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Have a Cranky Cancer Christmas! – God, Grit & Chemo

Holidays can be difficult to stay on track. Believe me I know the temptation is BIG! Here are some tips that have helped me.

Grit From The Grotto

Park a little further in the parking lots when going shopping. You will get those extra steps in and maybe not feel so bad about that chocolate they are sampling at William Sonoma. Yes that is the nurse in me talking. But most of all…. It is a time to be grateful for what we have and have fun doing it!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (7/9) Movie CLIP - What's Christmas Really About? (2000) HD

Love to you all and Happy Holidays. Continue to move your body during the holidays.

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But commit to YOU and make sure you continue to create time for yourself. I stay healthy during the holidays by staying on top of my daily nutrition and I never go to a party starving.

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We at GritCycle wish you the happiest and healthiest of Holiday Seasons…. Return log to freezer between trays. My grandmother used to make cookies very similar to these, if not identical, but she never shared the recipe with anyone. For many years, it was lost.

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Jessie experimented for years to find something similar based on my less-than-specific memories of a flavor. Finally, she hit upon the secret: the base cookie is a sugar cookie! The only significant difference is that my grandmother would make half of her cookies with chopped black walnuts, and half without. Beat egg, milk, vanilla, and lemon juice or vinegar until blended. Add to dry ingredients.

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Add melted butter. Mix all until smooth. Drop spoonfuls of dough onto ungreased cookie sheet. Sprinkle with granulated or colored sugar, if desired. Bake 8 to 10 minutes. Just as I shared a special cookie from my childhood, Jessie wanted to share one from hers.

Seven-layer brownies were always on the Christmas cookie plate as she was growing up. This was something she and her siblings could help her mom make when they were little. The recipe is easily tailored, each layer selected according to personal tastes. Replace the chocolate chips with mint chocolate if you like, butterscotch with peanut butter chips, add or remove layers as you desire.

The Gift of Christmas Cookies

It just sort of comes. Hogan is no novice when it comes to writing. He has written other poetry and was editor for five or six years of The Monitor, a newspaper published for decades by the Archdiocese of St.

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Hogan said. But these guys came up with it.