophet -- CD Lights out.

Kill ; Heavenly jeep -- CD Spider ; The author and the thing -- CD The mysterious traveler. No one on the line ; I won't die alone -- CD Devil and the deep blue sea ; Fire in the sky -- CD Murder at midnight. Murder is a lonely business ; House where death lived -- CD The Kaballah ; The ace of death -- CD Crime classics. Checkered life and sudden death of Colonel James Fisk, Jr. The dread event event surrounding Mr. Thrower's hammer ; The axe and the Droot family: how they fared Each disc contains two episodes from a well-known radio program, originally broadcast between and D47 O44 The adventures of Sam Spade, detective.

Wheel of life caper ; Missing newshawk caper -- CD. Dick Foley caper ; Farmer's daughter caper -- CD 3. Boston Blackie. Skating rink murder ; The murdered truck driver -- CD 4. Headless peacock ; August lion -- CD. Bum's rush ; The sword of Cebu -- CD 7. The corpse said ouch ; Cupid and the corpse -- CD. The what-not what get hot ; Button, button -- CD 9. Rogue's gallery.

The ski lodge case ; The blondes prefer gentleman case -- Rogue's gallery. The little drops of rain case ; The lady with a gun case -- CD Richard Diamond, private detective. William Baker, klepto ; Mrs. The new adventures of Nero Wolfe. The case of the impolite corpse ; The case of the girl who cried Wolfe -- The new adventures of Nero Wolfe. The case of the disappearing diamonds ; The case of the midnight ride -- CD The big speech ; The big saint -- CD The big bunco ; The big elevator -- CD Case of the chemical chickens ; Case of the lucrative wrecks -- CD Case of the luminous spots ; Case of the missing thumb -- CD Yours truly, Johnny Dollar.

Virginia Beach matter ; Joan Sebastian matter D47 O43 Chile : promise of freedom San Francisco, Calif. It features the voices of historical participants Archival recordings include the attack on the presidential palace, Allende's speech before the UN, as well as remarks by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger"--Container. Jones Media Compact Disc F A82 M36 James D. Radio's greatest sitcoms Cedar Knolls, N. The adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Take me out to the ball game ; Too much change -- Disc 2.

The Aldrich family.

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The broken toy ; Homer gets engaged to Agnes -- Disc 3. The Amos 'n' Andy show. Andy goes to a psychiatrist ; Loan sharks -- Disc 4. The Baby Snooks show. Home remodeling ; Money for Easter shopping -- Disc 5.

The Bickersons. The Gooseby vacation ; John's snoring dilemma -- Disc 6. Dagwood's icy challenge ; Alexander's Valentine dilemma -- Disc 7. Gracie does George's income taxes ; Gracie wants a fur coat -- Disc 8. A date with Judy. Judy makes her singing debut ; Oogie Pringle and his high school hot licks -- Disc 9. Duffy's tavern.

Dream girl ; Duffy wants to sell the tavern -- Disc Father knows best. Minding Pierre ; Should women work? Fibber gets drafted ; Fibber and Molly check into a hotel -- Disc Jack goes down to the vault ; Jack decides to trade in the Maxwell -- Disc Riley gets free medical advice ; Impressing the boss -- Disc Life with Luigi. Luigi's dance lesson ; A record for Pasquale -- Disc The Lum and Abner show. Lum and Abner go to Washington, D.

Women's rights, part 1 ; Women's rights, part 2 -- Disc My friend Irma. The lonely hearts club ; The professor's concerto -- Disc Our Miss Brooks. The Phil Harris-Alice Faye show. Invitation to President Truman's inaugural ball ; Getting a suit for the inaugural ball C65 R Who's on first? Leinengen vs. Your money or your life? The Lux Radio Theatre. Grand Central Station.

Columbia presents Corwin. Command performance. The cavalcade of America. The Chase and Sanborn hour. The Fred Allen show. S4 G Black Alumni Conference Rauner Phono tape This preview disc is designed to provide and sampling of excerps from the collection of dramatized recordings of Shakespeare's works from the series Arkangel Complete Shakespeare. B75 He believes the child Hermione is bearing to have been fathered by his friend Polixenes, and when the baby girl is born he orders her to be taken to some wild place and left to die.

Though Hermione's child escapes death, Leontes' cruelty has terrible consequences. Loss paves the way for reunion, and life and hope are born out of desolation and despair"--Container. A2 G54 While in captivity, they spy the beautiful Emilia. Both fall instantly in love with her, and their attachment to each other turns to hate. This dark-edged tragicomedy is now widely regarded at having been written by Shakespeare in collaboration with John Fletcher.

Probably composed in , it is the final play in Shakespeare's dramatic career"--Container. A2 F57 When his wealth suddenly evaporates, however, he discovers the truth and his altruism turns to a bitter hatred of mankind. Stirred up by the cynical Apemantus, Timon retreats to the woods where he plots the destruction of Athens, the city that had formerly seemed to embody everything pleasurable and civilized. The cosmic scope of his hatred is communicated in a series of powerful and disturbing dramatic tableaux"--Container. A2 H69