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Clockwork Dominion was, and is, one of those games. You really should read the full review of the Clockwork: Dominion Core Rulebook.

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Drawing from traditional-Abrahamic and apocryphal religious texts, world folklore, and all manners of Victorian writings from scientific to fiction, Reliquary Game Studios has managed to create a completely authentic feeling steampunk version of England. The Cabinet of Curiosities is the first sourcebook for the Clockwork: Dominion RPG and does an amazing job expanding on several areas of the Core rules.

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However, once you get a bit deeper into the book that oddity of the writing becomes accepted in your head. The book itself is split into three Chapters. Wisdom and Witchcraft focuses, fairly obviously, on the different magical traditions in The Clockwork.

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This is the section that had the hardest time balancing the narrative and the rules, yet it still has some truly inspired moments. For example, religion in the legitimate Victorian Era was extremely important in most aspects of society. The ways that this game draws from those religious views and reframes them into something that feels both legitimate and too fantastic to be real is incredible. One of the many magical traditions presented is Ecclesiastical Magic. The Book of Common Prayer, which even today is one of the most used books in the Christian faith, is referenced as an ecclesiastical grimoire.

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Similar texts are mentioned from other religions as well, to still further blend fact and fiction. Schatzkammer , a German word which means treasury or treasure chamber , is a term used in English for the collection of treasures, especially objet d'art in precious metals and jewels, of a ruler or other collector which are kept in a secure room and often found in the basement of a palace or castle. It also often included the wider types of object typical of the Renaissance cabinet of curiosities.

A very small but evocative Renaissance room in a tower at Lacock Abbey was designed for keeping and viewing the treasures of the newly rich owner.

Ecclesiastical Curiosities

The term is normally used of the collections of European rulers or very wealthy families. Well-known examples are:.

Church establishments also had treasuries where similar objects were kept, which are often now open as museums. Slice 1. Read more. Fr Raymond de Souza.

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